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  1. Just saw Klaus, which is some of the best animation I've seen in quite a bit. It's a fun movie with a lot of heart, definitely recommend it!
  2. Played a bit of Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories before packing it away (I swear, it feels like I've been in the process of moving for a whole year now).
  3. I saw this trailer for Lupin III: The First a few months ago, wonder if it's going to be any good? So far it's TBA in my area but it looks really fun. Gotta say, Jigen be lookin' delicious (fictional childhood crush intensifies).
  4. I'd definitely like to see a reboot of Gungrave that follows the video game series. It would be cool if they could remake Bartender (though I feel like I'm the only one that's actually seen that anime ).
  5. Texhnolyze is sooo good! I've always been in love with Yoshitoshi's work in this anime. The story is very emotional and unique.
  6. Pretty much everything that has been discussed here. I actually used to like fan service when it was indeed placed strategically and added some comedy. Now it's just lazy and I guess it's been accepted by consumers to some degree, in order for them to keep using the same formula. So many boob face-plants or accidentally stumbling onto someone while they're getting dressed.
  7. Death Note: Certainly brings back memories. I remember being obsessed with the anime for a time and got all of the manga and the books and handguide to better immerse myself in the story and characters. Honestly, the first half of Death Note was the best. The second half felt rushed and disorganized. I felt like I was missing a huge chunk of the plot, was hastily introduced to characters without much of their development and Near felt a little like he was wearing some significant plot armor at times. He definitely made L appear obsolete to the point where I was thinking, why didn't they just send Near to begin with? I wouldn't say that Death Note is in my top ten but the first half was edge-of-your-seat worthy and addictive! Attack on Titan: I wanted to love this show for its powerful animation and action scenes. I can't even imagine all the time, energy and effort in creating them frame by frame. Impressive and stunning! That being said, I somehow lost interest after the first season and didn't seem to care much when news came out that season two was in the works. Maybe when the series has ended I'll binge it and discover that I missed out. Sword Art Online: I've actually never seen this anime. I saw the trailer and it never caught my attention. Its quick rise in popularity, across various communities managed to push me further away from it. I honestly don't know why. Maybe my best friend's obsession with it (I'm not even kidding when I say obsession) turned my stomach a bit and left a taste I ended up associating with SAO. Fullmetal Alchemist: There's a lot of debate on FMA vs. Brotherhood but I ended up surrendering my vote to FMA. I had a lot of fun with it and found it more convincingly emotional than Brotherhood. Plus, the nostalgia! When Brotherhood came along I felt a bit cheated. It was literally saying THAT WASN'T EVEN MY FINAL FORM and what I largely knew about FMA was a sweet, sweet half-truth. It took me out of moments that never even happened or were arranged differently within the storyline of the proper source material. I tried but I can't bring myself to erase what I enjoyed about FMA. One Punch Man: Not much to say aside from enjoying it to the fullest. Wouldn't put it in my top ten but amazing show nonetheless. Tokyo Ghoul: I keep trying to watch this show all the way through. I make it a few episodes in and get sidetracked by other things/shows. I don't even know what the deal is because I massively love the first few episodes! Steins Gate: This is on my list to watch very soon, actually. No Game No Life: One day I will give it a shot but right now I'm not that invested in it. Naruto: All things considering, I liked this show and when I revisited it at a later age, there was a lot to appreciate. Mainly that the production stuck to their guns, finished a lengthy series that grew alongside their audience and closed where it all began. I can't think of a lot of many anime that span across years of development and remember where their story and characters started. I was in middle school when it first came about and to hear that some of my old school pals lived along this anime and had families of their own, is a crazy realization! Angel Beats!: Also on my list to watch next. Gah, there are so many shows!
  8. Sometimes I wish they would try to remake a lot these movies/shows in the same format as Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children instead of live-action. Especially when they're going to hyperfocus on CGI and a ton of visuals anyway. I personally look at it this way. If it fails it fails but they could actually make something great as well. It's a gamble for sure. I ended up liking Alita: Battle Angel in the end. Might not have been perfect but that kind of progress and exposure will help pave the way for anime hitting Hollywood eventually.
  9. Putting Naruto aside for now to finish watching Haikyu!! I forgot how absolutely adorable this anime was.
  10. A super funny and underrated anime I end up returning to a lot is Cromartie High School. Besides the humor, I absolutely love how self-aware the show is.
  11. I've been wanting to watch this show for so long. What a great way to be reminded to finally do so!
  12. IIVIsouljam

    coffee or tea

    Avid tea drinker! I've gotten to the point where I dry my own herbs. Although, I only drink hot tea. I drink coffee too but not as much as tea. Recently I've been hitting the coffee a lot more, just trying to get some energy. Making a cup right as I came across this. Spooky!
  13. IIVIsouljam

    IIVIsouljam's Art

    Just some of my art junk.
  14. Got a new watercolor palette since the one I normally use finally went kaput on me. Also got a portable watercolor palette kit from MIYA. Managed to use it today during lunch and I absolutely love it!
  15. Battling my addiction to Sekiro yet again. Somewhat off and on Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac mobile game too but I haven't touched in two months.

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