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  1. That's hilarious! I've run into this same situation taking screenshots on my cell. Last time I captured a soup recipe and thought my cellphone had froze on the website for a good few minutes. Then I realized the time in the corner was off and ta-duh! It's only a matter of time before I do it again.
  2. Finally got around to binge the first season. I'm a huge fan of the music genre in anime or music being a significant theme in anime. Like Cowboy Bebop, Kids on the Slope, Samurai Champloo, and even a tad bit of ClassicaLoid. First season was a lot of fun and I'm hooked on these vocals and lyrics! It was absolutely breathtaking seeing GGK's character design flourish on stage with those color schemes. Her vocal artist, Madison McFerrin, hit me like a soothing enigma. So much respect for studio Bones, designing dance choreography with live references. That must have been painstaking! I like the arrangements of each song. Um, aside from that wild performance by Mermaid Sisters. Which was a shame because it would have been wonderful to see a serious A capella performance. Personally, as far as characters go, I thought Pyotr was gonna have me rolling eyes a ton but he turned out sort of adorable. The framework for his dance animations were stunning! I nearly rolled out of my chair instead. It was easy to forget he was a little annoying. Cybelle creeps me waaaay out. Hopefully that's the last time she comes around but I haven't seen S2 yet. I'm actually intrigued by Tao, hopefully there's more backstory on him to come. My only real disappointment is how subtle the Oldies are mentioned. Even though there are prominent song titles in each episode label. Treating the mains as a clueless pair to the Classic greats is such a cliché on youth. "Who are the Beatles?" "Never heard of them." "Never heard of Mötorhead." Apparently not far enough into the future for classics to be unheard of but ironically far enough for a couple of youngins.
  3. Currently waiting for Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather. I actually haven't seen Yaoi or shōnen-ai since Gravitation and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.
  4. That's so terrifying! Very glad that you were okay. A couple of years ago my mother was in a bad accident and it took a while for her to get through it both mentally and physically. Now I just cringe whenever I see or hear about one because they happen so fast and effect so much. Hope that the roads haven't been too bad for you this morning!
  5. Stay safe out there! Just this December past, I saw someone's car do a 360 onto the shoulder from a bit of sleet.
  6. IIVIsouljam


    I have the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Personally love it but I can't really compare it to another company because I haven't had an iPhone in years. I run a lot of business things on it and Samsung has never let me down thus far. However, I do not like Bixby and experiencing Siri's capabilities through a family member makes me wish that Bixby was half the assistant Siri is.
  7. I don't really know anyone here all that well to tag someone specific, so I wrote this for anyone who comes across it. A day at a time Growing wild as thyme Is this embodiment of earthy design Where a flower may bloom from the vine And a fox may find rest in her shade Before the morning come the wade Through rivers glittering of the sun Splashing, clashing in pools overrun Look as it swells the grey stones smooth Along the banks where songbirds soothe To a rush of the leaping gale Where the Spring is yet early and frail It is here that the clouds sail above Surely painting messages of love Translation: Love begins to take the form of an early Spring-time scene. With thyme symbolizing courage, and that courage (to love someone) building overtime. The flower blooming from the vine represents femininity and the fox represents a more masculine counterpart. As they join the rest of the beautiful landscape in harmony. Surely painting messages of love, is an exemplification of that linger swoon or daydream. That "head in the clouds" feeling. Hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's!
  8. IIVIsouljam

    IIVIsouljam's Art

    Just some of my art junk.
  9. IIVIsouljam


    From the album: IIVIsouljam's Art

    I was coming home from an errand out of town and had to pull over on the side of the road because it started raining too hard. Then I just decided to use my travel paints for some costume work I'm designing. Really love this mini palette! Paints: Watercolors by MIYA Brush: Master's Touch (Round) #2 brush.
  10. Vampire Hunter D is beyond amazing. Especially Bloodlust. D, the Hunter is definitely on my top 10 fav characters. 😁 Good taste! 

