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  1. It comes with the job. There's a certain ethos/creed that people meant for service fulfil. We have obligations. Too many people don't take those obligations seriously enough. As for your summers/winters in Serbia - They are not much worse than the summer/winters here. You guys are in a similar climate to ours - but we're closer to arctic tundra than the whole of Europe save for Scandinavia. The record cold temp is -34 F/-37 C and the record hot temp is 116 F/42 C.
  2. Summers have historically been very busy, but this year (so far) has been pretty benign. Days/seasons don't mean much to me outside of my interaction with the outdoors. I work, I have research to do, and studies to fulfill. This summer will not be any different.
  3. I'm so bored. Computer at work doesn't work, our locks in the other building are messed up, so I couldn't get anything to read. I still have another 90 minutes...ugh.
  4. I don't know about scary. You can of course be anticipating things at work, but I don't know that it makes work scary. My intern, however, should be scared.
  5. They are. There was once a time in my life where I worked 34 consecutive days in a row. I am happy to say, those days are (hopefully) behind me. Still, comp time is comp time.
  6. I'm not sure those definitions are tried and true. I think those terms are more closely related with frequency and time consumption. I fall into the category of "infrequent weekend warrior." I just don't game much, and when I do - it's usually over the weekend or on leave. My most recent long stretch of gaming was when Ace Combat 7 came out earlier this year. I believe I logged an hour each night on it for about a week and a half.
  7. If it's any consolation, Saturday should be Saturday for me, but instead it's Friday. Then Sunday is just Sunday. Booooo...
  8. The intern is getting out of hand. Friggin newbies...
  9. Today has certainly been....a day...
  10. Sweet tea just tastes like sugar water to me. I was raised on unsweet, and I probably drink two or three pitchers worth a day.
  11. Between the two, lemonade. Untouched/unsweet tea however, ftw.
  12. This is the only correct way to eat Chick-Fil-A. Anyone who does anything otherwise is offending the blessed souls that inhabit that magical place.
  13. I am unsure of the legalities of hugging this person so we'll have to settle for a "good job, sport" instead.
  14. One does not taint Chick-Fil-A with this "gravy" you speak of. You are thinking of KFC.
  15. Yay! Ewww...fish...:( 3rd option: chicken. mmmm...chicken....
  16. I'm soooo hungry...I sure do wish I had something full of carbs and sugar in it right now...
  17. Movies don't grip me like they used to, and so many of the video games out there that I want to play are so few and far between it makes renting a fools errand. I work on the bypass principle - buy or pass. Plain and simple. That way I can also be sure that every time I get a disc, it's going to work. Now...back in the day (oh boy), we had two places I'd frequent: Hogan's Video and Family Video. Plus the occasional *gasp* Blockbuster. You know, back when you had to blow in a game cartridge to make it work, or get reminded to "rewind before you return it." Yeah...those were the days.
  18. Ladies and gentlemen. I give you, Rock Island - the crappiest of all the Quad Cities.
  19. That was my attempt for it to not be. Unless I'm missing notes on shrubbery too.
  20. Uhhh!... Huh... *checks notes* Um...*role play: kinky* oh... I DEMAND TWO SHRUBBERIES!

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