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    Anime inspired: Seis Manos.
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  1. Well, great. I've been trying to rest but this is my fourth day being incredibly sick. My doctor won't see me until the 26th. He's instructed me to self-quarantine for the time being. Even then I need to pass some sort of examination outdoors before it can be determined if I can proceed to see him. Hoping I don't have the flu. I haven't had the flu since I was a kid. Office tells me it might be a wait to get results in, even if I do get seen soon. Love that they basically told me to buckle up and cross my fingers. 😆

    I meant to get back to replies but I'm just not feeling too great. 😭 I'll probably be out for a few days/weeks. Worried about my friend in Italy. Haven't heard back from her... Stay safe out there!

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    2. Anime loveer

      Anime loveer

      Achoo :) 

    3. Nyxnine


      Sharing is caring? jk, feel better soon!!! 

      I hope you hear back from your friend too :(

    4. RuthisianCodex


      Get well soon! 

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