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  1. Been on a Richard Dreyfuss session since a lot of my favorite movies star/co-star him anyway. Started with Jaws, then Close Encounters of the Third Kind, What About Bob?, The Buddy System (which I embarrassingly still have on VHS). Lastly, The Goodbye Girl. Had never seen it before, thought it was funny.
  2. Finished The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson Just After Sunset by Stephen King Currently on chapter four of Jaws by Peter Benchley. Amazing book so far but man, talk about hypersexual. Everyone within the first three chapters is pretty horny.
  3. Hello, Vin! We're glad to have you here at the Anime Forums. Well, if you love anime than you're at the right place! We love discussing and sharing our interests and views about it. If you don't see something specific in discussion, feel free to create it. One of the best things about this forum is the creative freedom (view our community guidelines in: RULES & A-F USER TUTORIALS! for more information). Check out our Clubs when you can and if you have questions feel free to ask away. If you ever need help for a more technical or personal issue, the main/home page has a Staff tab; where you can find our Mods. They're lovely, professional individuals—so no worries! Hope your first anime forum experience is a good one. Lots of fun and amazing people here. What's your favorite thing about anime? What got you interested in it?
  4. When you clean your writing desk so you can finally use it again. Painting today.
  5. Weather has been hitting triple digits already and I've been keeping hydrated while I run, I found this amazing bottle called Bottled Joy. I got the half gallon one. Eco-friendly, and the daily water intake markers are a nice reminder to stay hydrated throughout the day. It's very sturdy and the wristband is strong. Satisfied with the product! Edit: They're back on Amazon for a good price right now.
  6. Zila

    Zila's Art

    Just some of my art stuff. Formally known as IIVIsouljam's Art.
  7. Starting a new game in Suikoden III because it's been long enough! Just got Persona 5 Royal even though I put a lot of hours into Persona 5 already. Did a bit of Fortnite with my siblings. That was fun. Level 60! So happy I got the Kit skin because it's adorable. I mean, it's a kitten with a mech suit; what's not to love?
  8. Ok, gotta ask about your new avy & background. I’m assuming it’s from a game?

    1. Zila


      Sorry I disappeared! Making breakfast. xD Yes, she's Sakura Futaba from Persona 5. I really like her character development! :) 

    2. Ohiotaku


      No worries, gotta start the day off right 😋 Thanks for the response. Pretty sure I’ve only played the Persona games that were on the original Playstation 😂 Got something of a weakness for maganeko though 😍

    3. Zila


      The food was good but I stubbed my toe on the table! 🙃 No biggie, I do my best. :D 💕 Yeah, I'm a huge goober for the Megami Tensei franchise. Aside from Persona 2, 3, 3P and 5. I looove the Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2. DDS one and two are great! :) Ha-ha, yes! All hail the meganekko. 🙏 💚

  9. The Land of Waves arc in Naruto was the best. Zabuza was my favorite character. The whole conclusion of him and Haku was so sad.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AlwaysSearching



      If they won't get into it for the characters, maybe you can get them into it with the fights? Naruto and Sasuke teaming up to free Kakashi from the water prison is one of the smartest fight scenes I've EVER seen, and I've already seen that scene alone create a Naruto fan lol



      Hey, maybe you're onto something. I think I'll try that, thx. :D 


    4. Zila


      @SAO LILDOOP You're right! I love that this arc put so much effort into these characters. :) It's the same for me, Haku and Zabuza's death just had so much consideration and it was sad because they had wonderful depth to them. Not long ago, I re-watched the arc and it's still amazing. 💕 Hope your siblings come around. They'd be missing out on some good stuff! 

      Ha-ha, @AlwaysSearching . Sounds like a plan. xD  

  10. Blissful. Had a warm fourth of July night. Sky lit up like my neighborhood was taking a moment to finally enjoy something this year. Listening to smooth jazz and eating some grapes I prepared for breakfast. Laughing over how I shared parts of my life in some recent topics here. Partly memory lane thoughts, partly because this forum probably thinks I'm a crazy, oversharing dog lady. Thanks for making me feel at home Anime Forums, at least I can embarrass myself in good fun and not have too many regrets about it. Good morning/night everyone.
  11. Not date but make them my twin sibling? Hells yes. We can finally cosplay as Johan and Anna Liebert, mwahahaha!
  12. Love your graphics, wow. Very nice!
  13. Yaaay! I love this song so much. Love Bartender too. It's a shame that it wasn't received too well. I guess you can say it's a guilty pleasure anime for me. Thanks for reminding me about this song.

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