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  1. Batman / TMNT comic coming out soon. 🐢 May 1. The film is also coming to video soon.


  2. Running away from home maybe? Hopefully I pass all my dumb classes.
  3. I have a submission! This is an original character.
  4. This guy is boss. He's dressed as Dn'D
  5. That sounds really great so far! Tell me when you have your story idea more fleshed out so we can get started on writing. And yeah that is my pet chicken.
  6. I'm currently recruiting people to work on the story with me. We're getting the story together as well. It's basically going to be a novel with pictures. I'd love to see the updates on your visual novel.
  7. Hi! Your profile picture is cool is it from something?
  8. Right now it's Robin Hood Men in Tights
  9. I feel like a frog ready to be dissected by a 7th grader. 

    2014-05-08 11.23.23.jpg

  10. Happy Earth Day!


    I feel the ground is warming 
    As the winter chills subside
    I feel my life force stirring 
    In this dark place where I hide
    I push one green shoot upwards 
    As spring calls on me to grow
    I spread as I break free 
    From my confinement down below
    As I am warmed and nourished
    So some tiny buds appear
    Inside I feel excitement 
    As my destiny draws near
    My buds swell and burst open
    Now my waiting time is done
    My blossoms burst out brightly
    Glowing yellow as the sun
    And then one day each flower 
    Turns to down, ready to fly
    Each seed prepares to leave me 
    When a summer breeze sweeps by
    My seeds break loose and swirl off 
    like small dancers in the air
    I watch them as they fly 
    To search for their new home somewhere
    And I know that in springtime 
    In whichever place they found 
    They'll also feel the warming 
    Of the bright sun on the ground
    AN - John Crowe and I chose Dandelion as a one word title and each wrote a poem with a 20 minute time limit




      Yes, forgot to post anything for earth day yesterday, I hope you all had a great earth-day! Btw, awesome poem. 

  11. When greeting cards get to real...



    1. efaardvark


      Seriously though, that's not so funny when I'm 54 and reading things like this.  I've worked - and paid into the the system - for my entire life.  Never taken a dime from it.  Never even had to collect unemployment benefits, fortunately.  Now I get to get in line with others (like the VA refugees) trying to collect on promised benefits after I retire.  Not that it is totally unexpected of course.  Our "leaders" in government never met a pile of money that they could keep their hands off of, and SS and Medicare were a couple of the biggest.  Still, "I told you so" isn't going to put food on the table or pay the doctor bills when (if?) I retire.

  12. That sounds like a great idea! You would be great for writing the story board. Do you have any more information you'd like to be included in the story and characters? I was thinking you could give me a general summary and I could get started on the storyboard and we could exchange the storyboard draft. We could continue writing based on what the other has written. If you'd like for me to start the storyboard I'll need a few more details though. A light novel is like a picture book but in novel form. That means there will be illustrations to go along with the writing at certain points. So first the story board, then the writing, then the illustrations.
  13. I was thinking that the writing based of the beat would be great for the script. I'm glad you want to be a writer. We're already getting off the ground.
  14. That sounds great; we'll need a few writers after the storyboard is done. I'll start posting job assignments if we get a few more people. We could use your help.
  15. Would you like to start the storyboard? Do you have any ideas in mind? We need to get the storyboard done first. We can start the art after that.
  16. I just wanted to say this Graineliers manga is about planting.
  17. I was thinking it would be fun to make a light novel as a group here on the sight. Depending on how many people are interested we could get it done pretty easily. If you are interested in any of the jobs please comment. We would need multiple people for different portions of each position. Storyboard = Drafting the story beats for the writer Writer = Write the story based on the storyboard Editor= Edit storyboard and writing Artist= Art to go with the story Cover Artist Colorist (maybe)
  18. I randomly when swimming after class today; and I got all my notebooks wet. Stupidity achievement  unlocked. Intelligence questionedlarge.393265-inuyasha-dat-face.jpg.352df8120ca0d0f6b493aa2d47aa1e6f.jpg!

    1. Nono


      Yeah, but was it fun?😜

    2. LonelyPoet


      It was definitely interesting. I played basketball in the water a lesbian said I was cute it was a great time. 😂

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