  11. I thought I was done obsessing over Juicy by Doja Cat but alas. I had an errand out of town and probably ended up frightening some country folk out on the winding road. I'll spare the video because it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea () but have some Strawhatz because they just uploaded a new video and I rather like their fancy footwork.
  12. It's pretty bipolar. Just within one week it's been cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon, cold in the evening. Rainy in the morning, sweltering in the afternoon and night or cold in the morning, rainy and hot all day. Twice, I woke up in a sweat because I had the heater on during the cold nights and woke up to a super hot morning. I think my weather is drunk. I've been keeping extra clothes in a backpack just in case the temperature changes throughout the day.
  13. At this point, I would be okay with either a remake or reboot of Outlaw Star. It could have been the Space Dandy of its time if they gave it more attention. I would like a remake of Big O. This show gave me the chills with its noir-style storytelling and visual direction, mysterious characters and backgrounds, and eerie musical scores that intensified a scene. The Batman of anime but with an unfortunate and rushed finale.
  14. Berserk—I'm just crossing my fingers that one day it will have a satisfying ending because I need closure! Devilman Crybaby. That whole thing with Nia in Gurren Lagann. ONIONS. The movie: Akira. I just want to know how many people survived the aftermath and how life continued after the events. Sword of the Stranger. I mean, the ending is ambiguous but it definitely leans toward a more unfortunate outcome. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. The Garden of Words. Only Yesterday. Colorful, in which I bawled my eyes out on two accounts.
  15. The storm brewing outside of the mall was relaxing. Silver clouds beaming with a backdrop of lightning, each flash silent to the chattering food court. I loved the way that the rain pelted away at its large, endless windows. There is a corner I always slip away to during lunch, across the street from where I worked. It's where I often get a head start on material that needed to be brought back home and looked over. It made me sad that this old mall was actually dying and less people come here every day. Around the usual time, a lone man would open up a coffee shop next to where I sat. It's an odd place decorated with a mix of posters from James Dean to the Shape of Water and various anime sorts (must send you a picture sometime, it's quite something to look at). Alternative Rock, videogame, and anime music scores often coil about and slither from the shelf above his head. That day, Lonely in Gorgeous by Tommy February 6 was playing and stayed with me to the end of my shift. I decided to sit the gloomy weekend out and re-examine Paradise Kiss with a bit of lingering deliberation. It had such a positive impact on my teenage youth. I would have disliked to have found out that pure nostalgia was the reason behind my regard towards it in current times. The show certainly had aged but not necessarily in a bad way. As suspected, there was a hint of nostalgia but that didn't impede on any fresh assessments. In fact, I almost forgot that this show was something my friends and I were inspired by at some point and I ended up enjoying it more for that. Paradise Kiss is a manga series written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa. I had first heard about Ai Yazawa after doing some research into various art styles. Neighborhood Story left a fundamental impression on me from the start. With its creative illustrations that pushed the boundaries of fashionable capacity at the time. It was designed in more realistic tones than other work with similar aesthetics. Especially those in the Magical Girl genres and subgenres. What stood out was how the artwork was able to apply itself whimsically but also complement the central focus in storytelling. That even a visual, upbeat concept like fashion and the general delve into creative vocation had the complexities of failure and struggle. I recall all the pomp and frivolous trails of romantic sentimentalities and even the conventional daily prospect of life. However, it's recently that I find Yukari Hayasaka (A.K.A Caroline) such an endearing character that my youth had misjudged as whiny and unpleasant. In hindsight, she's actually quite believable and somewhat relatable. Putting aside the tropes of a romantic genre, how often did shows venture into the stages of relationships— with thought provoking mediums and real life consequences? Yukari is young and still finding herself but it doesn't just stop as an abstraction and concluded through vague symbolism or metaphorical principles. She faces real world decision making and their effects. As the show progresses we see Yukari struggling with school work, exploring an interest that presents her with opportunity and work ethics. Of course, this collides with her youth. School, class peers; the contrast of a normal upbringing with that of early pursuits and callings. The decisions that she makes feel absolutely present. On one hand, she neglects school to focus on life-experiences that help her grow as a person. This offers her a rare advantage into something she notably has aptitude in. An aptitude she couldn't have discovered without the encounter with the ParaKiss club. Here, her first impressions are stereotypical and misjudging. She spends much of her life as a model student that's focused on study and academic achievement to even be bothered by a group that prioritizes creative interest. Once she establishes the determination and passion they have for their work, she begins to develop in personality and open-mindedness. Eventually, she finds acceptance and understanding and it's this very affirmation in the storytelling that moved me when I was younger. When the company and routine you've always kept can no longer inspire you in life, you grow and gravitate toward something new. There's nothing wrong with looking outside your circle or being curious about doing so. Even when it's uncomfortable at first because change is massive and important and frightening. Which is what I ended up appreciating about this show. In a strange way, Paradise Kiss felt like a long absent companion. Each character journeys through their own revelations and identities within the club. Where Yukari finds faults and uncertainty in the path she's been taking. Ultimately choosing education to have something to fall back on, as a process that works for her. In opposition of Jōji Koizumi (A.K.A George), where the process of branching out is in full certainty and clarity. It also sets the audience up to find more familiarity between Yukari's inexperience in life or George's exposure to it at an early age. Personally, I found this duality of perspectives an uncommon and fruitful one that I hadn't seen since Whisper of the Heart. I ended up enjoying the evolution of their feelings, flourishing into a mutual respect for one another. So much so, that they took a vital step in the direction of their goals and in educational necessity. The anime also illustrated all the bases of it's primary lesson, so that one could find connection with one or multiple characters. You have Yukari looking for purpose and self-discovery, George that's already well versed in life and introspection and knows what he wants from his future. Miwako, learning to separate herself from her sister's shadow and growing into her own independent character. Miwako's development does a wonderful job of creating an atmosphere of positive shortcomings. She recognizes that she indeed has talent but next to her sister, it's a talent that currently had limitations. In resolve, she's okay with this because she understands her abilities need growth. Arashi, coming to the awareness that his secondary passion was more promising than the current one he had placed all of his confidence and time in. Grasping where his strengths and weaknesses were as a person. As well as tackling communication issues and trust with some of the people in his life. Isabella is by far the most compelling of the party without being preachy or utilized as an intermediary. Isabella is a transgender woman and this information is reserved until it was necessary to bring to the forefront of the story. Giving the character a dignity best articulated in confidence and in a positive form of handling. Isabella isn't the subject of sexual tropes and her femininity is never set to a quip. Additionally, she turns out to be the inspiration for our talented haute couture designer. I love this group of quirky individuals! A more satisfying Breakfast Club, with tons of social architecture and emotional spheres from fleeting dreams to effective realities. There was a time in my life when everything was an adventure of unearthing. Lapping at my heels with a cool sensation and it's true; diving makes the water deep. Paradise Kiss reminds me of the silly and artless, gutsy and bold, cringe and stubborn, challenging and placid, easy and difficult times as a young adult. Ai Yazawa herself, with her interesting artwork, guided some of my old friends and myself into bursts of imaginative brainstorming. The same way fashion enthusiasts come across gratifying magazines, we came across her work and more! When the show had concluded I got a sense of fulfilment for a second time. A reminder that the very chapters in our story that once helped us find our footing, sometimes need a bit of dusting off. This anime will always have a special place in my heart and a special place in a black French-bob with teal tips; age sixteen. Is there an anime that takes you back? Did it have an impact on you or left any sort of everlasting impression? Let me know!
  16. Anyone gonna read the new Death Note one-shot? It's free over at VIZ. Hoping to start it during lunch later on.


