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  1. I have been known to do such things...I threw in a few easter eggs when I did my presentation on the Combined Bomber Offensive...
  2. I'm mapping people to death. "Here's a map, here's another map...lookit that line!!!"
  3. You wouldn't see them. What explosions there were would be attacks on surface ships, and while there were plenty of those - you can only talk so much about them.
  4. Until you visualize it and realize it's just water...and water...and water...and water...and water...and water...and--
  5. I can only hype up fighting submarines so much...ugh... I don't think I've ever hated making a presentation as much as I hate this.
  6. I give you a sneak peak at my presentation that I'm giving on the Battle of the Atlantic...
  7. I will take a hard pass on the teleportation. I am not fond of the idea of having an arm for a face and my face on what used to be my shoulder when the machine acts up.
  8. A mixed bag of feelings, really. I'm sure by this time tomorrow I'm going to be irritated and frothing at the mouth...
  9. The characters just seemed quirky enough to keep me interested long enough to pay attention. It just kept me in a state of wondering what they were going to do next. Even the seemingly normal characters like Darkness' best-friend-forever got me a time or two.
  10. I gave Konosuba a try tonight... I do not know what I was expecting, but I found myself facepalming several times. One episode became two...then three...I did stop before a fourth, but I will probably be back for more of it. The comedic value was exquisite.
  11. I guess Neural:X is doing "okay..."
  12. Of course, we'll have an AF party.
  13. I will have to make it there for my someday vacation then. lol
  14. And check out the ladies... ...right, fellas? ( @brycec @Lelouch )
  15. I can't either. But like I said, I don't need to. lol
  16. I could use a beach. And sunglasses. Don't need to go into the water to enjoy myself.
  17. I'm not sure he's the most valuable contributor, but you have to give it to Miyazaki, he comes from a fabled background and put it to work. So much of the things in his works drew on things that he saw during World War II, it's really hard to not respect it. That and his artistry is frankly some of the greatest there is. I wouldn't say he's the sole key contributor, but I don't think we would necessarily have some of the storyboard designs and land/cityscapes we have today without his influence.
  18. I wouldn't mind going to Hawaii for the historical sites and the military locales. That's probably in my future somewhere. Not sure I'd have that be my dream vacation, but I honestly have never given that question much though. I'm not sure I've ever really gone on a "vacation" outside of Chicago once.
  19. Vacation sounds like...yes. Yes, I need one as well.
  20. The problem is they all fit that. All between $300-$500. I'm debating a coin toss. But enough about my indecision - what is on the agenda for potatoes this evening?
  21. I have made it worse, I now have three choices, whereas before it was 1. *sigh*
  22. I am perusing for a new CD player. I am deliberating between two brands at the moment, and it's a lot harder than it should be.
  23. Browsing eBay...which is always dangerous. How's the potato?
  24. It is almost time. I am close to pulling the trigger on my new CD player...just waiting to make sure the price doesn't tank again...

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