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  1. I liked and enjoyed Castlevania, Knights of Sidonia, K-On!, The Seven Deadly Sins, Your Lie in April, Violet Evergarden, Clannad, Vampire Knight, God Eater, Haikyuu!!, Carole & Tuesday, Death Note, Levius, AJIN: Demi-Human, Cannon Busters, B: The Beginning, Magi, Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood. Some of them have upcoming seasons but the seasons that are out now have completed episodes, if you don't mind that. AJIN: Demi-Human is pretty underrated but I personally found it entertaining with a great concept and amazing action scenes. Some people don't like the animation but it was a minor thing for me and I didn't think it hindered anything too important. Levius has a bit of the same animation style but again, I thought it was fun and it did a lot of things the manga was lacking. Right now, my Netflix go-to anime is Haikyuu!! It's currently awaiting season 3 (probably until Fall) but this show has some great comedy, easy to get pumped to, unpredictable story direction, myriad of interesting characters and is highly entertaining.
  2. As a wise friend once said: Do you know that your main is utter trash? Yessss, but.
  3. Was babysitting my nephew. Long story short, I think my toe might be fractured.
  4. "yes I am aware that you can you instagram on your computer as well" I did not know this! Must re-evaluate my own lack of awareness in technology. No wonder people think I'm strange. THANK YOU, I love e-mailing. Once we had to use some outdated file-sharing app that became problematic when it reached upload limitations. Eventually, we just pushed everything over to Excel and e-mailed the sheets. I think e-mail is also a good way to get to know people you'll be working or communicating with, on a more intimate level. In college, we had this weird communication process on their website. Where our instructors would post bulletins about class work- etc. Pressing that we checked it daily for updates, downloadable material and emergency notes (instructors not being able to make class, room change due to construction and such). The major problem was that it was always under maintenance or crashing and it redirected you into confusing subcategories that were never specific enough for proper utilization. We had "Send Homework Here" and "Send Homework Here When Finished" tabs. Then we could never communicate with other students when the site was down and when it was up, it worked like a live-chat on your cellphone. The whole thing was hectic. Teachers started using e-mail because of the issues and it was much easier. Ayy, you're so bad! I think people would catch on really quickly if I did that. Sometimes I feel like I'm socially missing out and sometimes it looks like a lot of extra stress. What do you think, A.L.? Are you glad that you don't use it or no?
  5. This is true. It keeps a lot of peace to nod your head and agree on advice when it's offered, then just never take it when it's of little aid to you personally. I can see how it would be more difficult when you're in a situation you can't easily avoid. Really glad that you understand your family's perspective of it being out of love for you. Sometimes people take it for granted. Also happy to hear the resolve with your mother. Not only were you able to open up and discuss what you were dealing with but she trusted you in the end. Even though it started out a certain way, now she knows you were dealing with something unpleasant. I sort of learned the hard way with something similar. I kept certain things from my mother. Then she got ill and was recently diagnosed with M.S. and I've been taking care of her. There's no point in additional worries on her plate. It's a good thing I have a sis to bugger but it would be better not to have to hide my anxieties from my mother. Now that she's living with me. Ah- I'm gonna ramble on! Ultimately, I just don't really appreciate people with more experience in a particular thing, belittling others that are pretty fresh to it. Always wishing you the best with your family. I like this because it rings true on so much and extends across various situations. I actually love working under experience. A couple of years ago, I was working as an apprentice under a craftsman in instrument repair. I worked with a team of four in Brass and they were an excellent bunch! Had a lot of respect for them doing things traditionally. It was almost like blacksmithing. Now that I think about it, these guys had a lot of passion for their work. They were eager to share their knowledge and I found each of their unorthodox methods helpful in developing an idea for my own. It was an environment that certainly welcomed new ideas if they ended up helping an individual get work done professionally. It was a good experience. I gather craftsmen are used to the idea that their trade is one developed through experience. They might tolerate newcomers for the extra work but they generally understand that artisans are made by leading an example. Sad that they ended up moving shop from my area but I hear they're flourishing more than ever! "We should open a psychoanalysis thread or something" I don't have the talent for this and I would lose all credibility of not being a complete dolt.
  6. For the longest time I let someone convince me that the advice they were giving me was going to benefit me in some way. In reality, this person kept me in a negative place. With the feelings of being too dense or not good enough. When all he had over me was a couple of more years worth of experience. I looked up to him at the time because I thought he had some wisdom that I just couldn't grasp. Thinking back, there were a few people I communicated with that completely treated lack of experience as a lack of sense or mental ability. Maybe it's an ego thing or maybe they authentically don't see what they were doing. It can make situations difficult and confusing. Especially when their instructions start to become a full-on beatdown of pure degradation in the guise of guidance. While raising any objection is further labeled as a personal weakness or intolerance. It also gets kind of annoying when older people instigate things or become a bit of an antagonizer towards you. Then try to justify any response by giving you a lesson on being the bigger person (AKA- telling you to shut up, move along with the abuse and never question any type of missing professionalism). Yikes! Lastly, my own shyness annoys me. It's not often and I'm not entirely sure why I have anxiety-filled episodes but when I do it effects a lot of things. Mainly my own body—stress and general exhaustion.
  7. Same. My anxiety level is 99999999999shdsygrhjg! Hope your trip to the Big Apple went good.
  8. There are times I feel like the odd one out on a serious level. I've never actually joined any social media and for the most part of growing up, I hardly ever even touched a computer. I experimented with MySpace for maybe a week or so. Later it was Twitter but that lasted a month and a few weeks. The only thing I use now, besides this forum, is YouTube. However, I just upload stuff and leave for weeks at a time. Took a class that lasted a year and everyone was communicating through some kind of app or something but I never joined it. It was very noticeable that I was out of the social sort of loop with most of them. Which felt like the equivalence of being the kid no one wants to sit with during lunch. Joke was on them when they were caught using the app to gossip through.
  9. I've been playing the violin for over sixteen years. I picked it up during some hard times and just took off with it I suppose. Then I got a cheap guitar and messed around with it for about five years now. I also write dumb songs and used to sing covers on YouTube but now I just play for myself because I got tired. So you're the Hendrix of the triangle. The B.B. King of the ding. I've heard all the stories and it's a damn good pleasure to meet ya.
  10. IIVIsouljam