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      @madeyalook Let me know what you think about it? I took to reading it a few times to soak more in and I keep finding new and interesting things to appreciate! ✌️

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      Is it just me or is new rule trash? I can't take shinigami serious and not a joke now.

    4. IIVIsouljam


      @madeyalook It certainly did feel that way, almost like the Shinigami King was a tad bit salty. 😝 

  17. Currently rereading the Cromartie High School manga but I'm super excited about getting around to the new Death Note one-shot manga by Ohba Tsugumi and illustrated by Obata Takeshi. A little bummed that the setting seems like it's still focused in Japan. I think the main character, Tanaka Minoru, will utilize social media and technology to abuse the Death Note rules. Not entirely sure if I like that concept but it's interesting nonetheless and I'm onboard to exploring it. There's also a bit of controversy surrounding a certain individual within the one-shot but it's purely a spoiler to go into that. You can read it for free over at Viz. Let me know what you think about it?!
  18. That's okay, I'm the same way and right now my to-watch list is pretty full. I'm on the fence about bumping this show up on that list when the season is done. I've seen your comments around on the forum and really like your opinions. If you ever do a finished review it will definitely be a noteworthy source. To bump, or not to bump: that is the watch list dilemma— ha-ha. Now I want to but it's a bummer about the repetition and I certainly know what you mean. Just by the synopsis you get the sense of inevitability. The academic perspective of romance seems like a hilarious and interesting take and now that you mention it, having an ambiguous outcome would feel more satisfying. Crossing fingers! Now I'm considering a decision with more clarity at least, thanks!
  19. IIVIsouljam

