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  1. Guys! Guys! Guys!.... What if we BOUGHT our own Chick Fil A? We could use it as a front......
  2. Get the Ffffffrench toast in the car then...!
  3. Bruh...lets go to Chick Fil A. Right now.
  4. Yeah, but what a way to go...right? The only thing better would be KFC gravy, I think....
  5. Just had pudding last night - I don't normally go for it, but vanilla sounded good.
  6. The Mississippi has been in flood since March here. We did have flash flooding as well, I don't know what the extent was of the damage - if any.
  7. Yeah, that's the general MO of most people. People pretty much got rained out here though this year.
  8. Not so much. Unless it's just pouring one out.
  9. Memorial Day is often a somber day. Wasn't really any different this year. It's usually accompanied by frustration over people not knowing the difference between the three uniformed services holidays.
  10. I'm not talking about constructive criticism, I'm talking about criticism for the sake of criticism. We aren't talking about safety concerns, things such as that should be a gimme. The problem is too many people have an opinion and demand it be heard, and if you don't agree with that then "you're an idiot." "That's the problem with the internet these days, everyone on it thinks they're an expert on everything."
  11. That brings to mind another thing. Self-proclaimed subject matter experts, who only have a narrow field of experience. They're also the ones to usually impart the aforementioned advice - and almost always, that advice turns out to be bad. The sad thing is, the internet is full of these people. It also breeds these kinds of people.
  12. Rather, a real easy way to piss me off is unsolicited feedback/commentary/advice. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people that want to inject themselves into a project, decision, or situation that have no business doing so.
  13. I've often mused that Code Geass is just Gundam Junior - minus outer space. This has earned me very spiteful glares from some people. That being said, I concede that Code Geass is awesome.
  14. M.I. Officers are your best friend in war.
  15. I have composed our plan of execution, gentlemen.
  16. Blood or red Kool-Aid? I'm fine with the latter.
  17. Yes, and our current plans for world domination are out there for all of AF to see...
  18. I propose we call ourselves, the Three Musket-ers. Not Musketeers, Musket-ers. With muskets...
  19. I'm positive it is far from the truth. That was my point. It doesn't change that what I've seen of Nissan's has generally been poor (especially my experience in driving them - the ones I drove felt cheaply made, and lacked much in the way of features for what I perceived in their price point). What people have told me, has generally been good. It's just one of those things. I've talked to people at dealerships on the Toyota Camry's who just balk about it, but then will turn around and try and push a Prius all day - when the Camry handles, rides, and performs better than the Prius. No one is immune from sales bias. It doesn't make the opinion wrong, but it's a fine example of a blanket statement. By and large, blanket statements are rarely true in sales.
  20. That's maximum fuel efficiency there, my friend. Don't forget that.
  21. I'm glad you'll at least get some closure. I was lucky enough to talk to my grandmother on the day that she passed. There's still things I wish were different, but we don't get those choices, sadly.

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