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  1. Anyone gonna read the new Death Note one-shot? It's free over at VIZ. Hoping to start it during lunch later on.


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    2. Seshi


      It was very short, so I didn't feel like it was going to be serious. Tht ending tho lol

    3. Zila


      You're both so right and did that last bit seem partial and unfair? Given that the change happened after the events were already in motion. Bamboozlement! I can see things having a certain limitation because it's a one-shot. Yet I feel like the main needed more time to develop since they made him interesting to begin with. It was crazy to see L's (N's) new look but I was just happy to see some old faces. 

    4. madeyalook


      What! I didn't even know about this must read NOW!

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