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  1. Emergency essential. Not sure what is on my list of things to catch up on, but my free time could actually decrease with this whole thing. Not really looking forward to the thought of wearing those boiling hot uniforms and getting yelled at by NCO's thinking my hair is too long. Somewhat related though: I did discover that Hey Arnold is on Hulu - so...there's that. I know it's not anime as anime would have it, but it's something to take me back to the 90s - a simpler time. Or something like that. Might mess around a bit with getting Crunchyroll back and check the second seasons of Konosuba and Isekai Quartet too..
  2. There's some biblical connotation here, I can smell it. At any rate, I'm not one for bugs in general. Actually, if it has six legs or more, you can count me out. Just let me know where the swarm of doggos or cats is and I'll make sure to be there in a hurry.
  3. We have absolutely giant cockroaches on post, some of these things make it up to 2 inches long and about a half an inch wide. You'll frequently come in on Monday mornings and find a bunch of them dead and upside down on the side of the hallway. It's fantastically disgusting. I think I've only seen two though in my three years in my office though, so I don't think things are too terribly bad on that side. Still...icky.
  4. The History Kid


    Yes. We are a minority group within a minority group as far as careers go. Our office is actually one of the larger "Historical Sections" across DoD that isn't aligned with a training branch. Research material is fun and all - sometimes. Other times you realize you have a great big goose egg if you don't have the Rosetta Stone for it. In my particular lane, most of these materials are technical reports that include things like ballistics data, mathematical equations, firing tables and analysis, and technical data. That stuff can burn your hands - so to speak - too if you're not careful. As for the break, it's not really a break. We have telework policies in place. The problem is that productivity crashes when you don't have access to your archives or other data systems. That and I don't well in "breaks" - idling isn't my friend. Most books that I do read double either or. To give you an example of this, when they shipped me out to D.C. to do orientation with CMH, they also let me have my own personal pick of stuff in their publication room. Whatever we could fit in our hands and lug back with us to the hotel room (and fly home) we got to keep for ourselves. My haul - I was rather proud of.
  5. Do we need to quarantine you? I have a bunch of duct tape in my junk drawer we could use to seal the door. Meanwhile, I'm frustrated. For a number of different reasons. I don't even know where to begin with the amount of frustration I'm having right now...
  6. The History Kid


    Reading comes with my career. I have several bookshelves full right now - work has another three libraries for me to pull from. I've been trying to compile a list of my materials lately but it's been slow coming. From the looks of things, I'll be home a bit more in the coming days - so chances are I might have a chance to do that. At least I pulled a huge amount of research materials before I left today...
  7. Stock up on alcohol and ammo. That's what I plan on doing. Wait...I already did. Looks like all of our work travel was cancelled too. Oh well, they have been trying to cut back on TDY for the last two years. Looks like they found a reason now.
  8. I imagine the road closures are to limit travel and enforce prohibitions on travel. So, am I right in guessing you're in one of the "Big Four" nations (SK, CH, IR, IT)? That being said, I don't have a problem with people stocking up, but...do you really need 36 rolls of toilet paper? How much doodie-ing do you plan on doing over the course of 14 days? I mean...really... Also - I will keep asking this. WHY is it that hand sanitizer is what people keep going for? Have people never heard of soap? That's what is actually going to kill it.
  9. I'm bored of this stuff already. Can we move on to the next thing that's supposed to kill us now? Isn't there some asteroid that's supposed to come take us out in a month?
  10. The History Kid

    my letter ....

    I think we did this when I was in grade school, but I know I don't remember it - and I certainly don't have it anywhere. I was a sad kid - so it probably would have been really weird. That being said, these are great ideas - and I think that it should be a more widespread thing. Maybe I should write something to my future self for when I retire..."would you just go to the damn Hawaiian Islands already?"
  11. I've been doing the exact opposite. I've been trying to reduce my DVD and manga collection lately. I earmarked a couple DVD's that will stay, and a couple manga, but the rest need to go. The manga especially, don't have room for them with the library growing. DVD's aren't as urgent, since I'm really only replacing them with BD's at this point. I think 90% of my eBay sales right now are from manga and DVD's. The rest are small odd collectables.
  12. Showers. Ain't nobody got time for a bath. How many toasters does it take to figure out the square root of a banana?
  13. Looks like "he went to Jared."
  14. Seriously, it all comes down to hygiene. Wash your damn hands, and don't eat food off the floor. I'm a bit of an germophobe anyway, that doesn't stop me from getting sick, but it does cut down on my chances. That being said - as it's been mentioned before - if you're healthy, clean conscious, and aren't of the ancient age of 70+, you're pretty much gold. The only impacts to me as it stands right now has been the stock markets and my 401K. I haven't lost any money yet, but my YTD's are all negative or near negative. That'll correct itself as soon as people wake up and realize that COVID-19 isn't the "be-all-end-all disaster bug" that they think it is. I'd be more worried about the Plague getting into the homeless population - which it's starting to in California.
  15. There's a Soviet Russia joke in here somewhere, I'm sure of it. I'm starting to have to crack down on my workforce because of their commentary/deliberation on COVID-19. The paranoia is ridiculous and unwarranted. I don't exactly know that there's a "toilet paper situation" here. We're pretty distant from any cases, the closest is Chicago.
  16. Will Smith called, he wants his vernacular back.
  17. I think talent varies depending upon the definition one uses. Skills and general competencies are often mislabeled as talents. I've often touted the slugline of "knower of most, expert of nothing." With that being said, the main "talent" I have that is native to me is being ambidextrous. It's gotten me out of a number of jams - both trivial and life saving.
  18. Would I visit? Sure. Will I visit? Probably. Work will almost inevitably send me there at some point. Would I live there? Absolutely not. For starters, the job selection for my skillset / employer would result in a huge pay cut - not taking into account the cost of living. The standard of education is better, but the ability to keep it elevated from all accounts I've read is subpar at best. So family wise, I'd be kind of screwed too. I'd be more likely to make the move to Okinawa, but even that would result in huge pay cuts for me that I'm just not willing to take. It's a life-killer.
  19. I'm considering playing the demo sometime this weekend, but I'm not sold that the demo is really much of a demo. XV's demo got me hyped, and all I got was pure disappointment. So...we'll see. I won't be buying the game right away anyway, simply because I'm not going to give Square that much money. Company makes bank on mediocre releases.
  20. How dare you make me gaze upon that with my own eyes?! Fruit IN pies is an abomination of all that is good and holy with pie.
  21. Someone needs to throw a pie or something in this thread...y'all are WAY too quiet for my own sense of security.
  22. @efaardvark is our resident old timer though, isn't he? I'm still taken aback by how junior I am to some of the other actives on here. Make sure you don't walk on his grass, btw. (do Californians even have grass?)
  23. COD was college life for me. You don't bond with your roommates until you get totally curb stomped by a 12 year old in their parents basement flinging obscenities at you. Good times. Oh, yeah...welcome and stuff. I won't hold being a fan of the Crimson Tide against you. I live in the Big Ten anyway.

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