    Gaming chat

    Came across the trailer for 198X and I'm hyped to start playing this! You can find out more about the team and idea behind the game. >> https://198xthegame.com/
  20. Wanted to share this because I thought it looked pretty engaging and reminded me of the Lupin series and that ost is giving me some goosebumps. Cowboy Bebop/Seatbelts/Masato Honda vibes, which is all sorts of difficult to achieve in my opinion. This is Great Pretender soon to hit Netflix.
  21. Nice read! I gotta say, I love the anime more than the manga on several occasions. The anime did Natalia Garnet justice because in the manga, she's a bit of a third wheel that's been inserted into the storyline simply as a plot device. Then I couldn't stand how they used her to be an unnecessary part of a forced love-triangle just for the drama. She's considerably more developed in the anime. Levius (character) also inspired me to get up super early and give myself a head start on the daily workout.
  22. You're right! I never noticed that. Not an actual character comparison but I just wanted to share how similar Ann's costume is to Aisha Clan-Clan's "Fire Cat" disguise.
  23. Recently finished River, Cross My Heart by Breena Clarke. Introduction: "After the Potomac River claims the death by drowning of eight-year-old Clara Bynum, her family leave the rural world of North Carolina in search of a better life among friends and relatives in Georgetown, Washington, DC. They seek to come to terms with their loss." "This highly accomplished first novel resonates with ideas, impassioned lyricism, and poignant historical detail as it captures an essential part of the African-American experience." Honestly, this book started out wonderful, had an interesting yet tedious middle and finished wholeheartedly. Regardless, it was a fantastic experience and I'm glad that I picked this up. There was a special treasure hidden inside. The book was dedicated to someone and I just love browsing the book/literature section in antique and thrift stores for this very reason. Somewhere in my collection, is a book dedicated to a person's family member that passed and it looks like they wrote the message in an effort to cope. The message was basically: "Please treat this book with kindness and love as it's part of our family. I've read it three times and once out loud, for her. Now I understand." Then it went on quickly to say that if people were connected then the reader had in possession a part of their lives. I always bawl when I see it! I also just finished the first Poldark novel by Winston Graham, called Ross Poldark. Now I'm onto the second, titled Demelza. So far I'm absolutely addicted! This series has everything. War, politics, historical account, the class and lifestyle of poverty and of the gentry. There's pistol dueling, violent consequence and of course, romance. There's something quite special about these books. Winston Graham knew people so well. His characters are lifelike and taken into consideration. He also knows the sexes and treats both men and women of the times with much regard. Ross has a lot of faults thus far and he addresses them. Demelza too, and instead of colliding the two in bittersweet perspectives of equality Graham allows them to explain themselves as a man and as a woman. Even when there's drama and conflict, they're allowed the breathing room of being completely human and invested in learning about one another. My only distaste is that everyone in the book is constantly obsessed with the fair "virgin-like" (even after she's married and pops out a child) elegance of Elizabeth. Men can't help themselves, young women are in utter envy. When she shows up at gentry parties everyone notices, cares and she instantly becomes a level 99 boss that women can't seem to defeat. I'm laughing because I just pictured Verity trying to dance with Ross and suddenly she hears boss music coming up from behind her. Oh, I love these books!
  24. I have a friend that's in love with this show and I've been thinking about checking it out myself. When you can, let us know what you think! I'm very curious.
  25. Just finished Haikyu!! Now I'm watching Haikyu!! 2 and I'm on episode 18. Karasuno is still my favourite team. Love the whole team, with the exception of Hinata sometimes. At this point, Kei Tsukishima is my favourite character. I think he's had the most character development thus far.

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