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  1. Tell me the name I'll post the picture for you.
  2. Who's your favorite anime guy? The one that gets the most likes wins. Mine is Inuyasha.
  3. Re watching Toradora. It's funny stuff. 

    anime romantic couples (8).jpg

  4. Does anyone one here read american comics. Like superhero comics or anything like that? I'm curious.
  5. Definitely a PG-13 rating. So 16 and older basically lol.
  6. I was getting my fingerprint scanned today and the person's name in front of me was Danny Phantom. Interesting. I think there is a unk worshiping cult getting started at my school. Your thoughts?
  7. Only the first season is good in my opinion in the second season it focuses on completely different characters and becomes a slice of life anime with very little action and yuri undertones. It's like watching two completely different anime.
  8. Hey I'm Jayben, it's hard to pick my favorite anime but right now it's Ninja Turtles (just kidding it's clannad), I got into anime cause I saw some at school. Hope you have fun on this site. Maybe we can be friends? Here's a picture of a frog I dissected.
  9. Serial Experiments Lain I can't get threw it. I get weirded out everytime I try. Gintama It's sooooo long Speed Racer I'm seriously considering watching it when I have the time.
  10. Nice hat decorations XD very creative.
  11. Depend on what type of tea it is. For green tea I add lots of sugar (and sometimes juice). For English and black tea I add cream. I drink them with lunch or with desert.
  12. School is sooo boring....




      Lol, ikr, doing school right now actually; online college... I have got three exams coming up in like a month. 

    2. LonelyPoet


      I'm thinking of going to online school. I'm sick of being on campus and I want to go work without worrying about being on time for class. 

  13. My first anime was The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya my second was Trigun. Not very similar anime at first glance but both featured god like main characters with unknown origins when you think about it. I can't decide which on I liked better.  


  14. Well my 20th birthday is coming up soon and I want to have a tea party but I don't know if anyone else would want to do that with me lol. I asked my mom for a glass tea set I hope she gets it for me. I would use it to make flowering tea like this... Other than that I wanna save money. I'm saving up to buy myself a motorcycle. Hopefully that can be my gift to myself on my 21 birthday.
  15. This is the cutest Leonardo I've ever seen. 


  16. This ED perfectly describes the emotional state of the character.
  17. The main couples in Toradora, and Inuyasha were the best.
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