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  1. Current re-watches: Persona -trinity soul-: was speaking to someone on another forum, and mentioned my idea of "what if trinity soul was added back into the main universe" (with P4 and spin-offs, it became non-canon), so in order to look at what content was available, I re-watched the series; Pokemon movie 20 - I Choose You: simple, so I could put a review on the "What Are You Watching Today?" thread ;); Digimon Appli Monsters: stalled watching this series (not because I wasn't enjoying it, far from it, actually preferred it to what I saw of Adventure -tri-, just I didn't find the time to watch it), so as I believe I didn't get that far, thought I'd resume from the start again! Other reasons for re-watches include; "because the series is that good" and "in preparation for a sequel"! Actually a re-watch of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and A's (possibly StrikerS), might be on the cards for me, as I did watch Reflection recently, and I think I might re-watch Working!, as there's the continuations I haven't watched, and I've not watched Working! in a while!
  2. Closest I could think of were Aishiteru ze Baby and Beelzebub, but I don't think it's either of those, however using those on an anime database, you might find a similar anime that is the correct one, perhaps!
  3. I was thinking it could be Real Drive too, although not sure I'm comfortable with knowing if it is, as it's on my watchlist, and "he finally regains his youth and the girl who was taking care of him ends up getting together with him" is a bit of a strange outcome! If I find time, I could make it one of the next series I watch, especially as I (re)found out the original concept of Real Drive is by Masamune Shirow!! - currently resumed watching Digimon Appli Monsters!
  4. That's another series I need to get round to watching! As for what I'm actually watching, still Persona -Trinity Soul-, however coming near to the end (again), however I might watch it again, after I've finished it; discussing with someone on another forum how you would go about "turning" this anime into a game, so the actual mechanics might require another watch, to figure it all out!
  5. Need to get round to picking up Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? again, Tomonori *ahem* Yuki is just so cute! That's on my watch list to start at somepoint, that and Fate/Grand Order: First Order, but might wait for the UK DVD release on that one! I was going to say I'm not watching anything at the moment, as that was the case when I last started writing a post for this thread, but I current AM watching something: Persona -Trinity Soul- Set in a now alternate universe (as of Persona 4), the story picks up ten years on from the events that happened on Tatsumi Island (Persona 3); brothers Shin and Jun return to their family home, after being in the care of their aunt for certain number of years; whilst in their hometown they meet friends in form of Kanaru, Megumi and Takuro, and are dragged in the mysterious world of Persona! What I originally was going to post about was the anime event I went to recently, Akibapass Festival in Germany, and Occultic;Nine, and I will do so now, in a spoiler tag below:
  6. Same on both regards; last movie watched, and great film! I have no problems with The Last Jedi, or rather minor problems; the first time I watched it, I wasn't sure of it, but maybe it didn't have my full attention that time, but when I watched it for a second time, it had my full attention, and I was like "Chewie, we're home" ;)!
  7. Played all Devil May Cry games, but have yet to complete Devil May Cry 2 and Devil May Cry 3; favourite girl is Kyrie from Devil May Cry 4! Bayonetta is a similar game to Devil May Cry, actually by the guy behind the first DMC!
  8. Sorry, I'm being old school, and not posting a video; it would mean seeing if it is on YouTube :D! Not really listening to a song, but listening to Fate/Extra Sound Drama! Earlier today was listening to Tsubasa Chronicle Soundscape III, which I picked up at an anime event in Germany recently, and Persona 4: Dancing All Night Soundtrack Disc 2, which I've had for a while!
  9. Flew out to Germany to watch this on the big screen; could have also gone to France or Italy, but the German dates were confirmed first, plus Italy made quick work of things, already producing a dub!! It was fantastic, and everyone clapped when it finished, although for some reason Sakura "Best Girl" Matou didn't even get third billing on the German programme for her own movie; instead these honours went to Rin "OPM" Tohsaka, Kirei "Fake Priest" Kotomine, and Shirou "People Die when they're killed" Emiya! That said, Kirei did have some great double entendres regarding Ayako, so I can see why he got second spot ;)! Heaven's Feel was great, as there are more differences at the start than with the previous routes; Shinji's unchanged expression after Rider had been defeated was hilarious (slow to catch on), and the divergence from the Gandr Shot, was great too, where Rin's about to express how much of an idiot Shirou is walking around without his servant, before he cuts her off - I believe these are supposed to be the same scene (just on different routes)! Missed out on the figure of Sakura in her white dress from this figure; expected it to be quite expensive, but when looking online now, apparently its going for only £15.00; not sure I can believe that, plus, would probably have a 100% mark up at the event, as I found out paid double for the figure of Shielder, I got, but such is things in Love and War ComiCon type events! If the next movie is on at Akibapass next year, I'd probably consider flying out to Germany again; dispite not knowing German, and my knowledge of Japanese is from anime, I feel I did quite well following the movie :D!
  10. It stands for Original Animation DVD, the successor to Original Animation Video/Original Video Animation, that said maybe it's Original Animation Disc, as there's not been an abbreviation that recognises the move to blu-ray yet! OADs can be one episode or more, quite often of higher animation quality compared to an anime series, possibly a "retelling" of events from the series, and in Japan, usually bundled with a volume of the manga or light novel series! The OAD for D-Frag! revolved around a Water Festival; Kazama and the others battle for first place in a race to obtain coverted water from the festival!
  11. I should really know, as I've gleamed at the raws, there's actually a good bit in the raws (probably the translated version too), but can't remember what it was now, I'll have to look through the raws again! That aside, Baka-Updates is a good site to remember if you're ever curious as to where the anime adaptation of a manga ends, in this case, Baka-Updates says it's Volume 4 Chapter 36! You watch the OAD as well as the series? Need to read the manga myself at somepoint, but just getting round to it!
  12. *oblivious to fight taking place, as too busy talking to Takao * Well the episode itself gave us the result, although quite possibly only because of an assist by Kazama, as Tama-chan-senpai had developed a counter measure to Roka's darkness attack, plus she has a height advantage!
  13. Oh!! That's quite true, she does evolve into Holy Dramon in the movie, but in the PSP game, she evolves into Orphanimon!
  14. The European version of Virtue's Last Reward was Japanese audio only (with dubtitles), that could be what happened with certain versions Dynasty Warriors 7, however perhaps not!
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