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  1. Currently: Nalin & Kane vs. Oceanlab - Beachball Falls Down [Myon & Shane 54 Bootleg Mashup] Sadly a tune that exists only in pieces on YouTube/elsewhere. I was lucky enough to acquire the full version when I had my hands in the AR scene.
  2. Frig that, I'm buying all around, brother!
  3. So...we're hitting up Chick Fil A, then the beach, right?
  4. Sunglasses were a wonderful invention too, weren't they?
  5. There's always something to look at on a beach, my friend.
  6. The problem I've had with most CoD and Battlefield games is they have this really obnoxious obsession with "spray-and-pray" that is rarely seen in combat. That's coming from someone looking backwards at things. Then again, I don't play Ace Combat for the accuracy in weapons payloads (which are ridiculous at best). Battlefield 1 still gets the most points of any of these games from me, simply due to its largely true-to-form historical depiction.
  7. Same. Thus it's easy. I could use a beach myself.
  8. Fell shy of 90. 87 was the high, and that was our last chance for the foreseeable future.
  9. Slap them. Not because I don't like them. But because they've been in a 9 hour long bro hug, and it needs some excitement. Okay - so I exaggerated, 3 hours - but still.
  10. Donuts are my mortal weakness. They have thwarted my diet no fewer than 3 times in the last 6 months. CURSES!
  11. He is an 89 year-old Korean War vet. An Air Force one at that. I trade food for stories - never lets me down. My neighbor on the north side will hate me when they finally move in - whenever that ends up being. I rarely have my music below 90 dB.
  12. Contractors. Contractors piss me off. Contractors that I supervise piss me off. A lot. Right now. Literally just had to do one of those deep inhale/exhale and leave the room things.
  13. I have only one neighbor. The house on the other side of me has not been occupied for over two years. The neighbor I do have can't hate me - I feed him every weekend. Free food wins you favors and friends.
  14. Guess I'm just gonna have to embrace the suck in October...
  15. Try not to melt. We're considering trading in our cars for boats up here, meanwhile.
  16. Yeah? What humidity level though? I was in Sacramento back in 200-something...had one of the most "intense heatwaves to hit the central state." 121 F if I recall right. Nah, that was just shorts and t-shirt weather. I was enjoying myself - why? Not a drop of humidity.
  17. Eh - if it were normal here, it'd be in the 90s most of the time with 80 degree dew points. No such event this year. We had one 90 F day (91 to be exact) in May. Ever since we aren't even getting close. Wednesday is supposed to be 85 - that's the closest it's been since then. They aren't calling for anything above 80 for the next two weeks. It's unheard of. Way below normal.
  18. I spoke up - I don't know why, I'm a newbie. I figured the worst that can be said is "no, now perish." That being said - I've got some ideas...and see potential. Casual bump too.
  19. *channels his inner Rush Hour 2 references* The S.S. Minnow Johnson The Red Dragon... ...no? Okay...
  20. I plan on setting up two or three playlists. This week or this weekend.
  21. You know...there is a mod for IPS that uses the same Spam Assassin system that WordPress uses. Would be beneficial to add. We never had an issue with spam on any WP site we ran when it was functional. Just have to make sure that the IPS license is current.

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