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  1. Adding to my collection: Tiger ll (King Tiger) Model Babymetal CD's And first vol. of Haruhi Suzumiya and NGNL Practical War Game
  2. Everyone would say that they dont care what others write or about rating but thats not how the brain actually works. Just looking at an average rating or a review doesnt change your opinion but when you see it time and time again your brain is actually going to believe that what people are saying is indeed true. There are a lot of experiments that show that this is the case. It takes like 2 seconds of searching and you will find something about it. People unconciously mimic eachother so if you were to read a lot of bad reviews for a show before watching it there is a very high chance you will think its bad too after you have seen it. So yes it does change perspective if you want it or not. And i agree that promised beverland was a good show but i dont think it was underrated it has a 8+ score i think which is pretty high.
  3. You need to learn kanji to be able to read japanese and yeah ita also the hardest part of japanese
  4. No game no life: Manner Movie. I just felt like posting something totally useless.
  5. Apperently im the bow hero even though im not like him at all i feel
  6. おめでとう, あなたは 私のより 手書き が 上手いです Im not going to translate this for you this is your exercise for today Currently i am learning japanese at a very slow pace because lack of motivation but i want to pick it up rather soon again. Looking forward to how you will be progressing Edit: shouldnt aragaki be あらがき instead of あわがい Edit 2: yes you will get faster the more you use it. I can read hiragana instanrly but it took me 3 minutes to write the sentence at the top because i havent had enough exercises yet to apply the grammar to do it quickly so it takes some time
  7. Yesterday I bought this book at omaha beach as a souvenir for 75 years d-day. 15.50$
  8. I used to play guitar and piano but thats a long time ago Also had some drum lessons but never actually owned 1 so havent really played it that much.
  9. Can you count them all?



  10. I didnt like Grand blue's comedy at all and based of off the score this is probably an unpopular opinion
  11. When I was 7 I Got locked in an elevator Since it stoppen moving. When I was 6 I wanted to run to my dad and yelled dad and hugged his legs but it turned out to be my friends dad so I ran towards my dad afterwards only to find out that was a dad of my friend from germany after that I was able to find my dad. I once cut my thumb with my keyboard Half a year ago I cut my finger with a shoelace Don't ask me how I Don't know either. I know that 3 of these things were my doing but I wanted to share these stories so that people could laugh at how clumsy I am.
  12. Since their work at studio 1 has been destroyed its probably save to say that some of the upcoming shows / movies are going to get delayed.
  13. The timing for this contest couldnt have been worst but Since the deadline is so far away I might just be able to get a submission in intime These look really nice
  14. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/Humbby&view=list&status=7 Oh well mine is in the signature anyway
  15. I have 2 nekopara shirts but only wear them at home. Though I did see someone wearing an Aot jacket yesterday which is quite rare here Atleast.
  16. Im still sad about what happened and im still following news and tweets. The president of kyoto animation said they are going to destroy the studio and build a monument for the people that have died. Ill send them a message too.
  17. Same as Seshi. Though I did watch the whole show. And it still stands as my number 1 anime.
  18. Original: Kuroko's Basket Kuroko's Casket Edit: I mistranslated the titel; Since Its called Kuroko no Basket I kinda forgot to turn Basket into Basketball
  19. Humbby


    Last 5 days I played 60 hours of football manager but with 2 friends so... how does one call that?
  20. Blue Lock, Ima replace the L with a C, Im not gonna type It though Since It feels weird doing that. Couldnt think of anything else...
  21. Kyoto Animation Is different from other Studios (From What I've heard and read) Kyoto Actually gives them normal contracts, no Unrealistic Deadlines and enough money for a living.
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