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  1. Why did I not see this until now. Okay, this forum is the ultimate forum. I am home now.
  2. It must have happened during the move. Felt like playing Ocarina of Time too. Guess I'll have to look into ordering a new one from ebay and cross my fingers that it still works.
  3. Alexandr Misko , for inspiration and enjoyment. As far as acoustic guitars go. Bernadette Banner , she's a wonderful source if you're interested in recreating historical clothing, enjoy the work process or simply watch for fun. Bernadette's personality is absolutely entertaining! Bobby Duke Arts , creates a lot of artistic projects with the mentality of a mad scientist. Very inspirational fella! The humor found here keeps me coming back. Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ , I like following some of his baking instructions and recipes. Jono Dry , is a massive reason why I'm still on YouTube. His skillset in pencil drawings and hyper realistic pieces are astonishing. The channel is also very informative on a range of techniques, tools, canvases, habits and mental affiliations—such as staying focused and managing better health practices. Here's one of his videos if you're curious. I think his channel can help a lot of people, even in general creativity. Here is some coverage on tools and tips that some might find useful. And advice for those struggling with easy distraction, focus issues or ADHD.
  4. Space Harrier II and Power Stone. Might play a bit of Dark Cloud later. My N64 ended up breaking....
  5. This VR experience of The Starry Night takes my breath away. You can use your mouse on PC to look around the scene but I prefer using a cell.
  6. Sounds interesting. I've been seeing a lot of specialists from various occupational backgrounds give their opinions on the disease but they're usually website sections and periodicals. I was wondering what the historical process of events like this was like. Professionally, that it. Especially after coming across a documented timeline of the 1918 flu pandemic. The archival must be a network of collaborating experts! It's interesting to read how the Earth is reacting to less human activity as well. Supposedly extending to the reappearance of wildlife and plant life. Wish you well on the summary if your workplace decides on one.
  7. That sounds horrible, I'm terribly sorry you had to deal with all of that. Most of what I've been reading during this crisis are indeed hesitations due to financial concerns. It's best to go to the hospital based on this type of severity of any health concerns in the future. They have a lot of programs and medical aids out there that can help your family pay for bills. I mean, you probably don't need to read some random person spouting but when I read this I was anxiously worried about your health. Good to read that you're doing better now but wow, what a trip! Wish more industries focused on getting necessities out to smaller communities. The States have made things difficult for farming trade these last couple of years. I want to believe that this situation will yield better oversight in their regional effectiveness. Sending your farming populace all the best! They are truly the backbone of essential product. I'm glad that your sister is helping out, she's got a wonderful heart. Stay connected and strong. Personally found that the best part of suffering and recovering, is venting it all out of the system. People making you laugh or sending their wishes is a good comfort. It's such a human thing to express one's phases of dying. Great that you're finding things to do though. I'm worried about one of my friends. I think he's melded to the sofa now. Told him to pick up a hobby but without work he's been reading the back of cereal boxes- eeh. You're really making me want to play Stardew Valley though. Sounds like an adventure only a true fandom-er can appreciate. When I first played Skyrim, I couldn't divorce the guy I married when I was testing out the whole marriage process. Ended up murdering him and his body just kept spawning back in my house. Pretty awkward when my new husband just stepped over his corpse to get to the kitchen table for a seat. Chuckling because you're probably reading this like- what's this crazy person talking about? Thanks for a trip down gaming memory lane, nonetheless. Honestly, I like the resourceful nature of your bot. I just imagined that you went into quarantine and came out Tony Stark. There's an origin story here, I know it! With all seriousness, as someone that doesn't have the physical experience for coding and programming; this is very impressive to me. I've actually been gardening as well—though I lost some sunflowers in a recent fire. I'm planning on planting pumpkins this year. Currently trying to grow parsley and mint since I lost some during the move into a new home. I'm making an area for tomatoes and getting permission to plant an apple tree on the property. We have a strict rule about planting so far from oak trees here. Sounds delicious! What an amazing crop. Actually, my uncle commented that if a pandemic doesn't bring anyone together than he doesn't know what will. You guys might be onto something with sharing your productivity. For one thing, I feel like planting more. Hmm, the efficiency is catching! How about naming your bot by anagram or abbreviation compiled from its functions? Good luck with everything, and thanks for sharing. Wish I could do more than hope that you stay healthy but we're always here for you if you need a pick-me-up! Stay safe out there.
  8. I completely forgot about the nacho cheese! I blame being distracted by all the types of Tostitos. Hope you enjoy yourself here. There's a lot of topics to rummage through. Staff is top quality—very helpful, informative and engaging. Everyone here is generally nice and communicative.
  9. Welcome to the forum! Ask away. From what I've seen, there are a lot of individuals here that have an interest in classic anime.
  10. Hi, Ren! What kind of anime and games do you like?
  11. You know, in hindsight, I think being alone really helped me to fortify myself. As much as I mentally needed someone, I think that having them communicate their worries would have put my stomach in knots of anxiety. Thank you for the concern, it warms my soul. It's funny, I've never considered what type of person I would be under predicaments such as this. It just all kind of happened naturally. Now that you mention it, I think a lot of people would surprise themselves when it came down to it. Aww, thanks! The thought alone is such an illustration on what a wonderful heart you have. It makes me happy to come across people that care a great deal. Although, I'd probably decline any help from anyone to keep them safe. Just until I was 100% sure of what I was sick with. Yeah, what I gathered from this experience is that this particular hospital was less organized than I thought they would have been. Not sure if it's like that everywhere in my area or what. I did not know what to expect but I definitely didn't expect them to reach so far with the whole fever thing. Thank you so very much. I'm feeling way better within these last couple of days! Stay safe and healthy on your end! Thanks for reminding me! I was planning on sharing a little about my pets when I saw a Pet topic on the forum. Always best wishes!
  12. I hereby dub thee Terra, of the Round Table Roll. I would truly mention to have followed you into the blackest pits of uncertainty but my luck has been a bit unusual. You probably don't need that looming. All I could think about was Monty Python. "Tis but a flesh wound!" Maybe Young Frankenstein? "It could be worse-" I needed this laugh! Many thanks.
  13. Chibi Venom symbiote 🤣

    1. IIVIsouljam


      It's adorable! I couldn't help it. 🤣

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