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  1. Even though ESC Quality has declined the last years I'm still watching the finals tonight!
    C'mon duncan make us proud :D 


    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      I remember watching those with my parents, but haven't really watched them in years. Maybe I'll tune in for a bit this year.

      I think his performance is quite good, but I don't think he will win. His act is too classy and sophisticated. ESC as far as I remember it/from what I've heard in the last years always wanted something that's more 'poppy' and showy.

    2. Humbby


      Yea but 2 years ago Portugal won and that was basically the same as this but even smaller and very emotional. And he won by a Mile so im not giving up ☺ I will definitely update this if he wins. And I know odds Don't say everything hut we have 45% chance

  2. Attack On Titan S3 Part 2... And O My God Is This Amazing! I Haven't checked out a lot of anime this season but I find It hard to Imagine anything better then this. I Also started with My Hero Academia S3 I'm basically watching the Big Boys right now.
  3. First I didn't think I would participate cause I don't like creating my own stuff but since there's not a rule saying redrawing Isn't allowed I decided I just draw something for fun (I Don't care If I get disqualified for redrawing this pose I just did It for funzies) So I just finished It but I had to rush to be able to complete It In time. Background Is a bit messy, Trees are very simplistic, Coloring Is all over the place, And I drew It on an A3 so I couldn't scan It In so I had to edit It so the color saturation wouldn't go down as much but Its disappointing. To make things worse I didn't have the right Brown so the hair Looks very light on 1 side and very dark on the other side Uraraka from My Hero Academia I'm just happy that I finished It cause I haven't been drawing for some time. This Is an original character
  4. Im using a gaming chair, but never use the back, Its so uncomfortable, I use my Bureau for arm support, Those rails are blocking me for coming to close to my bureau, but If I lower It I can barely see my monitor. Why do I have a gaming chair you might ask? I don't know. And Ive been to the Physio already, but I have no problems with my back which Is good! but surprising.
  5. Okay, how Is this thing called In english. I hate Chairbacks? Is that a thing? If so I Hate Them A Lot, I Need to use them but I've never actually felt comfortable on anything. If not I'd say Chair Handrails cuz I hate them too!
  6. Not doing a lot of intense gaming. Poker with friends and dead by daylight with friends. But nOt long ago I created a New steam account for achievement hunting. Every thing I play there I will go for 100%.
  7. Finished Quanzhi Gaoshou today and it was amazing! Especiallly the ova. 2nd season coming out in july with 24 episodes. Really looking forward to it. Death note Hibike euphonium s1 and 2 Kimi no na wa One punch man s1 Having a hard time picking 5 xd I managed to get an actual answer of what bothers him but it looks hopeless
  8. I havent seen it so I cant help but I managed to get information out of you. Now maybe someone Who has seen it might be able to help you...
  9. Im sorry that im not online 24.7
  10. You are to Vague. Vague comes from the Latin vagus, which means wandering or rambling. Think of a vagabond, someone who wanders around the world with only a vague idea of where he's going. There are a few big, impressive words for vague, including ambiguous, nebulous, and tenebrous. If we want to understand what scene you mean you need to be a little more Specific. Specific also means "detailed and exact." That's the sense of the word that comes into play when a teacher advises you to be as specific as possible. Indeed, specific writing paints a picture. Say your friend Angela lives on a soybean farm in Iowa and takes Claritin for her pollen allergy. That might not be the most interesting fact in the world, but it's a lot more interesting than saying you have a friend who lives in the Midwest and takes medicine for a problem. If the sentence about Angela's pollen allergy is interesting at all, it's because of the specifics. I and probably more people Have no clue what scene bothers you.
  11. Broken, Ajax lost in the last minute of the semi-final of the champions league
  12. I Don't have any anime that I love that other people don't, Maybe Hanebado but Its not like I'm In love with that series. Tho there Is a series that deserves Much more popularity and Its Mo Dao Zu Shi, Its Chinese but Its a great series with a lot of comedy and action In It. I Know reviews don't tell everything but the 4 most popular reviews on mall have all given a 10. So If you haven't seen It I would highly Recommend It. Season 2 Is coming out this summer If I'm correct.
  13. Few Weeks ago I was In Germany. (Also the reason I wasn't on the forums) After I cut myself I decided to take a walk. Just after leaving the camping I got hit by a caravan that escaped from the car when accelerating. I saw life flashing In my eyes like I was unconscious for a second but still managed to jump out of the way, now I know how It feels to be In a deadly situation, It didn't hurt but my arm was Blue. I don't wan't to think about what could have happened If It hit me frontally. The People behind me were more scared then I have ever been In my life. Its special to see people being more concerned about someone else then I am about myself. I Just walked away normally like nothing happened but the people behind me were still In shock. I Felt like I experienced death. This Summer I'm going to Normandy! In France, I'm going to walk a lot there so I'm hoping to get some better luck this time! I'm going 2nd and 3rd week of august. Should be Great! Cant Wait!
  14. Lucky xD, Ye we use the 24hours in the netherlands but when Im talking to people from somewhere else In the world through steam I make those mistakes.
  15. The best thing about standing at a traffic light is making funny faces at people but when you add a Helmet the effect Is nullified No I dont hate them, Yes It could be dangerous but its more about what you do when you're on it.
  16. Ashamed, I mixed pm and am up. My Friend started laughing, I thought I said something funny. I Did
  17. Humbby


    I know this Isnt the point of the thread but I cant even get a single smile on my face watching stand-up Comedians. Tho there is 1 video, no matter how much times I've watched It, I cant stop laughing.
  18. a Pink slimy ball unable to use Its full potential. It has Its own will, remembering something Is only done by repetition, forgetting on the other hand Is nearly Impossible. Though thats not quite right since I remember my mom made a gold crown when I was 3, even tho It only happened once. The Most complex thing ever made Is so complex that even the brain himself doesnt know how to use. Its so quick that no machine will ever be able to beat It. It has more memory then any Computer In the world. We know almost everything about the animal we've discovered. We know when the Universe was born. We know are almost ready to copy ourselves, which Is weird, cause the only think we don't know about. Is ourselves. Our brain doesnt age, even when our heart stops, our brain keeps going. Maybe we can live after we die. But, The Truth Is that we are not capable of knowing the truth about our masterpiece thats Inside. But whenever I go to bed and close my eyes my brain whispers, Eventually the Inevitable will happen and you will not wake up, so make the most of the time you've got. Its sad.... But the only reason I can enjoy what I love Is because this slimy ball Inside me Is capable of things that no other species can do on this world. Its the most awesome thing that exists and the only mystery that will probably never be solved. Answer: Sleeping Is Scary Wait what?
  19. I'm Loving It right now, I've seen 12 episodes and I'm really Into It. so far 9/10
  20. Death Note & Hibike Euphonium S1 and 2
  21. My Hero Academia S2, Yeah..... I'm a little late
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