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  1. It obviously does mean that. But the choice of words was certainly...colorful.
  2. STORY TIME, KIDDIES! At work, we have a series of mess halls around the post. The mess hall we use in my office is two buildings over in building 60. They serve a huge assortment of food, like pizza, subs, burgers, tacos, etc. You pay for food first at self-serve kiosks, and then the kitchen staff preps the food. This is true of most stations excluding the salad bar, and the pizza racks are regularly stocked. Now, normally I'd tell this as a Marine joke, since we're technically a Joint Base, but since I've historically had to explain the crayons and picture books jokes to those not in the services, I'll just leave this one as it is. The sign below greeted us on the kiosks as we went to pay for our food: Now...I'm no philosopher. I'm certainly not the smartest guy on the planet. But...I have never questioned whether or not certain foods that I have consumed were real. Nor have I ever thought to verify if food placed before me exists prior to consuming. Apparently, I need to start...
  3. We have a lot of ghost stories on post. There's actually a very neat one (it's obnoxiously 'Murica) that I plan on posting on my site when I get to it eventually. Basically it's about a Sergeant that went toe-to-toe with the devil and beat him over the head with a cannon. lol The reason we have so many stories is because the modern history runs back to 1789, and then there's even pre-history that runs back before that (Mississippian). Lots of burials were on the island, it was sacred. Civil War prison camp came in the 1860s, Army contractors in the 1870s - a major construction project. 1940s had Italian POW's, and at the peak of the Cold War, we were the high-point of Army RDE. Probably shouldn't tell you about the supposed voice that someone picked up on their phone in that same house that said "I'm going to leave here with you."
  4. You've got a fan in me on this thread. I love getting spooked. I live on creepypasta's and r/nosleep. As for creepy things I've found...hmmm...It's not so much a thing, rather a story... Around this time last year, I was a freshly appointed Assistant Historian, and our office had just acquired a new Deputy as well. I was tasked with showing the new guy around, doing dry runs for tours through buildings, talking points, etc. The first tour we have is with one of our one-star commands, with like six GS-15's and two SES's (high ranking civilians). We're in Quarters One on post, which is now vacant. It's the second largest house in federal inventory and was built from 1869-1872. Inside, there's a callbox system that uses a small amount of electricity generated by buttons in various rooms to pull up numbers in a box in the kitchen. The rumor is that this callbox - despite being electrically sound and functional - will randomly call up rooms 6 and 20. Room 6 is where the second commanding officer of the post died in 1871. Room 20 is a room where a maid supposedly hung herself. Sure enough when we did that tour, 6 and 20 were up - we didn't think anything of it. I'm letting my Deputy conduct the tour, and they make it to the kitchen. At the same time, I'm in the foyer reading a book - wanting him to gain some independence. Suddenly, I hear the callbox ring in the foyer. Then my Deputy calls out and says "very funny." The buzzer goes off long enough for me to make it to the room they're in and they were able to discover it wasn't me. Numbers 14 and 15 popped up. Two other rooms on the third floor. The LOCKED third floor - to which we have no key. I always thought and still do think it's just faulty old wiring - despite the assurance, but that's always a bit of a creepy one all the same.
  5. Does anyone else entertain themselves by searching for used mirrors on the Facebook marketplace? Just me? Okay...
  6. So, I'm going to add to this list - although I'm not sure why I expected something more from this anime... Divergence Eve. I don't know...I was expecting something along the lines of Candidate for Goddess and all I got to show for it were...well.... BOOBS.
  7. I'm glad you mentioned that. Fairy Tale was on my list. I'll maybe adjust it to the bottom or remove it then. The cry-baby-pee-pants characters really do nothing but irritate me.
  8. .hack//LOTB. Hands down. I remember getting hyped on the idea that we were going to get a quasi-Kite/BlackRose story. I was totally sold after the original games. It wasn't the chibi stuff that annoyed me, rather it was the fact that all of the characters seemed to be whiny little twits. It really just seemed like they mailed in the whole story and took two iconic characters and turned them into a Saturday Morning kids cartoon, and I never really got over that.
  9. *attempts to write @Lelouch was the murderer*
  10. Yeah, there's a reason that design is the standard though. It largely has to do with ergonomics and how bigger systems are stacked and formed. If you had a whole suite of electronics that matched that design - great. The PS2 was a good example of that. But the PS4 doesn't.
  11. Unfortunately, you'll probably want to get used to that. Sony's quality control across the board isn't great unless you're lucky enough to have an option for something premium. Sony's not exactly known for tech gear - they're known as "the premium Walmart brand" - and that carries over to the gaming world. It's just the fact that there's really only that level of competition in that world. Consoles anyway (which is how I live, and how I'll die).
  12. Going back to the Sony thing though, @brycec - I'm going to complain any time Sony does something, if we're being honest. Their general line of products are just god awful, and the hardware they stuff the Playstations with isn't much different. I learned a long time ago that if "ES" doesn't appear in a Sony model number, avoid it like the plague.
  13. Probably Kyo, since I'm a sarcastic butthead sometimes too. ... I said it!
  14. Glory days, my friend. The days of Grant Hill on the Pistons, Barry Sanders on the Lions and the Russian Five on the Red Wings.
  15. Deputy Commander just praised me. I am dead.
  16. The mockup of the PS5 I've seen looks awful too. If they do backwards compatibility, great, otherwise fudge em. Bad enough I have three PlayStation systems in the rig just to play all my games. That means I have to own 3 *ew* Sony products. Yuck.
  17. Back to training the intern tomorrow. Accurate depiction of intern training:

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