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  1. Ameri is definitely best girl and great waifu! 😍😆👍

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    2. Zila


      Oh no! 😆 I get kind of OCD about bumping characters off of a favorites list. It just feels like there's a sudden imbalance in the universe, haha! 

      How is MAL? Never been a member but it's tempting. 🤔

    3. Ohayotaku


      As far as keeping track of & rating what I watch, I like it fine. Even though it lists the romaji titles, you can search using the english equivalent. Also, kinda fun to sometimes see how what I like actually ranks in public opinion 😂

      I don’t post on their forums very often though. It’s more active, but doesn’t feel as personal as on smaller forums.

    4. TobiGotGrenades


      @OhayotakuSpeaking of Fruits Basket, my S.O. just told me I give off Kyo vibes when I'm fooling around, but it's usually either Kakashi from Naruto, or Hirotaka/Kabakura from Wotakoi, depending on the situation.



  2. I'm soooo pooped. 😫

    Anyway, I managed to build a new wall and some shelves yesterday. I went in with sandpaper and varnish....

    And I'm all out of sandpaper.


    At least the wall held up and I didn't hammer my thumb. 🤣 Painting a whole ceiling is killing my neck though. The new storm windows are looking great too. 🤩






    Hope you all have a great day/night. Thanks for being my home away from Home, AF! 🥰

    You all help me keep my sanity. 😆👍

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    2. mechaBD


      Great job! I love the color. What kind of walls are those? I'm so used to seeing drywall where I live. I like the rough texture. 👍

    3. Zila


      Sorry about the late response! There was an accident where I work and things were chaotic for a few days. Then I got a little sick with my second Pfizer vaccine, it took me three days to start feeling better. 😖 Did a lot of things for Mother's Day too and trying to finish my renovations. 

      @Ohayotaku Aww, come on! You guys make me laugh and smile and feel good about being human. xD 

      @EWR-47 (Shakes fist) I don't need to get any worse! 😭xD 

      @mechaBD Thanks! :) I'm actually modeling the room itself after an anime (I know, I know- very weeb-ish xD ). I think it's just textured drywall, I'm not sure myself. Was told that the room was an addition to the house, so it was probably made to be cost-effective? It's the only wall in the whole house that's textured like that but I got lucky because the room it's being designed after has only one textured wall as well. xD 

      By the way, I love your avatar! 🤩 Gundam TB nearly made me cry. 😭 

    4. Zila


      This was my inspiration!



      The wine-red color is also based on one of the character's hair. I thought it was a nice decorative combo. 😆

  3. Hope you had a good day! 😄🙌


    1. TobiGotGrenades


      @ZilaI really appreciate you checking up on me, that's nice of you. I had a bad day turn great! Wby? 

      Discovery of the day: I think I move on from people pretty fast if I'm given a good enough reason to xD. And I'm proud of this.

      Today was especially wild. Got into a bit of a misunderstanding with a friend, and had my first experience with being ghosted. And while it was VERY sad at first, looking back, I think it's very interesting to see how I dealt with this. My friends usually find it pretty difficult to move on from people, they keep journaling about it for months. I was over it within hours. 

      My approach to the problem was to talk about it with a friend of mine that I'd known for about 1.5 years now, he helps me with my thinking when I feel overwhelmed hahaha. We discussed about the issue, and after I had my fair share of reasons to not take this personally, I moved on. I don't know if it's coz I'm not very intimate with people in general, or rationale is just my strong suit. Either way, I caught on with the fact that I appreciated the person without a contingency plan (as in, I appreciate her existence regardless of whether she felt the same way) and how it was the uncertainty that I was sad over, and not the rejection, ig? 

      Anyway, apologies for the rant. Just thought it was an interesting topic to discuss about :3

    2. Zila


      No problem! I'm really thankful for our conversations on Insta, you've said some nice things that brightened my day. 😊👍

      I'm doing good, just an exhausted mess atm. 😭 The universe is testing me but the jokes on It, my patience has no limits! 👊🤨 I was born into crisis. Shaped by it. Learning to make the perfect batch of Gougères, with a broken oven and limited amount of cheese.

      Aww, I'm sorry about that! Glad you had a good friend that you could turn to and help you out. I'm kind of in limbo on communication myself. Though I haven't had a computer for a while, I've been using my cell. I'm not sure if my reply ever got back to someone online or if I said something dumb. I'm too nervous to send another in case it was the latter. 😅

      Someone once told me that if it was easy getting over people than they weren't the right kind of people meant for you to suffer with. Others have said that hindsight gives you perspective and you end up hurting when you least expect to. 🤔 Sages, am I right?

