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  1. Removed my art from AF and uploaded it to Instagram instead. I've never been on Insta before, so it's pretty weird. xD Also, removed the Gaming Photography photos I had and created YouTube vids with them instead. Kind of felt like I was spamming the gallery, now I have a place to share them. ✌️😃 Links to both in my signature. 

    Been spending time at my local sanctuary, rotating with a small group to help fill the COVID-19 gap. My eldest dog might have cancer, not sure yet. He's scheduled for a biopsy. :( 

    Thinking about jumping back into med school but I'm stuck between a lot of things at the moment. It's also getting closer to the end of the world (aka my birthday). 

    Other than that, I oddly got caught up in making Halloween decorations but it's been a great distraction.

    Visiting my mother tonight. I think we're going to have movie night with my siblings. Something we haven't done in years! Going to suggest Pretty in Pink, what do you think? 

    So what are you all up to, AF? :)  

    1. XII360


      Thinking about jumping back into med school but I'm stuck between a lot of things at the moment

      if you like med, you should go for it! never too many medical staff, especially during this pandemic

      now i will give you your very first quiz...


      a. friction            b. soap

      c. alcohol           d. hot water

  2. Haven't played Final Fantasy XIV in ages but after the new Final Fantasy reveal I got inspired. Might play Myst later. Maybe dig out the Dreamcast and play some Skies of Arcadia.
  3. Unpacking some gaming stuff but here's what I got so far. A few steel cases. Still need to find more. I've actually got a ton of collector's editions and game merch. I'd like to find a place to display before posting. Also need to find my Dreamcast, N64, SNES, PSP, some Xbox and Atari games. I'll try to screen my PS3 and 4 library for some digital purchases.
  4. So, I finally found a box with more anime.
  5. On the plus, my mom has gotten into anime and it's been amusing giving her recommendations. She recently finished Death Note and talked to me for almost an hour about it. Now she's watching Haikyuu!! and thinks it's the funniest show ever. She even got a bit of nostalgia over her school years and just generally when she was younger. Which was unexpected but Haikyuu!! tends to work like that anyway.
  6. Zila

    Yearning for Fall

    I hate that where I live, Trapdoor and Wolf spiders end up in the house if not consistent with professional yard treatment. Without doing so, I've found about seven or eight of them inside throughout the year. I feed some stray cats and they keep them away at night. Sometimes, I will find two or three of them dead on our walkway from their paws of fury. Fall and Winter are the only times those little buggers disappear for a bit. I've face-planted an orb-weaver when I was trying to learn to skate again. Every joint and muscle locked as it latched onto my shirt. My friends looked at me like they were the Facehuggers from Alien and that I was done for. I still feel the webbing when I think back on it!
  7. Haven't had much time to watch anime like I want to but I just finished BNA. It was cute although kind of disappointing. Loved the art style.
  8. Got a new laptop because mine went kaput two weeks ago, now I need to catch-up with everyone. Hope you've all been doing well? 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. XII360


      the question is, what happened to your old laptop ? did you destroy it?!

      also, i've been fine myself xD

    3. Zila


      @XII360 I swear it was just too old to work properly, I had nothing to do with it meeting the end quicker. ((Runs away in Wes Anderson style, shouting prove it)). xD 

      Are you ready for the holidays? 😱

    4. XII360



      I had nothing to do with it meeting the end quicker.

      very suspicious...but i have no means to counteract such claims!

      ...now if you will, i need to perform an autopsy on the computer, to determine its cause of death!

      real talk, can we even say autopsy, when its not living >.>

      Are you ready for the holidays?

      ready, freedy, screeby, debby (nandato i just sayeth ?!)

  9. As an avid reader, there was a lot of constructive dialog I truly appreciated. Liked the genre variety, and Kotoko and Saki's relationship is the best. Plus, Kotoko is one of my favorite characters now.
  10. Reached level 130 in Fortnite and helped a friend with the weekly challenges. I downloaded Hyper Scape to try it out later. Other than that, I've been playing the mobile KOF ALLSTAR for their Gintama characters.
  11. Welcome to the forum! Hope you find everything you need here to satisfy your stay. I feel a little silly for just discovering forums like this. Guess I've never really been too much of a social media type of person. Bet it was something spectacular back in the day? By the way—Trigun, Cowboy Bebop and Gungrave are the holy trinity! Good taste!
  12. I used to be crazy good at it but now I just cruise. People in my area still use them and roller skates, mostly roller skates though.
  13. Relaxing to a bit of Dark Cloud 2. I love this game!

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