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  1. I used to wonder why my dad abandoned me and my mom without ever coming back. I understand now. I just wish he took me with him.

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      I'd want to offer some words of comfort, but I can't think of any. Maybe it still helps to know that people here saw this and sympathize?

    2. Nono


      It's hard to give any type of opinion without knowing more about the situation, but if you truly "understand", props to you. 

  2. Over the next 4 months.I'll be starting a motorcycle club in real life. If you...... -live in the georgia area -own a motorcycle or plan to own one -like adventure -have the spirit of a wolf Please message me on this site or email me @ [email protected] or message/ call me @ 4045796486 for more information.
  3. I'm looking forward to it not being to hot all the time. Maybe a dub to One Punch Man season 2.
  4. I make the book recomd in this one.

  5. 'Weird Girl' is complete. You can read it here. 


    Thank you and good night. 

  6. Say yes if you want to marry me or put the name of a person on this sight you think you would want to marry.
  7. I just watched Gantz! It was freakin awesome. It actually reminded me of Attack on Titan. It's definitely not for children even though the main character is a child there is extreme violence, sexual content and cursing. If you like things like AOT or Beserk you should give it a try. It's a older anime but the animation is really good especially in the later episodes. 

    Also I'm taking request on my Deviantart Page. 



  8. This is 2019 the year the movie Akira took place. Guess they were wrong about WWIII XD


    1. Seshi


      I love watching all those old movies and seeing what they thought the future would look like

    2. Ohayotaku


      The year isn’t over yet -_-;

  9. I answered everyone's questions in this video. Watch to hear your name and question :)



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LonelyPoet


      Oh crap I missed @Seshi I will get that question next time!

    3. Seshi


      Thanks, no worries 

    4. Nono
  10. So I have a vlog on Youtube and I'm collecting questions to answer in it. If you want to please post any question (random, funny, stupid, personal, whatever) just don't make it to political or sexual my channel is mostly for fun after all. Also leave any social media you of yours you want me to plug in the video and in the video's description if you want.
  11. Decorative canon 


  12. I just finished watching Superman the animated series and the ending was surprisingly sad and bitter sweet. It had to do with the fact that you can try your hardest to do good and to get people to trust you but one mistake can destroy it all, even the people you thought were your friends will turn there back on you. Definitely wasn't expecting that to be the ending to a most upbeat show.

  13. Usually you have to take more than one literature class so I guess this would substitute one of them.
  14. https://www.universityherald.com/articles/61607/20170123/college-course-anime-now-being-offered-university.htm So apparently you can take this instead of literature for a prerequisite. I wish they had this as my school XD. What kind of stuff do you think they learn in anime class?
  15. Shiki, Angels of Death, Spiral, to name a few.
  16. I can't seem to get any better at running. Also I like Green Lantern now. That is all. Here's a gungirl. 


    1. Seshi


      I got better at running by doing a “run, sprint, run” routine for a couple of weeks. Shaved about 3 minutes off my 3 mile in that short amount of time.

      Sprint til you’re tired, maybe a block or so, then run at your normal pace til your breathing is back under control, and sprint again. Do this for a good distance. Maybe 15-20 minutes? Good luck

    2. LonelyPoet


      That's a good idea. Thanks!

  17. Saw a street performer today. Check it out :)


  18. The first one is Genome. Another "If you die in the game you die in real life." type manga. It has a really cute style. Read it here. https://mangakakalot.com/chapter/naka_no_hito_genome_jikkyouchuu/chapter_1 The other is Dricam!! This is the rare manga that doesn't involve highschool students. Instead we have college students. They are street racers! Really funny very cool. https://mangakakalot.com/chapter/jy918913/chapter_1 Has anyone else read any of these?
  19. Will someone please rally up a hate mob against disney for this. 


    1. Metro


      Honestly disgusted and disappointed in Disney... 



      Ikr, Stan Lee would have never denied this kid such a wish, I hate to see what is coming of his work and the greed of Disney. :( 

  20. So this is a bit of an up date about the visual novel as well as other projects I'm working on. I'm currently on 4th chapter of the visual novel. It's weird that we still don't have a name for it but I guess that can wait. I'm also starting another regular short story that I'll probably post a link to one of these days, when I finish it. I've got some cover art for it you can look at. Tell me what you think. :) 

    13THELOOK3-videoLarge (2)_Large_Moment.jpg

    1. Shiroe


      I look forward to reading them. ☺️ Sadly, I get embarrassed about my works or procrastinate them too often.

    2. LonelyPoet


      Yeah I try to get as much stuff out there as I can. It's good practice. 

  21. Apparently God or mother nature or whatever you want to call it decided to be part of our fireworks celebration this 4th of July. Cause there was a ton of lightning in the sky while our fireworks were going off. No rain, just lightning. It was epic. 

  22. three two one KILL SHOT


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