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  1. So, we apparently need to talk about cake in here again...
  2. Another whippersnapper! (Welcome, btw) I'm thinking of the Rugrats vs. Real Monsters crossover a lot right now. They were kicking around a reboot recently.
  3. I successfully got my boss to watch Helluva Boss yesterday while we were killing time ahead of the office Christmas Party. The Immediate Murder Professionals song was stuck in our heads the rest of the day. We may have been somewhat inappropriate at the Christmas Party actually. I'm an Erica Lindbeck fan, so pretty much anything she does work on I tend to go for. That's my story anyway.
  4. But seriously, as I'm sure we've freaked @Rini Akemi out enough with our banter - welcome aboard, and make yourself at home. We really are only about 2/3's as crazy as it looks on the surface.
  5. I dunno, a plum could be beautiful. They ARE a fruit...
  6. It's rainy and mild for now. Going down to the teens tonight though...
  7. I'm constantly editing your posts too. And by constantly I mean this one time. Ahem: anyway...mighty kind of you sir. I don't find myself using the points much either. Then again, I'm old, frail, and technology is so scary to me.
  8. Changing the username is possible after you gain points in the member shop. I believe 2500 points. As for the profile pic, make sure it's under 1.25 MB. I'd also probably make sure it's 250x250 or something thereabout.
  9. Well, we hope you enjoy it too. Feel free to holler if you have any questions. Welcome aboard.
  10. I don't know for sure if I'd entirely count Hetalia as "military" anime. I think, honestly, it was more of Japan's early version of something akin to Drunk History. (Drunk History was just more accurate.) The series that seems to conform best to military characteristic still remains (to me) Fullmetal Alchemist. Tanya the Evil was great and all, and I appreciated the (horrendously depicted) weapons and uniforms they had, but hot-stop promotions, even in the German Army was so...odd. You'd think you were watching a Civil War documentary. I enjoy these for the entertainment value though, and by all means they are definitely that. Though, I won't lie, Hetalia hurts my soul.
  11. Let's just do this the right way and break out Belsnickel - be he impish or admirable?
  12. Which one is you? The glasses, the beard, or the terrified child?
  13. Due to some neglect on my own part and the forums dropping out for about 36 hours earlier last month, I've decided to extend this out to 31 December. Y'all have till the end of 2019 for it now. Main post will be updated to reflect this shortly.
  14. Of course. Usually I'd suggest against touching the bottoms with your fingers. But using a small microfiber cloth usually is practical to determine if a scratch is dug in or not. I do this if I discover that discs have become dislodged in shipping - as it seems to becoming more and more common (though that's a USPS/UPS/FedEx issue). That being said, the finger prints are what lead me to be skeptical of the purchase. Scratches and glance-scuffs are common in shipping (as I said), and they are usually superficial and low to no impact. Fingerprints however require manipulation of the packaging. So I would definitely contact someone regarding that.
  15. Too? I'm crushed. I thought I was your one and only.
  16. I've never ordered anything from those locations, but I will say that for the most part, BD's are much more durable and resistant than DVD's and CD's were. The laser on BDP's is also usually pretty good, it takes an awful lot for them to not read a disc. A question, are the scratches actually deep enough you can really feel them or are they scuffed? If scuffed, sometimes warm water will take care of them. That being said - if you purchased a new item, these are clearly opened (by someone obviously not yourself). Bad advertisement for sure. Good luck with the results.
  17. What would ever give you such a lavish impression? I am literally the evil incarnate of @brycec if he choked on a pretzel and was forever enraged by the experience.
