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  1. I mean...... I do educate (sometimes), yes. Just trying to get more people into it - story of a profession and all that jazz. Especially jazz. Erm...sorry, my puns are showing... Didn't you already discover me? Rere...re...discovered? I'm like muricuh...
  2. The announcement thread with all of the rules and info is over here:
  3. UPDATE: Both parts extended to 31 December 2019. Depending on where you are in the world, it's one of the best times of the year. Fall. The leaves are changing, sweatshirt weather has appeared, and we can sit and sulk as we realize another year has gone by without skydiving or bungee jumping. (Or just celebrate that you made, it - I won't judge.) To celebrate this, we are kicking off with a series of contests I've wanted to experiment with for a while. There are two parts to this contest, but the rewards and method of posting to enter them are the same. The Gist: 1. Make sure you have an AnimeForum.net Blog. If you don't head over here to get one! 2. Read the rules of each part. You may participate in one or both of them (or none, I'm not the boss of you). 3. Write your entry in your blog. 4. Post a link to your entry in the contest threads. Part One | Part Two 5. That's all there is to it. There are first, second, and third place prizes for each part. The first prize winner will win a $15 Amazon gift card. Rules are posted in each thread, but I included them here as well. Be sure to take your time and have fun. These contests have about a month a piece to work with. Incidentally, I will only be judging one of these (Part One), we will have another lavish and extravagant judge to work on Part Two. I hear this other judge got into an arm wrestling match with Chuck Norris and won, so no cheating! Cheaters will be forced to fight to the death against the Berenstain Bears and Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. Have fun, y'all!
  4. This thread is for the Part Two submissions for the Fall Festival Contest. See rules below, or see the main thread for more details. Link to Part One Link to Announcement
  5. This thread is for the Part One submissions for the Fall Festival Contest. See rules below, or see the main thread for more details. Link to Part Two Link to Announcement
  6. This is your daily reminder to protecc dat smile.


    1. Musuko


      Have you ever seen a head so pattable before? I haven't.

    2. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      Indeed I have not.  Protecc the protecker.

