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  1. I do not dislike cats but I'm a dog person.
  2. I was just making sure it still worked. So were my neighbors.
  3. I recently married Takumi Fujiwara on a Waifu website-thing after being invited. This is the big leagues for me! I don't even know what is happening anymore with my anime forum ventures.
  4. I'm doing okay but I'm worried about my dad. Apparently he had a fight with the neighbor (who is a disrespectful little punk), and now he can't find his cat. He's not making any assumptions but he feels down over anything happening to her. They also raised his rent, so he's been having an awful week. It's supposed to snow again Sat. too.
  5. Best girl is back and I'm thrilled!
  6. Not scary scary but I've been enjoying analog horror on YouTube. Some of the stories are creative and really good.
  7. "I Think... Once You've Decided To Change, Then You've Already Begun Your Transformation." - Haruhi Fujioka "I Like People Who Put In Effort Even If They're Not Good At It." - Mitsukuni Haninozuka "I would think that embracing the things you truly like and being able to enjoy them is worth more than anything. To just be yourself.... I believe that's what true strength really is." - Suoh Tamaki "It's fine if people make bad assumptions about me. The real point is letting just the ones who want to get to know me, in." - Kyoya Ootori
  8. Reading Yasashii Anata as it was recommended. It's okay, kind of bizarre but also a little sweet. Very underrated though.
  9. My nephew gave me a dozen little seashells in a box made from shells. When the weather gets better I was going to look for more to add to it. Hoping to collect a hundred to do something creative with them.
  10. Nothing special but my grandmother taught me a lot about cooking. Apparently family and friends really like my food. I have a knack for tasting ingredients. That and I'm stupidly strong for being smol. Sometimes I have to hold back on closing doors or helping someone lift/move things.
  11. Never get tired of P5/P5R. Played Dead or Alive 4 this morning.
  12. Just how expensive is it anyway? OUT COLD Hits the next person with a plastic cup of orange juice. Stay healthy!
  13. Some episodes of Doctor Who with the Eleventh Doctor.
  14. Bloom into You is my absolute favorite. There's: Sweet Blue Flowers, Kase-san and Morning Glories, and Revolutionary Girl Utena.
  15. "Do you have any idea how stupid we are? Don't underestimate us." - Kondou Isao "Don't tell me he wants to conquer the world? Can't he come up with something more original?" – Lina Inverse
  16. I've kind of been burned out on anime, so I haven't been watching anything new aside from AoT. Lately I've been re-watching shows and putting them on in the background. Oddly helps in getting better sleep. - Few episodes of Death Note. - Some of Lupin. - Fullmetal Alchemist here and there.
  17. Early Valentine's pic for the sweetest handler, Watari.
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