      Regardless, it sounds like you have a good idea on how to address these matters and a good friend too! 😊 Wonderful things to have in life for sure. Nice to know you got some answers and took away something to benefit from. 😃

      "Anyway, apologies for the rant. Just thought it was an interesting topic to discuss about :3"

      Don't worry about it! Lots of relief comes from venting stuff out, the majority of it is pretty healthy and more necessary than we probably think. 😆 If you ever need anything just shout: gougères! 🤣🤣

    3. TobiGotGrenades


      @Zila This whole paragraph was really sweet, thanks for this :3

       I was born into crisis. Shaped by it.
      Care to elaborate on this? ^^. I'm interested to know what inspired this sentence hahah. Tbh, I'm kinda bad at communication too lol. For me personally, I end up saying pretty regrettable shit to people just coz I have a lot of difficulty reading the room, which I why I often get called tactless, or end up driving potential significant others away the moment I start to let loose 😂. But overall, I'm happy with the friends I have. Although almost all of my friends are ones I made online, (so I missed out on the hang outs big time), I'm very content with the friends I have. What I missed out on, I made up for with quality. And about messages gone wrong, I don't think I have a lot of awkward moments, what I DO have are ones that annoy, offend or even creep people out lol.

      Someone once told me that if it was easy getting over people than they weren't the right kind of people meant for you to suffer with.
      Alright, I kinda relate to this and kinda don't. I think this sentence relates more to how the deeper the emotional connection, the harder it is to move on from them. Coz honestly, the "self" that we try so hard to discover is heavily influenced by who we associate ourselves with. However, I don't also make every single friend with the intention that they're all gonna work out like magic, I just kinda do my thing hahaha. 

      Others have said that hindsight gives you perspective and you end up hurting when you least expect to.

      Yep, i think that's a sentiment I can get behind. Speaking of sages, I think we all have some of that within us, some of us just like owning it and make it a part of ourselves that we like showing. I, however, only live for showcasing my exclusive edgy anime meme collections xD. Feel free to ask for some, if you're feeling brave enough 👀

      Speaking of gougeres, I don't think I've ever actually had one, so might add that on the list of new things to try, along with tacos and burittos.

      Fun fact:


      You give me Ravenclaw vibes, and I absolutely love it 🤣

      With that said,


  4. I am so ready for warmer weather! ☀️ 🌴Getting some stuff for the beach. Goodbye snow and rain. Think I might actually use vacation time and disappear from responsibilities for a bit. 🙃 Anyone want to come? 😆

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    2. Ohayotaku


      @EWR-47 “Particularly biased towards England coz of those overcoats xD. You wear one of those, you're automatically ten times more sophisticated now.”

      Dunno man, I think I’d just look like Danny Devito in Batman Returns 😂 

      OK, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but I find this scarily accurate :P 



    3. Zila


      @EWR-47 That would be amazing! 🤩 I've only visited the London area twice when my cousin left there for work. Immediately loved the architecture and the TEA. xD Heaven. Would love to see snow there too. :) 


      Particularly biased towards England coz of those overcoats xD. You wear one of those, you're automatically ten times more sophisticated now.

      No, you're certainly onto something. I had one for college and I swear my studies were more assured. I think the overcoats are soaked in a secret sorcery formula for maximum posh. 😄 Cup and saucer for immortality. xD 

      I like a lot of AoT characters but Sasha Braus is best girl for sure, haha. 

    4. Zila


      @Ohayotaku I think they had the best idea when it comes to hibernation. xD Yeah, it's been raining and humid here, I'm fully convinced that the weather is throwing a tantrum. It's never been more sultry and simultaneously wet. 😖 60's and 70's sounds nice though. Haha, I hate the idea of yard-work but once I get going it can be very pleasant. IF it's not 90+ out. 😭 I'll make refreshing drinks for the day and I like when the birds come around, looking for insects to snatch up. 😊 Hopefully the allergies aren't that bad, that won't be fun! :( May some OTC meds serve ye well! xD


      As far as travel, would like to see the Irish or Scottish countryside someday.

      Same! 😍 I would love to see the Emerald Isle. It's been a dream to sprint on the country terrain and feel the wind. Strange desire, I'm sure but no one shall stop me, hahaha. 🤣



      Dunno man, I think I’d just look like Danny Devito in Batman Returns  

      OK, bit of an exaggeration, but I find this scarily accurate 


      Come on, Devito was dapper in that film! xD With cheeks one could easily squish. ~Squishy, Squishy., Squishy.~ 🙌 

  5. How is everyone?! :D Wow, new layout looks nice. Trying to engage more but the laptop I'm on is very, very sloooow. Are you all having a great holiday? I'm taking things slow after surgery but getting back on track (as on track as these times permit). Getting ready to try and pull off a decent Thanksgiving dinner. I've been baking and placing the goods on my family's doorstep. Also my neighbor's. I don't think she knows it's me yet. 👀

    1. Ohayotaku


      Dang, you are SO nice. Santa better do right by you this year. Hope you continue to feel better, don’t overdo. 

  6. Removed my art from AF and uploaded it to Instagram instead. I've never been on Insta before, so it's pretty weird. xD Also, removed the Gaming Photography photos I had and created YouTube vids with them instead. Kind of felt like I was spamming the gallery, now I have a place to share them. ✌️😃 Links to both in my signature. 

