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  1. Just a doodle of a very curious cat. Charcoal pencil.
  2. IIVIsouljam

    IIVIsouljam's Art

    Just some of my art junk.
  3. Hope you are all having a wonderful day/night. What an interesting topic, I love the idea behind it! That second picture is my grandmother.
  4. I've been wanting to see this! Definitely going to binge when I can. Love that Konomi Suzuki is attached to the show and I'm a sucker for musicals anyway but the art looks gorgeous. Generally looks like a fun time.
  5. If you have ever found yourself looking for hidden gems in anime, chances are you've seen Sword of the Stranger listed there? Perhaps not. This particular anime is about twelve years old now and revisiting it yesterday, I still cannot believe how well this masterpiece has aged. If it has at all. So, here's the rundown: A swordsman from a strange land is caught in a struggle between morality, righteousness, and devotion as he reluctantly agrees to take a raggedy boy and his dog to a remote, Buddhist temple. Sword of the Stranger is a 2007 Japanese anime film directed by Masahiro Andō and produced by the animation studio Bones. Screenplay by Fumihiko Takayama, music by Naoki Satō and outstanding cinematography by Yohei Miyahara. The language of this film is Japanese and Mandarin. The English-dub released in 2009. Personally prefer the Japanese/Mandarin dub but you can't go wrong with either. The first thing I noticed about this anime, was the incredible background art by Atsushi Morikawa (most famously noted for Cowboy Bebop: The Movie). Atsushi Morikawa has an incredible eye for detail but I've always been ecstatic seeing his colors and their contrasts. "I try to make good use of lines. I render the exterior and a certain amount of the detail with lines, and then color it in. I color these lines differently depending on things like time of day, season, whether it's an indoor or outdoor scene. Whatever's appropriate, and try to make it so that each location has a different feeling. Outdoor scenes in winter might have a lot of dark blues, or I might use brown for an indoor scene." - Atsushi Morikawa I also appreciate the historical research he does to translate the era/environment he'll be working on. In this case, The Sengoku period. The anime itself continues to be refreshing in it's fluidity, raw action and complementing musical scores that distinguish from the typical Samurai motif. Perhaps the most interesting and unique undertone of this film surrounds the idea and concept of foreigners; belittled and ostracized for their physical differences. In a land that prides itself on sophistication and civility, both our protagonist and antagonist face a share of discrimination for hailing from other lands. With Luo-Lang from the Western world, often criticized for his blond hair and blue eyes. Nanashi, the Ronin- The irony is that both Luo-Lang and Nanashi have greater respect and sense of integrity that their surrounding parties/affiliations do not. It was a nice dynamic coming from the outlook of the reputable feudal scenes in anime. To truly immerse yourself in the phenomenal fight sequences, you simply need to watch the movie. I highly recommend it and hope you like it just as much! Spoiler warning on the video!! It's the last scene of the movie but arguably the greatest artistically choreographed sword fight of the time. It does reveal the ending entirely, so avoid if you're interested in seeing the movie. If there's anyone out there that's already seen it, I've primarily posted it for you. So we can remember that this movie is about twelve years old now! Also, not a spoiler; you're free to listen! My favorite track from the ost. Ah, the good memories. If you ever get around to this movie or have seen it already, what are your thoughts on it?
  6. Recently, I met an old friend that I hadn't talked to in months. While catching up, we got around to discussing art styles with a little historical venturing into Ukiyo-e and eventually Japanese anime. Somehow, we landed the discussion on Cowboy Bebop and she asked who my favorite characters were. I named Shin and Julia first and she gave an exaggerated why!? Then the conversation just trailed because we both had places to be. If I could jot it down I thought this would be the perfect place for doing that? I don't remember Cowboy Bebop quite like I used to anymore. The last time I revisited the series was a few years ago. However, Shin and Julia have always stuck with me as great characters with hardly any background or development. Years ago, I was heavily interested in Julia's seemingly indeterminate character. Perhaps it was for the better that Julia stayed an enigma? I just couldn't help but feel that Spike's past, in the context of the Bebop storytelling, was a tad contradictory. I started to feel detached from his character. For someone that notably mentions the relevance of their past and present coexisting, all I truly got a feel for was the present clashing with an unknown void too vague to be important to anyone but Spike. Cowboy Bebop was great at developing the Bebop crew. At certain times, I thought it was genius that two pronounced characters were left in Spike's notorious past. Vicious and Julia. Revisiting the narrative of Spike Spiegel in a new perspective sort of made him less likeable in my opinion. While Spike was self-absorbed in a blither of random philosophies and melancholy fallacies from the misunderstandings of his past. After finally discovering what Julia was up to, I almost couldn't grasp how nonchalant and indolent Spike had become in his own self-pity. Instead of following Spike's adventures in rediscovering his meaning and place in life. I was more interested in Shin. At the center of Syndicate diplomacy, navigating around Vicious' uprising; all while maintaining his duties. This also makes Spike x Faye so unsatisfying for me. Mainly because Spike and Julia never had any resolve and Julia clearly had immense love for him that she was never allowed to fully convey. Cowboy Bebop is one anime I greatly love, ponder over and still manage to feel an immensely empty resolution of.
  7. Both. It depends but I lean more on dubs because I like to soak in the artistry of the anime and sometimes, it can get difficult to read fast dialogue. Especially between multiple people, whilst taking in the visuals. That and sometimes some critical narratives get lost in translation and become somewhat confusing. I'll never get over a lot of classic dubs though. Devilman for example. It's so hilarious that watching it any other way would be absolutely taboo. I do appreciate the extra information you can get from subs. Like quick explanations and historical facts to some terminology in discussion. Like, monetization or slang used during the Ming Dynasty, etc.
  8. I need to finish that show as well! It's visually beautiful and I have no idea why I got so distracted from it. Sorry about your medical troubles, hope a solution can be found that will benefit you more. Yesterday I saw Sturgill Simpson's Sound & Fury and thought it was pretty interesting. It led me to look up Sword of the Stranger because it had been ages since I've seen it and wow. This movie is still one of the greatest animated films of all time. Well, I mean, in my opinion but still!
  9. I really want to engage more and get to know more people. It's difficult when things pull you offline every 15 minutes! 😭 I have so many topics I want to start, things I want to discuss and art to share. Yet, I'm still working on introducing myself. 🥺 

