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  1. Kyoto Animation Is different from other Studios (From What I've heard and read) Kyoto Actually gives them normal contracts, no Unrealistic Deadlines and enough money for a living.
  2. Soooo, I didnt see this Topic Yet So I made 1. You might have heard or seen It already but Kyoto Animation has been set on fire. Currently 13 dead and 38 Injured, Arson even threw liquid On people, not just the building. I saw this when I just woke up and I couldn't believe It It's an amazing anime studio (Also my favorite) There were 70 people In the building and death count Is steadily rising. Possible Arson has been found. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-49027178 Edit: 33 Confirmed Dead, Arson said Kyoto Ripped him off, Currently 819k $ have been donated
  3. Drawing Tea Cookies Vacation Salary
  4. So I know some of you draw digitally. And I want to pick up a tablet myself. So I was wondering. What are some good cheap tablets less than 100$ Also does it feel very different than drawing on paper and is it easy to get used to quicky?
  5. I agree with your list right now. Though so far Kanata no astra is the best that has aired this season so far imo.
  6. AOT Definitely my AOTY, I don't think anything will be better than AOT S3 P2 this year. But more Importantly.

    AOT Number 1 When?


    It seems S4 has also been announced which will be the final season.

    1. Ohayotaku


      Haven’t seen the season finale yet because I’ve been on a road trip with family. Final season is scheduled for October of next year


  7. So since you want to learn Hiragana I assume you are completely new to the language. I Have Genki and you don't have to buy 1 to learn Japanese. Genki Is just a start and won't even make you an Intermediate at It. What I do to learn languages, this goes for any language, Is to just use It even tho you don' t know any vocab or grammar. I never learned English, I just lived In an English world (PC). People that learn fast usually live In the country that uses that certain language but not everyone can just fly over just to learn a language. so Instead of going to Japan you could use a Japanese keyboard and do the same from the Internet. I'm not good at Japanese myself and I'm still learning but I can give you some tips I guess. This Is how I learned so far. 1. Start learning Hiragana and Katakana, you can learn both of them over the weekend. 2. Start Learning some Kanji I'd recommend this: https://decks.memrise.com/course/141583/2136-joyo-kanji-by-grade/ You don't have to now the Pronunciations yet, that will come with time. Just a small explanation. There are 2 types of Reading, Kunyomi and Onyomi Kunyomi Is the Japanese way of reading Kanji, Example: 山(Mountain) Kunyomi Is "Yama", If I say that everyone will know Its a mountain. Onyomi Is the Chinese way of reading, So In that case 山 would be read as "San", But this Isn't as clear as the Kunyomi reading since San can also mean: Three etc. This Is to make It flow better. There are just to many readings to just remember so thats why I would recommend NOT to learn the readings immediately 3. You can make your own course or just a list for Vocab you want to learn. This way you will also get familiar with pronunciations of Kanji 4. Learning grammar Is up to you, Genki does a good job at teaching basic grammar but apart form that you can learn much more In less time If you were using other methods. I Personally learn grammar by reading and then making the correct version of the sentence In my own language until I don't have to think about It anymore (Like What I did with English) I feel like I talked like I am a Japanese expert even tho I am just a beginner aswell, Most of these Tips are from how I've learned other languages and a the little Japanese knowledge I have myself. EDIT: (IMPORTANT) I recommend this Site, https://ichi.moe/cl/qr/?q=山本&r=htr You can paste any sentences In there and it will show you every single word. Much more convenient then Google Translate.
  8. You Got me there Since I have a fear of flying. But most and biggest accidents happen because of people breaking rules. You will still be able to control the self driving car because otherwise it would be illegal (Atleast from what Ive heard). So even though you will prevent accidents most of them are small.
  9. 1. Okay so my english Isn't the best so I'm not sure If I understand 100% what you mean. I would say messing with DNA Is also bad, tho If we could find a way to change our DNA without dying to cure (I dont know the english word) Illnesses you might have because of your parents then I'd say It's alright. It's just a scary thought that we can already (or nearly) make perfect people. 2. If self driving cars prove to be safer I'm down, but there are a few things that wont be fixed: You always have some Idiots who want to go really fast, break rules etc. Even though your car Is driving for you, you still need to pay attention because they might make mistakes In some cases. But the human brain cant concentrate on that for too long because you aren't doing anything, you cant think a lot either cause you'll lose focus and when something happens you won't be able to react. It's the same as driving the very long straight road In Australia eventually you won't focus anymore because there's almost nothing to focus on. God, I need to improve Vocab, otherwise I will be making very long sentences again.
  10. I'm all up for a Tohsaka-Bot Apart from that I am fully against AI, Just the thought of self driving cars scares me a bit. There will be a time where we will destroy ourselves by doing this. Let's say AI doesn't destroy us and we get very far with this. If everything Is done using robots etc. We would only be doing the things we like cause 95% of the jobs will be occupied by Robots. Then It wont be fun anymore because It will become normal. Life will be boring. (Okay maybe I'm going a bit to far into the future) As long as we know where we should draw the line then I'm down for researching Into AI, Otherwise It might learn things we don't want It to learn, but I don't think we can.
  11. Couldn't control myself, again.....
    But atleast I'm happy with what I got :D


    1. Seshi


      Did you order from the 50% off manga sale MAL was having?

    2. Humbby


      Nope, Mal doesn't sell any of the books I bought.

      Most of the time I buy them from Book depository.

    3. LonelyPoet


      I love your header very moe. 

  12. Boys, for reasons already mentioned. They're written better and girls are most of the Time over dramatic. Though my top 10 characters consists out of 5 boys and 5 girls.
  13. I don't like typing long stories so I'll just keep It short. Very Enjoyable Show, Looking forward to the 2nd Season whenever It may be. 8/10
  14. What I used to do. Football / Soccer Tennis Chess Guitar Piano Now. Anime Gaming Drawing Collecting
  15. Well the must watch series are going to be classics. Even if youre not into the genre you should still try it. Death Note Steins Gate Cowboy Bebop Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Etc. Since I Don't Know which shows you like I cant give you recomendations.
  16. I Don't pre order anything cause of my complete lack of trust in the world. And I never had anything I wanted that much that i had to pre order it.
  17. I watch everything, but if I had to chose I would say School/Slice of Life and Fantasy. Edit: I also like sports.
  18. Welcome to AF! Enjoy your stay
  19. Chino Kafuu from Is the order a rabbit
  20. I always walk to my pc after going to the toilet....
  21. Hmm Supah Hackah Female version looks scary id have to pass Since im a coward
  22. I second that, Should've started my own
  23. >my traditional drawing 1. planning 2. waiting 3. waiting - (i actually do this phase very often) 3.2 break time- now this is what i do, on Pc that is (and im somewhat doing this often now, couse i find this to be fun-ish, playing with my friends) 4. thinking - confused 5. demotivation - i didnt know my Personality could be this awful! 6. end result - I felt like posting something cause I was just about to start a drawing and now I wasted 15 minutes again... I've made some great progress the last couple of days!
  24. Working In the garden suddenly became a lot more fun!


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