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  1. Angels of Death

    th (3).jpg

  2. I just made a little comic if you wanna check it out here is my DeviantArt



  3. So I gotta ask... Am I just butchering my own idea? Have I made a dramatic U-turn on the highway to a safe success and made a beeline for a drastic screw-up?

    I recently went to the GoFundMe page for my site and decided to lower prices of the donation rewards, not drastically but rather substantially. I'm a bit wary of the repercussions. What if people do start donating but it turns out to be more than I expected and, before I know it, I DO have a site but then I gotta hand out statuses to loads of people and the site's manager is watching me like a hawk because, technically, I'm not supposed to do that. But like... I'm left with no choice 😂

    This is the very last option I wanted to try but, honestly, I'm exhausting myself with coming up with new crazy ways to get this working and unnecessarily creating new advertising ways to one-up on others and it's completely draining my mental capacity. A while ago I suggested to myself that I slow down and not do too much but, to be honest, I've just given myself more work. It's so difficult wanting to make something work but not wanting to work yourself to death doing it.

    So there's my day 🤣

  4. Angels of Death

    th (3).jpg

  5. Making friends is hard. 😣

  6. Don't know exactly how I feel about this, but if it tastes good and is somehow healthier then why not.


  7. Making friends is hard. 😣

  8. Love this old show War of the Worlds 




  9. Is it April yet?? Really want to watch the new Fruits Baskets... hurry up!!

  10. I love the Ninja Turtles. Can't wait for the Batman vs. TMNT.


  11. Thx for the follow, and awesome Inuyasha cover photo by the way.

  12. I found a cool picture 


  13. Being 22 is still somewhat surreal to me. I never thought i'd make it out of my teenage years. 

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