    1. Ohiotaku


      Yeah, it’s a really great community. Glad I found it 😁

    2. LonelyPoet




    3. IIVIsouljam


      @Ohiotaku: Completely agree! It's so creative and friendly, super informative and a wonderful source of engagement that feels like home. Can't believe that I didn't find it sooner. 😁


      @LonelyPoet: I love your username, and hello; how are you? Pretty good I hope? Thanks for the gif, it's such a revitalizing mood. 😊

  10. I'm personally sort of stoic and some of my friends thought it was unhealthy to keep my feelings bottled up. However, in a lot of ways, keeping things to myself was the best lesson for me. I figured them out on my own, without any outside influences or manipulation there to tell me what I should have felt/be feeling. Emotions and feelings are such natural mentors. There's a lot you can learn about yourself and in-turn help others with the necessary confidence. They also give us some of the best experiences in life, which are great tools to utilize and grow from. Just be sure to keep your head and not be whisked off at certain times! It's a good idea to find a balance and not overwhelm yourself with different emotional roles. You should seldom change your personality on sentiment impulses. Unless you might have a condition that can't really be helped or that there's little mental consequence.
  11. Definitely, this guy has no regard or respect for anyone in the neighborhood. I feel sorry for the people that live right next door to him. He would hit their trash can with his car, knocking it over while they were at work or block it from getting picked up altogether. During the Fall he likes to rake his leaves and toss them to the people across the street from him. Sometimes he's drunk and plays music from his truck loudly, well into 2 or 3 in the morning. Recently, he got a motorcycle and started revving it up late in the evening and all he does is take it around the block. Now he's been letting his dogs loose and if they're not digging holes they're chasing little critters around. I hope no one is letting their pets out because these dogs will surely attack it and it's absolutely frustrating to deal with because it seems amusing to him. At this point, I feel the same about sensing some red flags. I just thought he was an inconsiderate person but seeing and hearing him laugh at what happened was petty and sick. The police have been called on him before in the past. I'll be moving sometime next year but it's a shame the neighbors will still have to put up with it. Wishing them all the best with that one!
  12. I've already been test baking the things I'm going to make on Halloween. That purple monster oozing jam is something I made with my little cousin. This month is going to be really busy. I'm doing a Halloween VIP thing for SeaWorld this weekend. Apparently, there's five different haunted house events I'll be going through and a vampire bar (which sounds pretty interesting). Next weekend, I'm doing a Fright Night event at Six Flags. After that, I'm doing a Murder Mystery Haunted Train ride. It sounds fun. I'll have no idea who the actors are among my group and we get a three course meal. We also get to stop at some historical places where various murders supposedly happened. Naturally, I'm going to be too exhausted to do anything major on Halloween day itself. Last year I made my own costume (Krampus inspired). This year I'm dressing as Robin from Stranger Things for the simplicity.
  13. Abel definitely reminds me of a mix between the two! Especially Vash. Nice comparison, now I want to watch Trigun after!
  14. I'm not sure how or why but here ya go!
  15. Waaay too many. Doug, Gargoyles, Hey Arnold!, Thundercats, The Powerpuff Girls, Darkwing Duck, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pepper Ann, Spider-Man, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond- so many more. Though, my favorites were: The Adventures of Tintin, Freakazoid!, Johnny Bravo and the X-Men cartoons. Nostalgia!!

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