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  1. On 4/19/2019 at 7:58 PM, Dis said:

    I thought of a concept today, not fleshed out at all, but I'm still gonna throw it out there so maybe I can get an idea of where everyone else is coming from as to what sort of story we want:

        A man is obsessed with finding the truth that will bring all strife to an end, so much that he rejects the ordinary path the world has set before him. He seeks this truth through isolating himself and consuming books and TV programming, but the world seems to be dead set against his search for the revelation he needs.    
        Until he meets a girl who says she wants his help to find "The Empyrean". 
        As he gets caught up in her plans to reach The Empyrean for the sake of his truth, he finds it increasingly difficult to uphold his worldview as it comes under fire from the people determined to preserve conventional life on earth. 

    That sounds like a great idea! You would be great for writing the story board. Do you have any more information you'd like to be included in the story and characters? I was thinking you could give me a general summary and I could get started on the storyboard and we could exchange the storyboard draft. We could continue writing based on what the other has written. If you'd like for me to start the storyboard I'll need a few more details though. 

    3 minutes ago, jubacard said:

    So it'd be beats, writting then storyboard? Anyway, I'm down for anything let's kill it!

    A light novel is like a picture book but in novel form. That means there will be illustrations to go along with the writing at certain points. So first the story board, then the writing, then the illustrations. 

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  2. 19 minutes ago, jubacard said:

    I am super down to write. I like the first concept posted, I think it could work as a great Isekai. Just One question, what's the empyrean and what would be said truth. 

    I think this as an Isekai where the protagonist goes in and out of different tv shows would work very well. 

    EDIT: wouldn't the writting define the storyboard? 
    I'm very excited about writting best on selected beats but wouldnt the script come first? 

    I was thinking that the writing based of the beat would be great for the script. I'm glad you want to be a writer. We're already getting off the ground. 

  3. 2 hours ago, XII360 said:

    i actually planned on making a club centered on making visual novels/games/stories/etc, but planned on making one once i finish sekiro and shinjuku era on FGO

    less the none, im up for artist/writer of story, though story are somewhat related to recent things that happened

    (e.g. shinobi story, couse sekiro an influencer and such xD)

    im sure there are better guys who can fill the roll tho ;o "coughbeo-chancough"

    That sounds great; we'll need a few writers after the storyboard is done. I'll start posting job assignments if we get a few more people. We could use your help. 

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  4. I was thinking it would be fun to make a light novel as a group here on the sight. Depending on how many people are interested we could get it done pretty easily. If you are interested in any of the jobs please comment. We would need multiple people for different portions of each position.  

    • Storyboard = Drafting the story beats for the writer
    • Writer = Write the story based on the storyboard
    • Editor= Edit storyboard and writing
    • Artist= Art to go with the story
    • Cover Artist
    • Colorist (maybe)  


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  5. 6 hours ago, Seshi said:

    Lol I was thinking the same with lab coat guy 🤣

    Are you sure you’re up to the challenge with Sesshoumaru? 

    To be honest I don't know. It would take a long time to make cause there are a lot of details. I don't even know where I would get his fur thingy from....

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  6. 2 hours ago, XII360 said:

    1484222978-deadpool.jpg?resize=480:*(this is probably me, but not really)

    dead pool cosplay

    jk xD

    there's enough deadpool in the ocean, easily easiest to cosplay >.>

    id try for corvo (already trying to make his mask...once i get the feeling xD)

    dishonored-2-corvo-attano-hoodie-costume(image not me)


    kyouma, couse, i feel i could pull it off, just need to make my hair longer, use gel, and then, wear a lab gown (which i already have xD)

    180474b8a85014c924b98a4479f67d926ff0f752(also not me)

    That was a lazy but epic costume.

    5 hours ago, Seshi said:

    I like #2. Though my favorite cosplays are kimonos and if I could honestly I’d be a male character 😁 I’ve always liked boys clothing better than girls. 

    1. Kikyo from Inuyasha - I love her hair too. My hair used to be long enough to pull that off, but not anymore. FD7A5042-6152-4656-8907-30C5CD373B46.thumb.jpeg.a177d62676e02b50f5739a334938bf9e.jpeg

    2.Also Seshoumaru 😍


    3. Kenshin Himura from Samurai X. Also his master.




    A Seasomoru costume would be epic! I should try that one next time.

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  7. Turning

    Turning under the tide

    I know I've been turning 

    Ever since I've been alive


    It seems like a cycle that will never end

    but I know the ending is around the bend

    locked inside an hourglass

    simply watching the time pass


    I've been waiting for life to start

    I'm alone in darkness searching for more

    I've been waiting to have a heart

    I don't know what I'm living for


    Locked in a puzzle that I could never solve

    I'm trying my best but I only have so much resolve


    Maybe my best just isn't enough

    Maybe I should just give up


    I've always been the one out of tune 

    My fear and my relief 

    The end is coming soon


    My fate has been locked as I wait to die

    My soul has been broken so close to the core

    My hopes have been shattered but I still look for more

    Can anyone hear me from the outside?


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