  18. What are you trying to say? You calling me blind or something? Harumph!
  19. The state of the world on the eve of World War I was a culmination of events that had spiraled out of control over the previous several centuries. The most important components begin during the age of revolution from the late 1770s through the 1850s. From this point, much of the world's boundaries had been re-established. The creation of numerous new nations marked the collapse of old world kingdoms, empires, and colonial assets the world over. With the establishment of new nations that were previously under the thumb of political and military oversight from larger superpowers, a new set of agreements and treaties were established between nations to reinforce their own national security from outside threats. Such alliances and treaties included the Triple Alliance (among the Germans, Austrians, and Italians), the Triple Entente (among the British, French, and the Russians), and the Slavic Alliance (among the Serbians and Russians). Agreements were also in place in the Pacific and the Americas where the Americans and the Japanese co-policed the Pacific against existential threats. Lastly, the collapse of the Roman Empire in the previous generations had left the old Ottoman Empire largely unopposed, but inner turmoil resulted in a fragmented and shaky relationship with its own citizenry. Instability was not limited to the Ottoman Empire, however. Further west, in the Balkans, the region had been destabilized due to conflict similar to the uprisings in the Middle East. Minoritized sects, mostly religious, were being suppressed and silenced in favor of ruling majority - a trend that would continue until the collapse of Yugoslavia in 1992. Austria-Hungary had annexed portions of the Balkans previously in the late nineteenth century, and was recognized as a foreign power. The presence of this power led to an increase in terrorist activity against western and central European entities in the Balkan states. In particular, Serbia took great issue with the Austro-Hungarian presence in Bosnia. The Balkans marked a location where the east met the west. The Austro-Hungarians aided Ottoman resistance within Bosnia during the war of 1878. However, by the early 1900s, the Slavic states of the Balkan territories had established an alliance with its Slavic parent, Russia - who was also angered by the annexing of Bosnia. On a June day in 1914, the presumptive heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Ferdinand, was in the former Bosnian capital of Sarajevo. Six assassins from the Black Hand terrorist cell gathered in Sarajevo in a conspiracy to assassinate the Archduke with the intention of reuniting all of the Slavic states. The assassins were all Serbian nationals. The first attempt failed, but by coincidence a second opening presented itself. Gavrilo Princip was the assassin that killed both Franz Ferdinand and his wife. Despite weak public outcry in Austria-Hungary at his assassination, the Emperor was outraged at this violent outburst. By July, it was determined that Serbia was officially behind the attacks and that diplomatic communication and apologies were necessary. When Serbia refused, Germany's agreement with Austria-Hungary was activated. This in turn activated a partial mobilization of Russian forces to support the Serbs. By August, Germany had decried both the Russians and the French to stand down to prevent escalation of the war. However, Germany itself was not drawing down any of its own forces and deploying them on national borders with both countries. When the requests were denied and responded to with continued mobilization, Germany subsequently declared war on both nations. This in turn activated the Triple Entente agreement with Britain by September. By the middle of the war, and the interception of the Zimmerman Telegram, the United States entered the war after a perceived German threat from Mexico and continued unrestricted submarine warfare. This in turn activated the agreement with Japan in the Pacific. Little did the United States know at the time that this would play into the hands of the Japanese later in World War II. Two modifiers to the treaties occurred during the war: the first was the withdrawal of Italy from the Triple Alliance, the second was the withdrawal of Russia from the Triple Entente. Truly, World War I is a clusterpluck of treaties that sat upon a pedestal built on an unstable world full of outrage.
  20. *loud abrupt waking up noises* Huh?! Who?! NOISES HAPPENED! EPSTEIN DIDN'T KILL HIMSELF WITH A RUBBER CHICKEN! Oh... Hi.
  21. The taco truck came back today...…...I have emotions!

  22. I've noticed that. What is disconcerting is that they clearly put an incredible amount of effort into mastering that doesn't translate well into the streaming bandwidth. The amount of clipping in Apocrypha is enough evidence of that for me. Boo...
  23. I've just used Amazon lately. No good place for English dubs really it seems. I've been trying to find an English dub BD now for weeks of Fate/Apocrypha, and no luck anywhere though...bummer.
  24. Welcome aboard. "Intense High School Weeb" - sounds like an amazing occupation. Good choice on the favorite topic, though...Hetalia hurts my head. If you have any questions, feel free to holler.
  25. I'm more interested in knowing what the production value and impact is of anime shows in Japan to the overall GDP of Japanese economy. It surely can't be that high. Thus I'd find it reasonable that one would call the salary "mediocre."

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