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  1. Thanks Wedgy, appreciate it. Sorry you had to go through all that! Definitely the strangest experience. It felt like I was purposely giving myself a mild form of the flu. Huge yikes! You're right, it's worth it. Now there's talk of a third shot. Oh boy.
  2. Love to sleep face down, on my stomach. Don't know how or why but after some tossing and turning, it's the position I wake up from the most.
  3. Hits so close to home. Glad that you've got amiable people around, it certainly does make all the difference.
  4. That's the spirit! Same, my favorite restaurant around here is a place called Osaka Sushi. I've been to a really amazing restaurant just outside the city where I'm from. It's a small place with some historical background but I'll need to ask some friends if they recall what the name was. Now I'm curious to see if it's still around since Covid and everything. You guys are making me hungry. Italian is also good.
  5. Wonderful that you're taking care of your mother. I do the same for mine. She was involved in a bad car accident and almost paralyzed. It can be a challenge at times for sure. Gosh, it's got to be really difficult saying goodbye to a parent. My father is getting sick from years of smoking. I didn't know him too well, so I feel like time is taking something precious away. Sorry about your lab! I love every pet I have and it's the worst saying goodbye to a friend. They really do make you smile in ways only they can.
  6. Is it a coincidence that I changed my waifu from Rangiku to Nobara just before you changed profile picture to just that? Either way, I'd ask for her hand in marriage any day 😌.

    Also, I also remember you having Alita from Battle Angel as your profile picture, and honestly, I'm conflicted 👀


    1. Zila


      I've been wanting to change it a few days back but I hadn't been able to log on. 😭 Yes! Nobara Kugisaki is my favorite female character in quite a bit. Absolutely love her. 🤩

      🤣 Alita is one of my favorite manga. I got heavily invested in it sometime back. Makes me want to read it again. 🙂

    2. Zila


      But hey, @EWR-47 what's your favorite manga? 🙂

    3. TobiGotGrenades


      @Zila Didn't mean to make you wait for four days, I have a habit of going incognito. 

      I haven't read a lot of manga, but Attack on Titan definitely stands out for the storyline. Despite the number of fans who'd disagree with how it ended, I actually think it's quite realistic, and just as full of symbolic references like the other chapters. 

      In terms of artwork, almost nothing tops Berserk. I won't tell you why, see for yourself.



      It's crazy to think that he does it all manually. Jesus Christ, I wanna meet Miura one day.



  7. Well, it's not Japanese animation but I've been watching Captain Planet and Gargoyles.
  8. Ameri is definitely best girl and great waifu! 😍😆👍

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    2. Ohayotaku


      Yup, Nobara is part of my top 10 favorite characters on my MAL profile, though I do feel kinda bad of bumping off Uo from Fruits Basket as a result :P 

    3. Zila


      Oh no! 😆 I get kind of OCD about bumping characters off of a favorites list. It just feels like there's a sudden imbalance in the universe, haha! 

      How is MAL? Never been a member but it's tempting. 🤔

    4. Ohayotaku


      As far as keeping track of & rating what I watch, I like it fine. Even though it lists the romaji titles, you can search using the english equivalent. Also, kinda fun to sometimes see how what I like actually ranks in public opinion 😂

      I don’t post on their forums very often though. It’s more active, but doesn’t feel as personal as on smaller forums.

  9. Zila

    Gaming chat

    Loving it so far. I'm currently at Heisenberg's factory. Visually, it's a beautiful game!
  10. I had side effects from the second Pfizer shot. They lasted three days. Fever, chills, muscle pain, slight headache off and on. The fever was probably the worst of it for me.
  11. It was hot and humid yesterday and most of today but it started raining out of nowhere. It's a sunny shower, loving it!
  12. Re-watching the classic Sailor Moon series, man. I forgot how relatable Usagi is. It's also way more witty than I recall.
  13. Yes! As authentic as I can get―other times―not so much. Like California style Sushi.
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