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  1. MREs are gross. That is all. Have an armory girl.


  2. I started a blog, I'll be talking about anime and nonsense if you're interested followed. My horrifying face revealed!


  3. Fake news is everywhere! Wake up sheeple! 


  4. Sorry I disappeared off the site for a bit. I had exams. ^^' I should be back now (hopefully. ><)

  5. Lately I've been reading about the great artist Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello. I'm an enlightened individual. 





  6. I'm seriously considering cutting my hair now. I hate how it looks though. Also I'm a genius. Look at how I solved this brain teaser.  


  7. i just realized its 1:30am and im still studying


    gotta study uptil BB page, i gotta not waste time couse my scheds booked

    heck on sunday im gonna flirt with that one intern help in hospital couse they will 10000% be lacking manpower


    theres only like, 7? of them, so every man power is gun help them

    but first, ill finish my own problems, which is studying sh*t infront of me >:o

    its also 10 pages before BB page

    lets go ryu~ fighto~

  8. The universe is now available on Steam...


  9. I'm seriously considering cutting my hair now. I hate how it looks though. Also I'm a genius. Look at how I solved this brain teaser.  


  10. "Back in my day" an expression that was used around me when I was younger, and now I sometimes find myself using that same expression too 🤣

  11. I'm about ready to hurl on crabby customers today...

  12. There was a young man

    From Cork who got limericks

    And haikus confused


  13. I just went to a cool sushi place called Samurai 2. I've been on the road but I've been writing a little. Soon I'll be in the military and I don't know when I'll get to write. You guys should pick up some of the slack. 😏

    sushi .jpg

  14. My 8th day of work and with my allergies I feel like I'm dying. So can't wait for this weekend...

  15. We done boiz


    *Ez 4yrs* as my cool friend posted xD


  16. College is a money black hole. -_- I need to get some more jobs. Maybe I could sell a kidney? Anyone interested in buying a kidney?

  17. Haven’t been really visiting here all that much. Things with me are okay, just dealing with lack of motivation for the most part. Hope you all are doing well.

  18. Got some swag (medallion and presskit) 503395465_IMG_44012.thumb.JPG.4cbc931ec9a125cb533954100bd3e618.JPG

    and a

    certificate of appreciation 1934780131_IMG_43952.thumb.JPG.39dbcb9a3738a982ef24f63ab2fb9c1c.JPG

    for TESS launch support.  Sweet...


  19. 🌸 Thank you for your submission in the Art contest. Feel free to continue editing your submission and adding a FA submission up until the 10th of May. 👍

  20. People can talk about Senko-san & Nezuko all they want, Akane Ukita from Cinderella Nine is cutest character of the season


  21. Finished watching a short anime today called Hanbun no Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora. It was so cute! Goro is a jerk of a doctor though for what he was doing, even if he had 'reasons'. 

  22. I randomly when swimming after class today; and I got all my notebooks wet. Stupidity achievement  unlocked. Intelligence questionedlarge.393265-inuyasha-dat-face.jpg.352df8120ca0d0f6b493aa2d47aa1e6f.jpg!

  23. Ever since last week when I searched youtube for Beat Saber clips YT has been "suggesting" more, and dang if I'm not clicking on them.

    Latest find..


  24. You know, I have yet to get on an actual computer since joining AF, so not only do I not have a sig, but I’m also missing out on all of yours 😕

  25. Toured the USS Midway today, and had a really good time.

    Only regret I had was not taking a picture of some scenery that looked nice from the flight deck.

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