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  1. IIVIsouljam


    I loooove Gabriel Iglesias! Also, Monty Python and most of them weren't exactly comedians but the Dean Martin Roast is still hilarious.
  2. IIVIsouljam


    I write a lot of fan fiction. I love to write but it's more of a casual hobby and something to have creative fun with. Actually, doing so keeps a lot of stress off and I love to have a type of canvas to go to and reflect on feelings, emotions and philosophy-- etc. I'm on Wattpad but took a long hiatus. When I joined I didn't think anyone was going to actually read or like my stuff and several stories in people were asking when new chapters were coming out. My inbox got swamped and I got a little overwhelmed. I'm juggling an Ajin, Bloodborne, Joker (comic), Devil May Cry fic. Almost finished with both Ajin and Bloodborne. I'm currently doing a lot of major research on the Sengoku period and inserting it into my new fic about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I'll write about almost everything. Anime, games, television. Although, I think my favourite material to work with comes from video games. I've gotten some self-insert requests from readers so I finally caved and I'm working on a Welcome to the Ballroom romance. It will primarily center around Masami Kugimiya x Reader. I'll see how that goes!
  3. IIVIsouljam

    IIVIsouljam's Art

    Just some of my art junk.
  4. Lots of anime tend to have that vacation/beach episode. Where there's that super shy character that doesn't want to be seen in a bathing suit. You just know that awkward trip the main character is going to have, where they land on some girls chest. Or, they accidentally catch a peek of their crush and get a bloody nose. There's always that one girl everyone points out for having bigger boobs than the others. I like when they turn these cliches into something unexpectedly hilarious. Like in Outlaw Star, where a gust of wind blew up the swimsuit skirt of a bird woman and Gene peeked without looking at her face first. She started flirting with him. My favourite cliche would be that the nerdy character always wears glasses or is so intelligent, they know things instantaneously/had a feeling at some point in the plot. "Of course, I suspected as much. Three episodes ago, I gathered plotline insight." I actually don't find this a terrible cliche because sometimes it gives villains a lot more depth. If a super brain is hot on their trail, it can give certain villains a measure of respect for outwitting them. The villain might even alter the framework of a carefully constructed situation into their own and surprise everyone. So, regardless of the hero inevitably prevailing, a good villain will make a great and lasting impression! The mom hair! I love it!
  5. I tend to repeat things that I need to do. Like an internal checklist. Otherwise, it's numbers. Adding things up. Sometimes, it's lines and passages from books. Although, in my head I make the characters have accents similar to where they're from. There's literally a weird Shakespearean stage play going on in there. I hope it's never really written on my face!
  6. Final Fantasy X for sure! The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human, God of War (2018). That's all I can remember right now.
  7. Feeling pretty good today. Did an hour of workout and ran a 5k. Just got done watering my tomatoes, they're coming along nicely. Read a little bit of William Blake at the lake, just catching a breath. Getting ready to make dinner now.
  8. Yeah, I'm with you on that. You never know, things can have a surprising outcome but at least you'll be able to find out if it's going to be something you're interested in or not.
  9. II–Ⅴ–I is a common chord progression in Jazz, which is the genre of music I like to play. souljam is just because I get invested in creating music and I'm such a stoic person by nature that I put everything I'm feeling into that music instead.
  10. @Ohiotaku Sarazanmai does look really interesting. I remember seeing an ad for it, definitely going to need some backup, don't watch alone! That's so funny! This chicks bum is literally under the hood, ha-ha.
  11. I can't wait to get a hold of Dark Horse Comics' deluxe edition! I wonder how the larger print size looks? I hope Berserk gets to have a finale. I mean, it's unique to grow up along something that hasn't ended yet. You always have a new addition to look forward to and keep an eye out for. Just wonder if Miura is tired of doing Berserk? Berserk is one of the manga series I try to keep up with! It's probably my favourite manga ever.
  12. @Ohiotaku That's hilarious! It started out funny, then it got super intense and then I died at the end there. I need to watch this now. Thank you for sharing!
  13. IIVIsouljam

    Gaming chat

    I wish that in Black Ops 3, the Campaign didn't have a female player character if it wasn't going to acknowledge her. I'd rather just play as a male, no biggie. Spoilers ahead for peeps that haven't played: In all honesty, I'll play as a male or female. I'm not picky! It's just that if you have a female character selection for Campaign mode, it would make sense to alter the dialogue some. I feel like, in this case, there should have been a male-only selection. The entire story builds up to reveal who you are at the end. Which is a male character. Being female is completely irrelevant in this mode, and it ends up feeling like the writers were a tad lazy about it. I haven't played 4 yet but someday! Lately, I've been playing Skies of Arcadia for the Dreamcast. Someone told me the Gamecube version is different. Makes me want to get it and compare!
  14. Looks like no one in the Guild I joined on Injustice 2 has been on in weeks. I've been soloing the whole Multiverse. On the upside, I really want to see Ryan Choi in a movie or television show now.
  15. When I mention Argento Soma people are like, Argento what now? I think someone even called it a Neon Genesis Evangelion rip off. Ouch! Yugo The Negotiator was another anime no one seemed to have either liked or heard of. I thought it was interesting. Then I told a friend about Kemonozume, she researched it and was like, nah. Looks weird.

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