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  1. Well, i needed a new gpu but couple of days later i noticed that my processor was nearing its limits so i thought, now ill just go all out lol. If i waited a couple of days i would have done it differently. 😛


    and i am not much of a gamer, so i dont need the best gpu tho i do need a good cpu for rendering etc.

  2. Actually, tomorrow i am getting my new parts! Very excited :)

    gpu - geforce 1060 gtx 6gb

    cpu - amd ryzen 9 3900x

    motherboard - Asus prime b450 plus

    ram - kingston hyperX 3200 2x 16gb

    and a new case with glass on the sides to see the lights, basically a new pc lol.


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  3. I am not an expert at anything... though, i am pretty good at spouting out nonsense.

    I used to be passionate about gaming but that has gone down rapidly

    My main passions currently, are Anime, Manga and stats. Idk, i just like tracking my winrate, how much ive spent on my collection, see the stats in graphs etc. I aspire to become a data-analist but because I had health problems for years I'm a little bit behind.

  4. I picked a random name,  another random name and another random name. I did them in a blender and Humbby came out of It,  It was love at first sight. It has no meaning though sometimes people call me Humble Humbby because it sounds good.

    I am happy because when i got this name nobody was using it. Now i have a few name stealers (not a lot) but oh well,  cant be original forever.

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  5. 26 minutes ago, Seshi said:

    Well as far as Isekai Cheat Magician goes, I was referring to the anime adaptation- which came after Shield hero. Not too sure about the source material, do the characters look the same in it? All I can speak for is the presentation of the anime. Also it’s not clear which series came first, they were both worked on as web novels published back in 2012, but not sure of a certain month. 

    I’ve also heard that the Lion King is a rip-off of Kimba the White Lion T.T 

    Yeah I know you were talking about the anime but if you're talking about a rip off the idea and the characters etc should be about the same in 2 series, and that comes from the source material.
    Usually there aren't very big differences between an anime and a light novel apart from some cut content.
    I haven't read nor seen Cheat Magician but the art style from the cover of the anime is just as generic as the light novel.

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  6. Isekai Cheat Magician: Published: 28th of June 2013 till ?

    Rising of the Shield Hero Published: 22nd of August 2013 till ?


    Isekai Cheat Magician (Original Material) came first so it's not really a rip off Is it?

  7. I needed a 2nd monitor Really badly, My main monitor Is an Acer so i decided to get another Acer, It was On sale (10% not much) so I decided Its time to get 1.
    It didnt need to be another 27 inch, 24 was fine (saves me another 50$) and I'm happy about It. I got the AcerKG241.                   119$


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  8. 1. Death Note / Still my All time favorite 10/10

    2. Attack on Titan / S3 Part 2 was amazing 8/10

    3. Sword Art Online / Bah 6/10

    4. Fullmetal Alchemist / TBD

    5. One Punch Man / First Season was amazing 9/10

    6. Tokyo Ghoul / TBD

    7. Steins Gate / Progresses very slow but somehow makes It entertaining to watch also 9/10

    8. No Game No Life / Unnecessary fan service like the show tho 8/10

    9. Naruto / TBD

    10. Angel Beats! / TBD


    I Rated all of these shows very high because most of them were also very good and fun to watch.

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  9. Everyone would say that they dont care what others write or about rating but thats not how the brain actually works. Just looking at an average rating or a review doesnt change your opinion but when you see it time and time again your brain is actually going to believe that what people are saying is indeed true. 

    There are a lot of experiments that show that this is the case. It takes like 2 seconds of searching and you will find something about it.

    People unconciously mimic eachother so if you were to read a lot of bad reviews for a show before watching it there is a very high chance you will think its bad too after you have seen it.

    So yes it does change perspective if you want it or not. 

    And i agree that promised beverland was a good show but i dont think it was underrated it has a 8+ score i think which is pretty high.

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