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  1. Let me know your thoughts on those. Gleig has had issues with keeping his focus on strategic matters and military doctrine in his writings that I've seen. I remember my initial thoughts were almost an offensive kneejerk rebuttal of "This guy has clearly never read a single line of Clausewitz." Then again, Military Historians are often critical of non-military historians when they try their hands in the field. I could just be biased.
  2. Ya'll know what goes with potatoes? BACON.
  3. Added the larger of these pins to the collection. Aviator and paratroop. Just have to wait now until I get my certs in those to wear them.
  4. I see how it is. We aren't good enough for potatoes...
  5. Low key was hoping for option A. Contraband makes everything more fun.
  6. Am I supposed to be not serious? I feel like either a) this is contraband, or b) there's a secret handshake and I don't know it - and everyone is making it really obvious that I don't know it...
  7. Since I am recently permitted/cleared for Discord, we should really get on that...lol.
  8. I tried to jump back into Horizon tonight. I really enjoyed the game, but had to put it on hold when Ace Combat 7 came out. Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to finish it - every time I've tried to come back to it, I get sick. It has to be something in how the camera is or the colors, but unfortunately it had to go back into the drawer.
  9. Careful for what you recommend - party capitol, USA is a drive a way.
  10. Congratulations - you are now a best-internet friend. I've been so damn hard pressed to find other Tales fans outside of the groups. The RPG genre looks to be healthy in 2020, so I'm fairly satisfied with how E3 turned out. I'm just groaning still with Final Fantasy - that's gonna be one of those "wait for the value pack" releases for sure.
  11. 72 F and cloudy here - and windy. I wish I had a hard drink - could use it. lol
  12. Today... ...was... ...exhausting. And totally EPIC.
  13. Arby's Potato Cakes are pretty damn good, ngl...
  14. BLASPHEMY! That potato is about to get cooked...
  15. More like professionals, people who seek common sense, and people who actually take an interest in things outside of themselves and agenda views. Woops, pet peeve thread...
  16. Definitely not putting my intern on my list of staff when I take over the world...
  17. We just came off a record setting wet period of rain and record floods. We're averaging about 3 standard deviations below normal in temps too. It was 59 for a high today here, and the normal is 85. It apparently *might* make 70 tomorrow. We managed one 90 degree day this year, as opposed to our normal 4 or 5 that we'd have by this time. This is all after a brutal winter where we were -34 F in January.
  18. Yes...YES MY MINIONS! I am pleased with my Army.
  19. The bastards must pay! @brycec! Fetch my red pants!

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