    Been spending time at my local sanctuary, rotating with a small group to help fill the COVID-19 gap. My eldest dog might have cancer, not sure yet. He's scheduled for a biopsy. :( 

    Thinking about jumping back into med school but I'm stuck between a lot of things at the moment. It's also getting closer to the end of the world (aka my birthday). 

    Other than that, I oddly got caught up in making Halloween decorations but it's been a great distraction.

    Visiting my mother tonight. I think we're going to have movie night with my siblings. Something we haven't done in years! Going to suggest Pretty in Pink, what do you think? 

    So what are you all up to, AF? :)  

    1. XII360


      Thinking about jumping back into med school but I'm stuck between a lot of things at the moment

      if you like med, you should go for it! never too many medical staff, especially during this pandemic

      now i will give you your very first quiz...


      a. friction            b. soap

      c. alcohol           d. hot water

  7. Got a new laptop because mine went kaput two weeks ago, now I need to catch-up with everyone. Hope you've all been doing well? 


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    2. XII360


      the question is, what happened to your old laptop ? did you destroy it?!

      also, i've been fine myself xD

    3. Zila


      @XII360 I swear it was just too old to work properly, I had nothing to do with it meeting the end quicker. ((Runs away in Wes Anderson style, shouting prove it)). xD 

      Are you ready for the holidays? 😱

    4. XII360



      I had nothing to do with it meeting the end quicker.

      very suspicious...but i have no means to counteract such claims!

      ...now if you will, i need to perform an autopsy on the computer, to determine its cause of death!

      real talk, can we even say autopsy, when its not living >.>

      Are you ready for the holidays?

      ready, freedy, screeby, debby (nandato i just sayeth ?!)

  8. Quote


    Favorite Game Consoles

    PC Master Race - May our frame rates be high and our temperatures low.


    xD I love that, saw it on a shirt once and had to thumbs up the guy from across the room. 

    1. Sauron


      @Zila This one?

      I love this shirt!


  9. Blame! is one of my favorite manga. :) 

    1. CSR1980


      I thought it was amazing. Finished it and immediately started Aposimz. Very different style, visually.

  10. Zila

    Gungrave is in my top 10 of favorite anime. 🤩 I feel like the show is a bit underrated, it's always nice to find other fans! 

    1. ~J~


      The first half of the show is phenomenal, the second half that adapts the ps2 game is pretty awkard, but I agree, criminally underrated.

    2. Zila


      @~J~ I have no idea why they tried to accommodate the game, it was pretty whacky. xD That said, Overdose was probably my favorite. Haven't tried the VR one yet but it looks interesting. When I heard G.O.R.E was coming out I got really happy. 🙃 It's been a few! Just hate what they're doing to Bunji. There's only so many times he can lose out... 

    3. ~J~


      Dude I felt exactly the same, I still think the game looks super good and I'm probably gonna play it, if it ever comes out.

      I like the original a bit more than overdose, something about the clunky stiff movement of the original game and the segments where you get to talk to Mika and the doctor were just super charming.

  11. The Land of Waves arc in Naruto was the best. Zabuza was my favorite character. The whole conclusion of him and Haku was so sad.

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    2. AlwaysSearching



      If they won't get into it for the characters, maybe you can get them into it with the fights? Naruto and Sasuke teaming up to free Kakashi from the water prison is one of the smartest fight scenes I've EVER seen, and I've already seen that scene alone create a Naruto fan lol



      Hey, maybe you're onto something. I think I'll try that, thx. :D 


    4. Zila


      @SAO LILDOOP You're right! I love that this arc put so much effort into these characters. :) It's the same for me, Haku and Zabuza's death just had so much consideration and it was sad because they had wonderful depth to them. Not long ago, I re-watched the arc and it's still amazing. 💕 Hope your siblings come around. They'd be missing out on some good stuff! 

      Ha-ha, @AlwaysSearching . Sounds like a plan. xD  

  12. Your profile avatar and cover are the best! Exactly what I needed this morning. 😂 AF should solely award you for making us hungry. Best boi with bestest dogs. 😆

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    2. Ohayotaku


      Unfortunately summer brings that too. Stay safe.

    3. Zila


      Thanks. :) It's rare in my area but 2020 has been a weird year anyway. 😜

    4. Ohayotaku


      “Weird” is one word for it 🤬

      Most times the truly destructive/dangerous weather is 30+ miles away from where I am

  13. Zila

    I love your avi! Magi is such a great show. Aladdin is adorable. 😁

  14. Vampire Hunter D is beyond amazing. Especially Bloodlust. D, the Hunter is definitely on my top 10 fav characters. 😁 Good taste! 

  15. Anyone gonna read the new Death Note one-shot? It's free over at VIZ. Hoping to start it during lunch later on.


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    2. Zila


      @madeyalook Let me know what you think about it? I took to reading it a few times to soak more in and I keep finding new and interesting things to appreciate! ✌️

    3. madeyalook


      Is it just me or is new rule trash? I can't take shinigami serious and not a joke now.

    4. Zila


      @madeyalook It certainly did feel that way, almost like the Shinigami King was a tad bit salty. 😝 

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