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  1. Act-Age will be getting an anime adaptation, This is going to be big. https://animenewsandfacts.com/act-age-is-receiving-an-anime-adaptation/
  2. I am a guy with a lot of ambition, I like to think big.
    I decided It would be time to take a step back, relax; and draw some simplistic stuff, keep It small.



    Even mapping out everything doesn't help me draw smaller. I guess me will always be me...

    1. XII360


      i remember having this problem when i started drawing

      but then i toke an arrow to the knee

      but then it just hit me, and i could somewhat adjust how big and small they should go

      im still bad at traditional drawing though, imo

  3. Well, i needed a new gpu but couple of days later i noticed that my processor was nearing its limits so i thought, now ill just go all out lol. If i waited a couple of days i would have done it differently. and i am not much of a gamer, so i dont need the best gpu tho i do need a good cpu for rendering etc.
  4. Actually, tomorrow i am getting my new parts! Very excited gpu - geforce 1060 gtx 6gb cpu - amd ryzen 9 3900x motherboard - Asus prime b450 plus ram - kingston hyperX 3200 2x 16gb and a new case with glass on the sides to see the lights, basically a new pc lol.
  5. Beautiful Marie Biscuit.
  6. Latest movie i've seen: Mha futari no hero Favorite movie: your name Movie i want to check out next: Sound! Euphonium Chikai no Finale
  7. ow ow ow I've fallen so low Screenshot_2.png.02ec34ad03498c4acc1681db65103948.pngScreenshot_3.png.9c9090a6847766142a10808184f59bde.png (damn Maths 😔)

    At least It Isn't as bad as French, where I managed to score a 1,2 😂

    No worries cuz everything Is under control.... (?)

  8. I am not an expert at anything... though, i am pretty good at spouting out nonsense. I used to be passionate about gaming but that has gone down rapidly My main passions currently, are Anime, Manga and stats. Idk, i just like tracking my winrate, how much ive spent on my collection, see the stats in graphs etc. I aspire to become a data-analist but because I had health problems for years I'm a little bit behind.
  9. I am too lazy to take pictures, These aren't official shirts either.
  10. Currently Watching Mo Dao Zu Shi S2 (8/10) and soon I will start watching Vinland Saga (5/10) which I put on hold after 10 episodes.
  11. Cowboy Bebop 1998, I haven't seen many old shows.
  12. Hey! welcome to AF, enjoy your stay
  13. Well, after an anime burnout I'm slowly getting back Into It after a month.

    Also started using fiverr, maybe make a little extra cash while finishing school 😜

    Feel free to check It out.



    Now I'm ready to get back into anime, I hope.

  14. I picked a random name, another random name and another random name. I did them in a blender and Humbby came out of It, It was love at first sight. It has no meaning though sometimes people call me Humble Humbby because it sounds good. I am happy because when i got this name nobody was using it. Now i have a few name stealers (not a lot) but oh well, cant be original forever.
  15. A cargo ship, though i might have some trouble bringing it myself.
  16. Yeah I know you were talking about the anime but if you're talking about a rip off the idea and the characters etc should be about the same in 2 series, and that comes from the source material. Usually there aren't very big differences between an anime and a light novel apart from some cut content. I haven't read nor seen Cheat Magician but the art style from the cover of the anime is just as generic as the light novel.
  17. Isekai Cheat Magician: Published: 28th of June 2013 till ? Rising of the Shield Hero Published: 22nd of August 2013 till ? Isekai Cheat Magician (Original Material) came first so it's not really a rip off Is it?
  18. Its Finally done! I dont have a lot of stuff yet but now I can actually progress without having problems where to put it. (god damn it, the room is to small to be able to get the full shelf on photo :( )



    Also Some new additions to my collection


    1. Ohayotaku


      Congratulations. Meanwhile I still have stuff packed away from when I moved 2 1/2 years ago 😂

    2. Nova


      👍👏good job

    3. efaardvark


      Having a place to put stuff is half the battle of keeping chaos at bay.  :)  

  19. I needed a 2nd monitor Really badly, My main monitor Is an Acer so i decided to get another Acer, It was On sale (10% not much) so I decided Its time to get 1. It didnt need to be another 27 inch, 24 was fine (saves me another 50$) and I'm happy about It. I got the AcerKG241. 119$
  20. Preparing for something big tomorrow!


  21. Steam - Humbby (What a surprise) steam uses codes instead! 271305416, this is mine Incase anyone here plays osu - Ayanami-Desu
  22. Hey! Welcome You're not the only 1 who thinks so long about your first word, I do too. Introducing myself feels weird no matter how I do It.
  23. 1. Death Note / Still my All time favorite 10/10 2. Attack on Titan / S3 Part 2 was amazing 8/10 3. Sword Art Online / Bah 6/10 4. Fullmetal Alchemist / TBD 5. One Punch Man / First Season was amazing 9/10 6. Tokyo Ghoul / TBD 7. Steins Gate / Progresses very slow but somehow makes It entertaining to watch also 9/10 8. No Game No Life / Unnecessary fan service like the show tho 8/10 9. Naruto / TBD 10. Angel Beats! / TBD I Rated all of these shows very high because most of them were also very good and fun to watch.
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