    IIVIsouljam's Art

    Just some of my art junk.
  11. My brother gave me a nice Ukiyo-E kimono pattern mini journal and I already ruined it.


  12. You have transcended into a place and time where pain no longer has a scale and doctors are truly baffled.
  13. Good-night/morning all! Hope you had a restful sleep or are getting comfy for bed. How are we feeling this morning? Ready to tackle the day? If you're getting ready to sleep⁠—what are some of your favorite ways to unwind? Best of luck today, always wishing you good wellness practices! 💜 😴 

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    2. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      'vacation'? I do not know that word

      How come you have that kind of anxiety? Is it because of something specific or more like a general unspecific anxiety?

    3. IIVIsouljam


      @Illusion of Terra 

      Aww, I seldom hear the word myself but you really sound like you deserve one. I think you're the nicest, most informative person I've ever met on the net. Hoping the universe repays you in some restful way. 😁

      It's a combination of things I think. My upbringing wasn't a very pleasant one. On top of that, I suffered years with a "mysterious illness". It was later discovered my family doctor was changing our insurance with countless tests and revisits by keeping me sick for nine years. By then it had already caused a rift between my family and myself, who were convinced by the doctor that my illness was everything from exaggerated allergies, drug use at school (never in my life!) and lastly, mental illness. Felt like being in a horror movie where no one believes you that some incredibly sinister things are going on. It was so sad and embarrassing but I had a serious panic attack at school and was taken to the hospital. At the hospital, I didn't want to go back home and it kind of put everything into motion. I started doing school work at home because my condition got worse. Went down to 89 lbs, slept for sixteen hours out of twenty-four. My mother finally started to see that it wasn't just depression. My new doctor was concerned that I might develop thembrosis at any given moment. My active lifestyle was completely taken from me. Turns out I had severe hypothyroidism that worsened without proper treatment. Got my life back, became very active and strong again, over a few years on med adjustments. Sadly, since my thyroid is underactive, I developed clinical depression and over the years it turned into anxiety. I can go a long time without episodes but sometimes, it will hit me for weeks. I saw a psychiatrist that got me on the right path of management. What a mess, huh? 😝

    4. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      I think it will take at least half a year until I get a new job and a new apartment. Once settled in, I hope things will improve, so let's see 😂 Also, I don't take praise well 😂 

      Interesting story. Great to see that you can communicate it openly. Unfortunately, I think most people will go through a crises which is often related to or leads to some mental baggage at least once in their life. At least it seems that way to me, the older I get and the more I hear about others. But, what seems a bit different in your case is that you seem to have quite a clear take on what happened and can explain it. This does not make things that happened themselves better, but generally I think it helps process stuff when you can explain the process.
      The thing with the doctor really surprised me. To think that someone who is supposed to heal people would see them simply as a money source and act accordingly is quite appalling. Someone in my family also has hypothyroidism which went undiagnosed for decades. Hope you have access to the right sort of medication for it, since in many countries those are not available.

      Generally, it sounds to me like things are looking up for you! Hope they keep improving!

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