  7. Heading into the weekend totally ready...
  8. This cycle is the reason for alcohol. It is also brought to you in part by alcohol. Alcohol: The sponsor of life, the universe, and everything.
  9. I'm a Mordred fan as well. But perhaps I should clarify - I'm asking what historic figure you'd add to the series that isn't currently in the Type Moon anthology. There's plenty of people who should be in the mix that aren't (and a few I'm surprised are in there at all - but I'm splitting hairs). haha!
  10. We've only just begun...it's horrifying. I've been out all week too, which is even more terrifying - what am I gonna go back to tomorrow?
  11. Nonsense, everyone can make music and appreciate it in some shape, way, or form. You might need to train your ear, but that's all it really takes.
  12. Updated shot from last week. A very tired selfie...
  13. I reacted with a laugh, but I'm also furious at the same time. Is it possible to be angrily entertained?
  14. Alright, folks. I appreciate your patience on this, it has been a crazy last week and a half or so. Well! We had quite the collection of stories here. If we were stacking things up in terms of points, there would have been a two-way tie for first and a two-way tie for third. But! That's not what we did this time around. We were looking for scariest (my pick), originality and creativity. And we had clear picks for each of those. See below: Rewards will be distributed by our very own Seshiface, who sadly did not make the cut this time. But, better luck as we look forward at new contests coming soon. Thank you to everyone who participated, it was a great show of creativity from all ten of you! Stay tuned for another contest from yours truly, sometime in the next few months. Ciao, y'all - and Washija! - Winner page: @Xyro, @Musuko, @Wedgy
  15. Delet this. I don't recall the last time I dealt. Power through, compartmentalize, and resilience. Beats the hell out of me, but then - I don't stay idle long enough to feel most things.
  16. I do not claim expertise in Anime. I also do not claim expertise in Fate. However, it's been a series that I've recently found to be a good stress release. That being said, there's plenty of things that really irritate me about how historical figures are portrayed - but that's another topic altogether. For fans of the series, I have a very simple - or perhaps not - question for you. What historical figures would you add to the series? Why? And what class would they be? Personally, I'd go for the addition of Rasputin. The man was clearly built like a tank, and had a strong connection to the well-being of Russia. He was an absolute insane example of resilience too. For that reason, I'd probably say he's a bit of a Berserker. I mean, come on - it's Rasputin. Plus, I think he'd put Nero in her place - which I feel is a necessity at this point.
  17. Those are generally rebranded B-stock out of China. Look for tried and true brands forward, Sennheiser and Klipsch both have reasonably priced ear phones and are some of the best brands on the consumer market. They also have rugged lines. Denon made some once upon a time too, but I don't recall if they were any more or less durable. Stay away from punchline brands like Sony, Boss and Skullcandy, you're paying entirely for the name and not at all for the SQ.
  18. Okay, fine...you savages. You pushed me to do this!
  19. What brand are you using? A few brands have rugged versions, but in general - earphones are earphones. 32 AUG wire is flimsy no matter how you cut it.
  20. I feel the need... ...the need for "slightly awkward macaroni salad..." *checks notes* ...gente!
  21. I decided to play around a bit and see how well the Pixel 2's camera worked. I still like my Sony DHC-X1 better...
  22. To continue from the header..."and it worked." A couple of weeks ago, I ran a history blurb on the A-10A Thunderbolt II and it's impressive GAU-8 Avenger gun system. The system was wildly successful, and provided a massive amount of damage to an enemy element with little cost (bullets are substantially cheaper than missiles and bombs). Both the A-10 and the F-16 entered design during the Vietnam War, with both aircraft taking to the skies on the tail end of American involvement in Southeast Asia. The United States had taken what it had learned in the war and applied it to its Research, Development, and Engineering (RDE) processes. The A-10 first flew in 1972, and the F-16 followed two years later in 1974. The A-10 was designed to be a close-air-support (CAS) aircraft that directly aided ground forces. The F-16, however, was designed to replace many of the smaller century (100) series aircraft as an air superiority fighter. The A-10 entered service in 1977, with the F-16 following the year after. The success and appreciation of the weapon system of the A-10 was so popular, that the Air Force and the Army wanted to employ it on a larger assortment of aircraft. The F-16, by nature, was originally only fitted with a smaller M61A1 20 mm Vulcan gun system. It was too light to carry a full scale GAU-8, and any attempt to modify the airframe to carry such a weapon ruined it's maneuverability. The demand and mission seeking a smaller system that was able to be fitted to the external hardpoints on the F-16 initiated the same year it was introduced. General Electric was the one who ultimately won the bit for the prototype "Pod, Lightweight, 30 mm, Airborne, Cannon" (Standard Nomenclature). The system was contracted through Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio and saw subsequent testing from Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. The F-16 was the primary aircraft, but other aircraft, such as the F-15 Eagle, were also candidates to carry the weapon system. The development of the 30 mm pod, as well as the main GAU-8 was merged after Fiscal Year (FY) 1975. The pod version of the weapon was to be called the GAU-13, as part of the Improved Aircraft Gun Systems (IAGS) program. The GE pod was officially unveiled to Air Force officials in September of 1977, weighing only 1,500 lbs and capable of firing up to 2,400 rounds per minute. It was not nearly as rapid firing or heavy as the native GAU-8 system, but it did provide a complementary barrage to the F-16's onboard M61A1. The gun was seen as satisfactory, and it did serve on the F-16 through the early 1990s. Poor accuracy was its demise, since the pod had to be carried in such a way that the Heads-up Display (HUD) in the plane's cockpit could not compensate for the correction. As a result, in 1991 - after only a day in combat during Operation Desert Storm (ODS), the pods were removed from all F-16's. They only remained on exported F-5 Tiger II's until about 2005 when they were removed from foreign service as well. The F-16's of today retain the M61A1 20 mm gun system. The GAU-13 was an example of attempting to downsize the GAU-8, but as history has shown, that is difficult if not impossible.
  23. Oh, don't get me wrong...I didn't really buy it for the 4K - I just wanted the Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro 3D support. I can't tell the difference between 4K and FHD either. In most applications, I don't believe there really is much of a difference - most changes with the quality have more to do with other parts of the hardware unless you're sitting on the screen. But I digress. I use an Auro 3D audio configuration, so the upgrade was worth it for that purpose. I couldn't really care less about the 4K part of it. There's other video improvements, Darbee is nice, jitter reduction, auto-syncing, color depth, etc. But I made the purchase for the hearing not the watching.
  24. Bandwidth and computer hardware still hasn't caught up yet in physical quality...the DAC's and formatting boards in disc players are still way beyond anything computer hardware is capable of right now, and bandwidth on high speed lines is just not ready for full 4K passthru in all areas yet.
  25. They're turn/grid based RPG's kind of like Fire Emblem, but there's a lot more variables and metrics that go along with the game than FE has. I liked 2 and 5, 3 and 4 are still in the wrapper for a reason (ickcy). 1 was really good too.

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