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  1. I've not thought about it tbh, lol
  2. Which movie are you currently watching? How very odd, I didn't know that Did you know the ocean covers more than 70 per cent of the Earth’s surface?
  3. Today I came across a folder in my cupboard containing only Pikachu cards, there all mint condition, I completely forgot all about them, lmao
  4. It's a tough question, for some reason nothing comes to mind, lmao If you could do one thing later this year, what would it be?
  5. I definitely wouldn't date my dimensional opposite, just the thought of it is creeping me out, lmao.
  6. Tonight I've just started re-watching ShiroBako, it's an anime which gives a deep insight into the whole anime production process, it's quite a knowledge packed anime if anyone's interested in understanding the process of how an anime is made.
  7. Chili flavored pistachios Crisps or Chocolate?
  8. Welcome to the Anime Forums community, @unconfirmed We're a friendly and growing community here and we hope you enjoy your stay with us,
  9. Hallo and no way, I'd never do that, lol Are you watching any anime at the moment?
  10. Japanese Taking part in events or sitting on the side lines.
  11. Oh wow, reading all these classics is bringing back so many memories, it's making me feel old
  12. Pepsi Reading a digital book or holding a physical book?
  13. I completely forgot all about The Road to El Dorado , I remember I use to enjoy watching that ^^
  14. Japanese Drive a car or take a taxi?
  15. Welcome to the Anime Forums community, @Blue Dragon We're a friendly community and hope you enjoy your stay with us,
  16. Getting a shower Walking or Driving
  17. Cats Sing in private or sing in public
  18. Cupcakes Getting chased by a bird trying to pinch your food or chase the bird that pinched your food
  19. I've never thought about that before, so I wouldn't know lol Do you think toasted marshmallows taste good?
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