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  1. Yeah, MAL has its share of problems. I've swapped over to anilist, which seems to be fine for me, but I have no idea if it'll be any good for your website.
  2. Good luck, friend! Not everything is easy, but with your determination, I'm sure it'll all be worth it.
  3. TL;DR I like Saitama more than Midoriya, and the themes of One Punch Man appeal to me more than My Hero Academia's. Also, hype culture is bad for any media. I will try to make this blog post spoiler-free, so no worries about that. However, I can't guarantee anything I source will be spoiler-free, so discretion is still advised. This blog entry was inspired from @Seshi and me talking on the Introduce Forums, found here. I tried to condense a lot of what I was thinking there, so hopefully it sounds more fluid here. Just to note, I'm going to call One Punch Man "OPM" and My Hero
  4. I agree with you, 3 and 4 is probably too harsh for it. I'll probably reconsider those scores when I watch/read more of My Hero Academia, but when I was watching them, I couldn't enjoy it because of how much everyone was hyping it up. As for Deku's power unravelling, I also agree. Watching someone get stronger in new ways is always fun in any series, like in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. However, it's not something that particularly appeals to me. I prefer the mysterious side, (as you mentioned) like in Fate, where the characters are powerful, but the viewer has to figure out exactly how pow
  5. Thanks for the replies, everyone! It's nice to meet you all too. I'm still not too sure how to blog, though. How do I make one and post? Let me preface this by saying I've only seen the first two seasons of My Hero Academia, none of the manga or movies. But, I have seen the anime, manga, and webcomic of One Punch Man, so I'm going to have a deeper understanding of One Punch Man than My Hero Academia. A huge factor on whether or not I enjoy an anime is the interactions between the characters and universe against the main character. Personally, I couldn't handle Deku's personality,
  6. Oh, another thing to mention is that my favorite anime of all time are Land of the Lustrous, the Monogatari series, and the Fate series. If you have any suggestions or would like to talk about why you like/dislike anime, I'm all ears!
  7. I lurk on a lot of websites, but hopefully I can become a regular on AF. I'm pretty new to forums, posting, writing, blogging, etc., so anything helps. I'm not really sure how blogging works on this website, but I'm interested in it, so if someone could let me know how it works, that'd be great! I have a list of anime, but honestly, I read way more than I watch. Looking at my list now, I have no idea how I even find these things.... Anyways, my anilist is https://anilist.co/user/Densten/animelist/. I'm probably gonna get a lot of flak for rating something like Tsuki ga Kirei or Boku
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