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  1. I was a really weird kid. I basically lived in a fantasy world cut off from everyone else. My dad left and my mom worked all the time so I spent the time alone. I pretended I was all kinds of things and read fantasy books. In school I thought the other kids were mean, so I just read my fantasy books instead of talking to people. No crushes or anything; although I did hear about a guy having a crush on me once but I had never talked to him. Pretty boring lol.

  2. We can watch wide eyed 

    At a never ending skyline

    That stretches threw the universe and beyond

    Tying our love together with twine 

    I can keep fighting for your life

    But I can't keep fighting for mine


    We all our obligations 

    We all have our sacrifices to make

    We all have a light at the end

    It's just that some are real and some are fake


    How can I make you understand?

    I don't need you to hold my hand

    I only need you to walk beside me

    Even when we're treading threw sand


    I guess I'm fine walking on my own

    After all it's the only life I've ever known

    Until I return to nothing

    I'm a seashell on the beach

    drifting in and out of the tide alone

  3. 8 hours ago, ArchieKun said:

    At the risk of sounding like a total nerd, and someone who has taken time off work for the sole purpose of watching a certain anime, or to play a new game I'd say those are good options to me.

    Though in all seriousness if travel is in your budget I suggest something like visiting a national park. Perhaps traveling to a con thats happening around that time may also be a fun idea.

    Oh that sounds like a good idea. I should see if there are any cons in the area. 

    3 hours ago, Illusion of Terra said:

    What is this 'spring break' you are talking about? Where I live there are no breaks 😂

    Joking, but seriously though, try and do something you enjoy. How long does spring break last?
    Like Archie said traveling is quite nice. If you have a forest, sea or anything like that you could spend a day outside enjoying nature. If you are looking for more orientation in life you might volunteer to help out at something for a couple of hours (retirement home, day care centers etc.) to get to talk to people and think about what you want to do. Other than that the usual stuff like gaming, learning to cook, reading and watching anime. Not really original ideas now that I think about it.

    You must live in a military camp then. I'm trying to get out more these days.

    3 hours ago, Seshi said:

    Camping with friends at a nearby national park, or beach? Get a group of your friends together for a memorable weekend camp out!

    I really wanna go to the beach.

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  4. Okay this is might last "spring break" so I wanna make the most of it. I'm tossing around ideas. You guess tell me what you thing or tell me if you have better ideas.

    Store Hopping (just hanging out in different stores like a bum)

    Finishing a Comic 

    Spa day


  5. Hey! I'm new. Here's some stuff about me. I go to college. I like to draw. I'm socially awkward. I like popcorn. I might ship off to boot camp any day now so don't be pissed if you randomly don't hear from me for a few months. :/ I wanna have fun but I don't know how. Like all I do is read and watch things on my computer and I'm bored of that deal now. People mostly just ignore me so I guess I just I'm a boring person in general. 

    Sometimes I feel like my life is passing me by and before I know it I'll wake up and it'll be too late to make things right. I named myself LonelyPoet because I'm lonely and I like to write poetry. Hopefully I'll be okay but you never know.... 

    Message me if you want to RP or chat or anything. (Boys please don't send me any explicit messages, I don't know if that's the kind of thing that goes on here but I just wanna make sure)


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