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  1. Just started the third Poldark book titled: Jeremy Poldark. This series pulls no punches and I'm loving it.
  2. I don't use it but sometimes I like to watch the Chinese jewelry compilations that get reuploaded to YouTube. They are amazing.
  3. IIVIsouljam

    IIVIsouljam's Art

    Just some of my art junk.
  4. Feeling pretty great, actually. Spent Valentine's Day doing yardwork and having a good laugh when my neighbor came over to help me take a dead tree down. He's an elderly guy and I haven't really seen him smile. Yet we traded a chainsaw between us because that sucker was heavy! Also, trees are very formidable opponents. With his creaky back and my noodle arms we were able to pull it off. Been inspired a great deal. Pushing out quite a bit of paintings, projects and poetry. I think this website plays a role in that. It's nice to have some place to jot down your thoughts and reflect on them with other people. It's different. I don't really share so much offline and tend to go with the moment. Here I can get cozy. I'm also not much of an internet person, so I don't really have loads of experience in being part of a community like this. It's a good change! Right now I'm just doing a bit of animation work and creating a new art space after the move. Going to paint something on the walls but I'm also doing metal work for new light sconces. Not sure what the theme is yet but I'm sure I'll get there.
  5. @Seshi I agree, I'm glad that her design wasn't something formulaic to being an unnerving character. Love her creation and direction. I think it's a good example of making a character effectively creepy without blatancy. Finished season/part two and I definitely found it more interesting than the first. While Pyotr's song Love Yourself, along with his carefree energy, gave me the feels. This time around, it was Desmond and the feel-good was doubled! One of my favorite things about the second half of the series: Aside from the beautiful and tedious rotoscoping process⁠—I'm always grateful for the musical, lyrical, and dance assembly Watanabe can get heavily involved with. He has such a wide scope of genres and cultural statements. Ezekiel's songs are my favorite this time around. I'm still not sure about the political influence in this second half of the anime. On one hand, it fits the genre. Artists, celebrities and popular influencers are the most vocal about political issues because their platforms generally allow them to be. They're also the most targeted for their freedom of articulation because of that. Reminds me of John Lennon's public affairs having such an impact on the times. However, on the other, I'm kind of spent on all the social and political material being woven into various things lately. Personally, it made the series' ending a bit flat for me. It was no longer about Carole and Tuesday's journey, nor about the various artists we were introduced to. It's a shame that more focus was placed on presidential candidacy and government scandal. Rather than the development of characters that were pivotal to the initial storytelling. I wanted to learn more about Gus' past. What's Roddy's story? Let's get more invested in his abilities as a sound technician, something! What was it like for Crystal starting out? What exactly were her struggles and ties with other artists? If Joshua was heavily influential, why not flesh him out? I think it was a missed opportunity to explore his anxiety and substance abuse as a means to medicate. My biggest disappointment was any background extension of Tao. There were so many things they could have done with him. With so little known about Tao, it was a real bummer when it was decided that he should be suppressed further away from any personal unfolding. That said, I truly like how they kept him appealing with a dimensionally simplistic personality. More importantly, how they never compromised him with a commonplace change of heart, so frequently out of place for character's of his type. Tao stuck with his rational and often aloof behavior to the end because it's part of that character. With the topic of change explored several times in the show, it's nice to have a bit of divergence in Tao. At this moment I haven’t looked into the possibility of a season/part three. I'm not sure if I currently like the idea or not. I would have to think it over! It would be great to delve into certain characters and resolve things that feel unfinished. At the same time, a lot can be left up to the imagination. A principle Watanabe formula. Regardless, I like the show for what it is.
  6. That's hilarious! I've run into this same situation taking screenshots on my cell. Last time I captured a soup recipe and thought my cellphone had froze on the website for a good few minutes. Then I realized the time in the corner was off and ta-duh! It's only a matter of time before I do it again.
  7. Finally got around to binge the first season. I'm a huge fan of the music genre in anime or music being a significant theme in anime. Like Cowboy Bebop, Kids on the Slope, Samurai Champloo, and even a tad bit of ClassicaLoid. First season was a lot of fun and I'm hooked on these vocals and lyrics! It was absolutely breathtaking seeing GGK's character design flourish on stage with those color schemes. Her vocal artist, Madison McFerrin, hit me like a soothing enigma. So much respect for studio Bones, designing dance choreography with live references. That must have been painstaking! I like the arrangements of each song. Um, aside from that wild performance by Mermaid Sisters. Which was a shame because it would have been wonderful to see a serious A capella performance. Personally, as far as characters go, I thought Pyotr was gonna have me rolling eyes a ton but he turned out sort of adorable. The framework for his dance animations were stunning! I nearly rolled out of my chair instead. It was easy to forget he was a little annoying. Cybelle creeps me waaaay out. Hopefully that's the last time she comes around but I haven't seen S2 yet. I'm actually intrigued by Tao, hopefully there's more backstory on him to come. My only real disappointment is how subtle the Oldies are mentioned. Even though there are prominent song titles in each episode label. Treating the mains as a clueless pair to the Classic greats is such a cliché on youth. "Who are the Beatles?" "Never heard of them." "Never heard of Mötorhead." Apparently not far enough into the future for classics to be unheard of but ironically far enough for a couple of youngins.
  8. Currently waiting for Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather. I actually haven't seen Yaoi or shōnen-ai since Gravitation and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.
  9. That's so terrifying! Very glad that you were okay. A couple of years ago my mother was in a bad accident and it took a while for her to get through it both mentally and physically. Now I just cringe whenever I see or hear about one because they happen so fast and effect so much. Hope that the roads haven't been too bad for you this morning!
  10. Stay safe out there! Just this December past, I saw someone's car do a 360 onto the shoulder from a bit of sleet.
  11. IIVIsouljam


    I have the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Personally love it but I can't really compare it to another company because I haven't had an iPhone in years. I run a lot of business things on it and Samsung has never let me down thus far. However, I do not like Bixby and experiencing Siri's capabilities through a family member makes me wish that Bixby was half the assistant Siri is.
  12. I don't really know anyone here all that well to tag someone specific, so I wrote this for anyone who comes across it. A day at a time Growing wild as thyme Is this embodiment of earthy design Where a flower may bloom from the vine And a fox may find rest in her shade Before the morning come the wade Through rivers glittering of the sun Splashing, clashing in pools overrun Look as it swells the grey stones smooth Along the banks where songbirds soothe To a rush of the leaping gale Where the Spring is yet early and frail It is here that the clouds sail above Surely painting messages of love Translation: Love begins to take the form of an early Spring-time scene. With thyme symbolizing courage, and that courage (to love someone) building overtime. The flower blooming from the vine represents femininity and the fox represents a more masculine counterpart. As they join the rest of the beautiful landscape in harmony. Surely painting messages of love, is an exemplification of that linger swoon or daydream. That "head in the clouds" feeling. Hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's!
  13. Vampire Hunter D is beyond amazing. Especially Bloodlust. D, the Hunter is definitely on my top 10 fav characters. 😁 Good taste! 

  14. I thought I was done obsessing over Juicy by Doja Cat but alas. I had an errand out of town and probably ended up frightening some country folk out on the winding road. I'll spare the video because it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea () but have some Strawhatz because they just uploaded a new video and I rather like their fancy footwork.

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