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  1. Aaaaand here we go with the brushfires now too.

  2. Bought a spinning thingy also reading Sam and Max comic. You should also. 

    sam and max.jpg

    sam and max page.jpg

  3. but yea, went to hospital yesterday -- one where i interned at for probable free tests couse i believe in their work


    and it seems i have upper uti, based on results, possible dengue, and chronic infection ?


    leaning on chronic infection though since im IgM (-)

    and just being IgG+ wont indicate dengue, just an odd >.>


    but at the moment, im feeling daijoubu, i started antibiotics tho, so i gotta go through with it to end, lest i become resistant and then become XDR and then i die




    but yea, aside from that, ill probably go back to studying tomorrow

    just finished one project that i cant post here for...reasons >_>


    gonna do the inktober days i couldn't do due to being sick after i do stuff >.>

  4. Paper Straws Suck 

    1. LonelyPoet


      They decompose into mush and chemically poison the oceans or wherever they end up. Worse than plastic in some respects. 

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  5. Hey, you getting any better at running 

  6. Paper Straws Suck 

    1. LonelyPoet


      You would need to use that metal straw millions of time to mitigate any damage to the environment. 

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  7. Paper Straws Suck 

    1. LonelyPoet


      Paper straws don't do anything for the environment or at least no any less or more damage.

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  8. Hey, you getting any better at running 

  9. San Japan is this weekend!

  10. This is day will be kinda busy one

  11. Starting to prepare for a trip that I've been planning with two friends for the last month (Surprising, actually, didn't expect to travel this year).

    Going to visit Oman in the first week of September (actually the first time that I travel outside of Europe). Looking forward to it, especially the many, many old castles!

  12. I answered everyone's questions in this video. Watch to hear your name and question :)



    1. LonelyPoet


      Oh crap I missed @Seshi I will get that question next time!

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  13. 🎵Everybody's working on the weekend. 🎵

    wait.. what?

  14. I can't seem to get any better at running. Also I like Green Lantern now. That is all. Here's a gungirl. 


  15. So, over on CR some of the members “vote” on each season’s anime in different categories for fun. Posting a link to my “ballot” for anyone interested since it provides a good summary of what I thought of the Spring 2019 season


  16. So this is a bit of an up date about the visual novel as well as other projects I'm working on. I'm currently on 4th chapter of the visual novel. It's weird that we still don't have a name for it but I guess that can wait. I'm also starting another regular short story that I'll probably post a link to one of these days, when I finish it. I've got some cover art for it you can look at. Tell me what you think. :) 

    13THELOOK3-videoLarge (2)_Large_Moment.jpg

  17. Ok who thinks I’m crazy for going to the beach on the week of the 4th? 🙉 

  18. Whip cream in tea is good. You should try it. 

  19. A long weekend due to Canada Day happening on Monday. Might go watch the fireworks.

  20. Couldn't control myself, again.....
    But atleast I'm happy with what I got :D


  21. Today's episode of One Punch Man was amazing. If you've dropped the series, please at least watch Episode 11.

  22. im over-studying/over working my self

    jesus christ x_x

    and its not helping that im being bugged about wanting to ask qt out ...

    ughhhh why must i fall inlove at such a crucial time ?!?!


    just reject me when i ask you out, so i can focus more after being sad for a few days >___<


    or accept my proposal, that would make me really happy too

  23. I just saw a bobcat in my yard 🤩

    1. LonelyPoet


      I've never seen a bobcat in real life before. 

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  24. MREs are gross. That is all. Have an armory girl.


    1. LonelyPoet


      Some kind of vegetable pasta liquidy stuff; someone stole my crackers 😑

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