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  1. Any game developers here? I've been thinking of making an XCOM-like for the past few weeks. I've been working on sprites the last few days, and I'm hoping to move onto the game functionality soon. I'm thinking about starting a new blog here on AF just to log my notes about the development cycle.

    If there are other game devs here, what has your experience been like? 

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  2. To be honest, I liked No Game No Life: Zero way more than the anime series. When I first watched No Game No Life, I was pretty excited for a second season, but after watching Zero, I'm fine with what the series has offered.

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  3. I'm a month late, but I finally finished it. These characters are amazingly fun to watch, and I had a lot of fun finally seeing these awesome abilities and personalities come to life.

    I'll give the show an 8/10. Like Ohiotaku said earlier, it's lightweight in comparison to Fate/Zero or Fate/stay night. My biggest complaint about the show is that it doesn't spend enough time on the serious moments, making it constantly feel like it's in happy mode.

    Now for some fanboy moments.


    I was spoiled that the mysterious old man was First Hassan, the Grand Assassin, but I was still HYPED to see him. DOKODA BEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM

    (Sad I didn't roll First Hassan, though.)

    Holy shit, it's Archer Gilgamesh. He fucking did the Enuma Eilish. This is probably the only time I've ever seen a humble Archer Gilgamesh.


    RIP Enkidu. I'm still not exactly sure what Kingu is, but RIP.


    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED watching the sync between Lord Camelot and Garden of Avalon. Still sad I don't have Merlin, but that's fine; I have all three variations of Gilgamesh.


    Quetzacoatl was fun to watch, but she definitely overshadowed Jaguar Man. Interestingly enough, I rolled an Ozymandias last week, who is head to head with Quetzacoatl for the best Rider position. Achilles is still best Rider in my heart, though. I think Ozymandias is in Camelot, so we'll see him there in the upcoming movie.


    I'm still not a fan of Rin, but Ereshkigal and Ishtar made me like her a little bit more. Maybe it's the Stockholm Syndrome. I didn't get to see Ereshkigal's Noble Phantasm, but Ishtar's was pretty cool.


    I don't have much to say about Ana and Gorgon. While the animation for the Gorgon sisters was phenomenal, I don't know what else to say for the actual Ana character. She's cute, that's about it.


    One thing I also noticed was that there were some projection-like (?) Noble Phantasms. Unlike Emiya Shirou's projections which seem to be pure replicas, the projections in Babylonia were translucent, like glass. This was pretty cool for Thermopylae Enomotia and Lord Camelot, but I'm still not actually sure what Thermopylae Enomotia actually DOES. Same goes for Benkei and Ushiwakamaru's Noble Phantasms.

    Even with my hype, I'd say this show is pretty bad for Fate newcomers. If you're new to Fate and don't know where to start, please read the original Fate/stay night visual novel. This show also doesn't make a lot of sense if you've skipped over all of the previous singularities, so you may have to read them or play the Fate/Grand Order mobile game.

  4. Watched episode 3 yesterday. Yeah, the pacing is definitely off, but I can't put my finger on it. I'm still enjoying it, though.

    On 10/19/2019 at 11:31 AM, BurnsyCEO said:

    I said they are not animating the whole game just the last arc and if you haven't played it you won't get the story.

    To be fair, that's just Fate in a nutshell. If you haven't read the legend of King Arthur, you won't get the full story of Saber. If you haven't read the legends of Cu Chulainn, Diarmuid, etc.

    But you don't really need to read those to enjoy Fate for what it is. Fate/stay night did place some relevance on those stories, but it was never really about them. Like I mentioned in the OP, Fate/stay night was about criticizing naive idealism and selflessness, and you didn't miss much from not being an expert of Arthurian legend.

    (This isn't even mentioning the fact that Fate/stay night is meant to be read first, but takes place AFTER Fate/Zero and The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II and mentions events from those series.)

    Similarly, this entry of Fate doesn't really rely too heavily upon the past arcs. If you've seen First Order, then you get the gist of Fate/Grand Order. But if you feel like you'd be missing out on too much, then hey, you don't have to watch it. Personally, I like mysterious shows anyways, but everyone has their flavors.

  5. 21 hours ago, The History Kid said:

    Again, it's an issue of what constitutes a company as being "private" and "public."  We know what that means economically, but where is the line that is drawn that a company stops being private and enters as a public forum.  Such a description has not previously been defined.

    This raises a really good point about private vs public company responsibilities. Reddit, for instance, bans a lot of subreddits of things like anti-women and anti-black sentiment. (Not agreeing or disagreeing, only stating the facts) I also play quite a few online video games, and I know that certain people being banned is absolutely in the right.

    I'm here to play video games. If I'm watching a Hearthstone stream, I expect gameplay of Hearthstone. Blizzard admonishing players for derailing gameplay to push their political agenda doesn't sound wrong. However, Blizzard does allow - hell, even support - LGBT pride at their public games though, especially at their Overwatch events.

    On a closely-related note, Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey had a similar sentiment, saying "Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong." Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fetitta denounced this, saying that Morey's statement does not speak for the Houston Rockets. The difference is, Morey didn't interject this at an event; he tweeted it from his personal Twitter.

