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  1. Anyone else ever sleep so hard that you actually wake up with a headache, or just me?
  2. The entirety of Puni Puni Poemy is still the most insane thing that I've ever been forced to sit through - and no one can make me think otherwise. It even beat out Milk Chan in the absolute ridiculousness that was going on.
  3. I'll get right on that. I'll be sure to omit any ingredients that may have come into contact with potatoes, don't want you to inadvertently cannibalize something. lol
  4. Couldn't eat another bite myself. Taco salads are nice because they're really easy to make. They're a go-to when I just really don't feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen.
  5. A taco salad? I dig it! Taco salads are best served with spicy peppers too.
  6. Stop the above from dinking around with history and making my job harder. By force if necessary.
  7. Brings me back to late night study sessions at school. Do they still have the big steak nacho things?
  8. I'll check this when I get home, but I just have to say that I clicked this topic fully expecting a profound discussion about people from Uath. That being said, I do enjoy some Vocaloid. Seems to be the only thing that I like that has Yamaha's name on it anymore.
  9. Panic. Because nothing would be keeping the death that lives in all of the animals of Australia on the island continent of Australia anymore. If you had a million dollars, but for some reason could only buy one item, what would that item be?
  10. Laugh with them as they watch @brycec set their mouth on fire with a good ol' fashioned American-made McDonald's apple pie...
  11. With going to great attempts to not seem like a total lamer, force them to watch a 90 minute presentation on the benefits of Capitalism and random 'Murica images (i.e. apple pies, hot dogs, screaming bald eagles, Hulk Hogan...)
  12. I have many desktops. And many backgrounds. 2 of them I can't post because I can't access the site from them. But anyway, here's my desktop on my HTPC. And the obligatory personal phone BG.
  13. Some guys walking around with a tinfoil hat said that it's totally possible for us to do that.
  14. Sounds like the .hack games. $70 each the last that I saw them on the PS2.
  15. So freaking pump. My boss just gave me deployment orders to head out on the river. It has broken the all time record and is flowing so fast right now it could fill a baseball park in 65 seconds. (I get hyped when danger is involved.)
  16. I get that a lot. Ramen. It's good for pastas, since you have to cook them IN water - that is about all it's good for. I can stand over a range for 8 minutes to make my soup. If I can't, I am dead. lol
  17. Simply not true (all counts, except the Marines - damn crayon eaters). Microwaved anything is a dry and bland mess. I avoid microwaves at all costs.
  18. It's flavor. And you can only grill some things. You don't microwave a ribeye or a sirloin. That's nasty. As for summer weather 88-102 F with a dew point in the 60s-80s.
  19. I dunno, I think right now my freezer is full of stuff to grill. Kitchen cooking should just about be done until next September. I'm a big proponent of having red cards that you turn into management that are assigned to you at each yearly review. One red card turned in means you get to slap a customer without any repercussions.
  20. I think I'll go with the culinary skills in my own kitchen at that rate. There's certainly plenty of food out there right now (because someone in this house who isn't me keeps going to the grocery store HUNGRY).
  21. I've tried to think on this really hard. I have my favorites, but even those I found just enough imperfections that I wouldn't have given them a 10/10. Of everything I've seen so far (plenty of oldies) I probably enjoyed Miyazaki's films the most. As far as series go, my pick (at least right now) goes to Black Cat - which I think was also extremely underrated. It is one of the few DVD's that actually stayed in my collection after I started liquidating them in place of BluRays. On the other hand, my least favorite that I've seen so far - hands down - is Hetalia. I know this upsets some people, but the amount of inaccuracy and ridiculousness in the show is so great that I just can't enjoy it at all. (Romano is an exception).
  22. Ice cream AND fries you say? Insanity. Although, people look at me funny when I cringe at bacon flavored pie I guess... Must be an acquired pallet.
  23. Woked at RadioShack when it used to be a thing for a while. Didn't have many people necessarily yelling at me about their phones, but did have people angry when we refused to take their EBT cards as payment for a "new iPhone 4." O/T: Here is a visual representation of what happened yesterday.
  24. So - tiramisu? Be a lot cooler if you meant tiramisu. I could live on the stuff and have been known to buy full cakes for myself my birthday.

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