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  1. I literally haven't left the house all week and only left my room to use the bathroom. I turn into an honest to god NEET when I'm off duty. It's pathetic :)


    1. XII360


      and here im the opposite, i've been forced to get outa house to guard my big bro's store, due to owner of land being a douche and harrassing my onii-san's store,

      thus i am forced to guard it from any illegal acts the landlord which he already has done allot plans on doing

      ...like say, illegally shutting down his store, when owner doesn't show us any court order to shut it down or demolish said place ~.~


      muh self-project time is being eaten though..!

      luckily, i got a new simcard, and that simcard has no expiry on data, so i always have data...aslong as i have simcard

      that i waste on playing games or looking around reddit/twittu >.<


      also wouldn't call it pathetic, seems like an average friday night for us cool kids 

    2. Kurosaki27


      Make the days count amigo. I had to drag myself out of bed today to get some sunlight, these days I'm becoming like a vampire but that's no good, this way I can't see the new bleach season -alive-

    3. User 781

      User 781

      When my kid's in bed or somebody else is watching her, all I want to do is drink wine, be lazy, and sleep lately.

      Being responsible is draining. When it's a near 24/7 obligation, you almost have to swing to the opposite extreme to unwind. Why even wear pants? Eating is overrated. Brush hair? Nah. If you aren't planning to see anyone soon may as well go full swamp troll. Take your break, you deserve it.

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