    It's a sticky situation for sure. I'm 100% in favor of free speech, but I also understand the sentiment that you don't want to detract from the service you're providing. At what point should companies be taking action? Even though Morey tweeted this statement from a personal perspective and Fetitta denounced it, NBA merchandise had taken down from all China markets. From an financial standpoint, it doesn't take a genius to think:

    5 hours ago, Illusion of Terra said:

    On the one side, generally, I think you should keep politics out of sports, videogames etc.. You hear about politics almost everywhere nowadays, so it would be great if there are areas that don't include it.

    But personally, I cannot disagree with this anymore than I already do. (Sorry Terra, nothing against you.) There is quite literally thousands of beautiful masterpieces created in media that are enhanced because of the political themes associated with them.

    • Metal Gear Solid is a beautiful series built upon the foundation of "Nukes are bad".
    • Bioshock has various themes such as "Unchecked genetic enhancements can lead to catastrophic events". 
    • Fallout also has various themes, critiquing capitalism, communism, imperialism, etc.
    • Joker (2019) criticizes a broken system of mental health, government aid, and wealthy elites.

    The idea that all politics should stay out of media is just... no. Not only is it impossible; it will surely lead to us having worse media as a whole. The other choice is to silence political agendas you don't agree with, which... also no.

    We need to allow all ideas to be spoken, then keep refuting them as they're brought up again. If you can't refute an idea you don't agree with, then you need to rethink about why you believe in your ideas.

    If Blizzard and NBA want to say they're not related to these statements, that's fine. They might not want to associate their brand with certain topics. (Look how that turned out...) But silencing people on their own free time? Man, that's tough.

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  6. xPJenLm.png

    I caught up to the two episodes of Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia. This is the seventh singularity of Fate/Grand Order, and is considered to be pretty good by the people who've played it. I wouldn't know though, I'm still on Okeanos.

    If you don't know anything about Fate/Grand Order or Fate in general, here's a blurb for you.


    The Fate series was original a visual novel by Type-Moon in the form of Fate/stay night. This had three routes depending upon the psychology of Shirou and what girl he would romance: Fate (Saber), Unlimited Blade Works (Rin), and Heaven's Feel (Sakura). Overall, the visual novel has heavy themes of idealism, reality, and selflessness of an individual. It's a huge time sink, and it's heavily debated how to watch the series if you don't want to read the visual novel.

    Fate/Grand Order is a mobile game spin-off of Fate/stay night that focuses more on historical figures and interactions rather than themes of the individual. The story is pretty up-and-down, but I've been enjoying it overall so far. In the first main story of Fate/Grand Order there is: Singularity F, the Seven Singularities, and the Final Singularity. Babylonia is the last of the Seven Singularities, so you're going to be missing out on 6 of the chapters. Nothing too important has happened so far, but you do lose some build up.

    It seems like the only thing you need to watch before Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia is Fate/Grand Order: First Order. There's some fan-pandering to the original Fate/stay night fans, but you don't need to watch Fate/stay night to understand Fate/Grand Order. First Order is an hour long movie of Singularity F.

    There's also Fate/Grand Order: Moonlight/Lostroom, but that's actually way AFTER Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia, so don't touch that.

    TOO LONG; DIDN'T READ: Watch First Order, then watch Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia.

    So far, I'm liking this anime. I honestly can't tell if I like the pacing or not, but the animations scenes so far have been top-notch. It seems like studios other than Ufotable are finally able to handle the Fate series (CloverWorks). 


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  7. @Ohiotaku Midterms are finally over for me, so hopefully I can catch up with you sometime... soon. I definitely plan on watching the rest of Case Files, that's for sure.

    Sorry you didn't like it as much as Fate/Zero! I knew it was going to be something different since I got a lighthearted feel to it compared to the always-serious Fate/Zero. I hope you still got something out of it, though.

    This show has finished airing though, so we might have to take it down from the "Currently Airing Anime" section. Is there a way to do this on our own or do we need a mod?

    @Seshi @The History Kid

    Let's see who makes it here first.

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  8. @Wedgy There should be an achievement book, but I find most of the achievements to be more tedious than fun. Both Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft should also have The End, where you can defeat the Ender Dragon and see the title sequence. A lot of people agree that the Wither is harder, though.

    Some intermediate goals that I like to have are:

    • Build a base with a bed, crafting table, and furnace (wool can be made from string)
    • Secure the area around the base (with lighting from torches)
    • Have a steady source of food (fishing rods are a life-saver)
    • Find some diamonds (at least five)
    • Find a group of villagers (hmmm)
    • Have a pet of some sort (cats are cute and scare off creepers)
    • Exploring Desert and Water monuments

    Some other big goals are:

    • Exploring the Nether
    • Building a mob-grinder
    • Automatic farms
    • Enchantment rooms

    I personally have the most fun with redstone, but I think the most important part of Minecraft is the creativity. Like, finding a way to solve a problem using redstone or building a mansion based around a theme, but you're definitely right in the "setting your own goals" part. You can change your difficulty anytime, too. (Except for Hardcore, I believe.)

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