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  1. What's your favorite thing about Halloween and why? What's your fondest memory?
  2. On the third episode of Midnight Mass, very intriguing so far.
  3. Nice, really surprised to hear Lily Allen on the 3rd one. I've also refrained from posting one of her songs: Not Fair. Great tune, inappropriate lyrics to post around. Though I love the animation in Cohen's videos.
  4. It's the little toe beans for sure. That's where they store all of their power, wavering them around until we all collectively "awww". ☺
  5. Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me! I never got to finish this anime but I'm definitely bumping it up the list.
  6. What did you have in mind?
  7. Zila

    Halloween 🎃

    Thanks @efaardvark, didn't mean to leave anyone hanging! Yeah, Qiqi is one of my favorite Genshin characters. Though I haven't pulled her into my character roster yet. I do follow the lore surrounding her. What is everyone doing for Halloween?
  8. Aww, thanks for the reaction Like @Ohayotaku . Had a long day, and couldn't sleep. Wasn't sure if this was going to be any good but wanted to test the blog features out.
  9. Zila

    Halloween 🎃

    It was a spur-of-the-moment idea since I'm making zombies for the yard too. I wasn't sure how it would turn out but it was a lot of fun to do. Absolutely! Hope your Halloween turns out fun and exciting.
  10. When I saw this scene with Plisetsky it blew my mind! Superb animation and aesthetics. The light flickering off the blades is just .
  11. Hello, Me.~ You did enough this week. Maybe take the opportunity to rest some. No more 3 a.m. cat vids. Erm.. for the next two nights at least.
  12. Zila

    Halloween 🎃

    Had a little too much fun decorating my garage door. Been testing an ice mold with strawberry and champagne. Will probably make a large bowl full for a party.
  13. Rainy and chilly. Reporting in to comment that Halloween decorations are indeed holding up! Ha-ha.
  14. Nearly done with Chapelwaite, I think there's only one episode left? Going to see how Midnight Mass is soon.
  15. I feel like Goku would take this one. Considering he's beaten multiple characters with diety-like powers/status. Himself being inspired by the powerful mythical figure, Wukong.
  16. There was just something special about the Munsters. Great show but liked watching it with family too. Herman reminded me of my late grandfather.
  17. Thanks! I didn't exactly know when in October it would be starting. Really want to read the manga now too. The first episode of Blue Period went by too quickly. Can't tell if I was that invested or what but it was pretty good. It's still kind of weird to see it get animated when I've been reading the manga for quite a bit. Strange how scenes play out faster!
  18. In the delight of Autumn, familiar spices in the air, warm and content I am. A cup of tea, a whisper of music, some flicker of enduring memory. Tools for the day. Pearls of thought against the window pane. By river's rest I conceived a cloud In sands to lay for warmth endowed Down I sink where things are bare For all that I could not share Tongue laced in scarlet, to great remorse Heavy is the message forth How you are my pointed North I believe not in the muse on high 'Til I found one basking in the sky Silver pools from their restless step Fingers draped in a vaporous sunset Had yet to find a flower's meaning Nor what a stone could want of dreaming Tender is the cockle beaming Why now do the waves hear me These hands know clockwork steel Bruised with curiosity come reveal How a blacksmith may yet feel With a heart upon the anvil heel »»————- ♡ ————-«« Good night, Reader. Good morning. Good day too.~
  19. @Ohayotaku I loved watching the Munsters, might pull them up on Prime for a couple of evenings. I'm definitely playing this for Halloween. Gosh, makes me miss a lot of holiday specials. Both radio and television. Haven't had cable in years, just do a lot of streaming. Wonder how the Svengoolie program(s) are doing these days!
  20. A friend recommended Komi Can't Communicate, now I'm waiting for it to hit Netflix Last night I fell asleep to some episodes of Mushishi. Still magical.
  21. Zila

    Current Hobbies

    Camping is one of my favorite hobbies. Love to have a fire going at night, take in all the sounds and atmosphere. Tinkering around with machinery gives me an odd sort of comfort. Especially when I can effectively restore something. If not, I take up the old welding mask and make some funky art the hip-cats could appreciate. Painting is my heart and soul and sometimes I end up staining some great clothes. Calligraphy too. Mostly—not always—I've got inky fingertips.
  22. There sure are a lot of these waifu and husbando topics. My one and only.
  23. It's been cool in the evenings and I'm loving it. Love to snuggle in and read for a bit. I'm going to have a Halloween party, so I've been testing some outdoor decorations to see if they indeed survive the weather.
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