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  1. As a bookworm, I gotta say that that is pretty snazzy.
  2. Samurai 7 because it's amazing stuff!
  3. Nanashi and Luo-Lang from Sword of the Stranger, for sure! Levi against the Female Titan from Shingeki no Kyojin. Satō vs. anyone in Ajin. Guts vs. 100 soldiers in Berserk. Spike vs. Vincent in Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. (I'll probably add more later! )
  4. IIVIsouljam

    Violet Evergarden

    At first glance, Violet Evergarden seems like an anime muddling between themes and uncertain about its course of direction. It's easy to get sidetracked by the extraordinary visual work of Kyoto Animation. Their salaried employees prove that the extra leeway yields great quality and indeed, Violet Evergarden is stunning! Touching on emotional conveyances with detail in anatomy and atmosphere. It almost eclipses the bizarre account of a weaponized fourteen year old, running rampant alongside hardened soldiers with a military career older than our titular protagonist. There's something very detached about the element of intimacy surrounding Violet's journey early on. The entire premise appears based on a confession of romantic advancement from a character with a questionable age gap. Which often betrays the tone of self-discovery and identity—when your central character isn't even old enough to comprehend this perspective tossed at her . Unfortunately, this anime uses its adolescent star to scrutinize exploitative evils, while never fully allowing her to contrast them with simple naivety of youth. Her character felt confined to narrative directives and trapped between two separate shows entirely. However, as the story progresses, there's an insight of experiencing empathy in such a unique medium. What feels like conflicting projects that are out of place from one another, begin to unfold as Violet's integration into society. Her struggles to view life as a cohesive, familiar routine. There's also variety in its subject matter. Where "I love you" relies on the context of its meaning. From lovers, to family or friends. Violet's lack of closure over the phrase didn't seem so superficial anymore. Perhaps their spoken conditions were even misunderstood? In this, the anime is more ambiguous than other related material. Allowing fresh assessments that aren't simply a means to an end for any hopeless romantics out there. Seriously, you guys are worth more than x loves y by any means necessary! In fact, the origins of the Auto Memories Doll service is an impressive examination of hardships and beautifully motivated achievements. I found myself thrust into this system of recognizing real, problematic issues that weren't painted on for an entertaining exhibition. For a character that everyone assumes is tone-deaf to feelings, swells in anxiety as our lead Doll discovers the reality and priority of contentment from unnecessary wants. Violet Evergarden attaches people and places to its former soldier of the Leidenschaftlich army. Noting that everyone and anyone not only has a story to tell but also the myriad of ways others can relate to them. Whether by familiarity or the compassion to share an understanding. What I love about this show is that it teaches how sympathy, consideration and humanity aren't lost or excluded from anyone. Nor learning/re-learning the means of articulation as such an alien, uncommon process. Each character had some form of inner obstacle that required meditation or receptiveness to advice. This anime is definitely more than sophisticated artistry. There's history in its lore and social comparability. This show doesn't need to be knee-deep in nonsensical self-importance to actually have substance in its simplicity of human nature. I love that.
  5. @EnviousEnvy Hope your mental health lets up a bit. Getting along in Knighthood, think I might be addicted. Once I set my PS4 back up I'll probably play some DMC5 since I miss it already. My console has been giving me issues though. Putting itself in Rest Mode randomly. Turning itself off and on in the middle of the night. A few days ago, I couldn't even browse the settings without it going into Rest Mode. Real bummer.
  6. I'm an avid comic reader/collector myself. I'd love to finish some Spider-Man books because they're one of my favorites. I've been reading some X-Men and collecting a few Rogue and Gambit arcs. Really miss the animated series, might actually go watch it again. Are the Kick-Ass comics any good? Super interested in the artwork! I think I'll finally try and make time for The Umbrella Academy. Seems interesting enough. No problem! Yeah, not too long ago I contemplated growing out of anime because it didn't seem to catch my interest anymore. Turns out that it wasn't actually the genre but that I got restless and didn't want to sit through the episodes. Anything in particular that got you interested in anime again?
  7. Despite the rain we had for several days, today was warm and bright. Not too long ago, I discovered my great-great-great-grandfather's land. His name was Mauricio S. and his land had been fought over by family for oil and mineral royalties. The drive to Atascosa was an inviting one. Long roads of country with the sun on my skin. Thanks to the Summer showers, the wild flowers bloomed in vibrant seas along the wayside. Long purples and feathergrass swayed in the breeze—their unity gave the illusion of waves, lapping at the blacktop. Horses raced, steer fed on the shimmering plains and antelope bounded over the highland. First came Poteet. Small city. Seventeen years ago I went to the Strawberry Festival and it reminded me of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk in some ways. All kinds of people and styles, from every corner of the world. Sad that we're currently suffering through the pandemic or I would have checked in to see how much had changed. Enjoying the quiet on the outskirts of Jourdanton. Farmland eventually turned industrial. There were smokestacks and piled slabs of concrete from the Atlas Energy Co. operations. Oil field pumps bobbed against the horizon. Nina Unit was my first destination, apparently Mauricio owned a lot of land. Everything was silent apart from the clattering pumps, tuneful cicadas and the gravel under my shoes. The sunshine was wonderful and revitalizing, the smell of untamed green sailed on the gentle wind. It was a shame that the golden Monarchs had iron posts to rest upon—forewarning poisonous gas, CAUTION: MUSTER AREA, DO NOT ENTER. I couldn't imagine what it all must have looked liked when Mauricio was here. Surely more peaceful. I plucked a flower from the earth, native to the harsh landscape. Thorny and lavender. Out of all the Sunflowers, Gaillardia Pulchella and Milkweed. Prairie Thistle ended up in my hand with a light prick of the thumb. Not far was the second piece of land. Which was only found after an error had been corrected. A year ago, the road leading to it was simply gravel and there was no sign indicating where you were from the main. Now, off FM 140, was recent asphalt. Signs of development and skeletal copper in collective motion. Then back on the old gravel route—into scorpion territory. It was here, Skeeter Unit, that I realized the company's persistence. Strange to see these machines and tanks, fading under heat. Even with the pandemic, it hasn't eased their thirst. All I could do was contemplate on what used to be and if one day I'd be able to walk on the soil my family once bled to upkeep. What a coincidence that I had first seen this land on a road trip when I was eleven or twelve years old. Looked on it fondly from across the street, at the massive field of sunflowers there. Guess we're always meant to cross paths with the past in some form. Speaking of family, there's a burger place in Poteet called Roxy's Burgers. It's owned by my second cousin and his girlfriend. Will need to stop by one day! As for Mauricio, a Moorish descendant with Aztec blood, the mystery resides in how he came into so much property. From Texas to California! ( WILL EDIT WITH THE PHOTOS I TOOK A.S.A.P. )
  8. Easy-peasy, Samurai Champloo for me.
  9. YouTube: We're here for the youngins, so watch your language ya sinner. 


    Also, also YouTube: >>Ad thumbnail of whipped cream covered tiddies.<< LONELY? SINGLES HERE.


  10. Wanted to catch up on One Piece but then I saw how many episodes the show has and dabbed the sweat from my brow. Been putting No Game No Life off for a bit now too. Still not sure about Beastars. Doesn't look like my kind of thing but people keep telling me it's not what I'm expecting it to be.
  11. IIVIsouljam

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    Ha, love it!

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