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  1. Speaking of - one of the things I was bummed about when selecting the dark theme is that it still has some design elements (the gif header) in it. I'd rather have one that's just plain without the graphic header that's dark, and I know IPS has one of these readily deployable. Shouldn't be a major project to add either, if someone could add that to the list.
  2. You know the day is going to be real when "the jacket" appears...
  3. If it's any consolation or hope for you - there's supposed to be a major winter storm in NW Canada this weekend. First sign of fall...
  4. Tired, irritated, in pain...um...lets go x3 on the pain.
  5. Well...depends. I'm coming up on the end of the week, and usually that means I should be winding down for the week. That's not the case. Had hot taskers come in right when I was about to leave this afternoon. Extra time in the office, and more of the same tomorrow and an Over-Call on Saturday. What was originally supposed to be a 16 hour TR-F-ST, became a 30 hour affair.
  6. This day can go and eat several hundred porcupines.
  7. We don't have anything like that here. Or if we do, I don't know about it - and probably would not frequent such a place. The brick and mortar video game store is bad enough with the clientele. We used to have Suncoast, Sam Goody, and For Your Entertainment (FYE) once upon a time. Those were the good days. Alas, they're all gone now.
  8. Let the fish cannon kick it...…..
  9. I think you are both missing the major point here: you don't see a problem with "just about anyone" being identified as influencer and someone that the masses follow? That's one of my big points. It's part of the reason you have people running around citing conspiracy theories as fact. A generation of followers and half-cocked "leaders.". So now you have a generation where you have a person who is insane spreading their opinion as fact to a mass of followers and being paid to do it. My point is these platforms award stupidity and insanity while their userbase grows farther out of touch from reality.
  10. That's essentially my point. And no one sees a problem with that?
  11. ^ Ehh, that was one of many studies. I don't exactly question the outcome, but I question the pool that they polled. I think the big thing about the "Youtuber" notion is simply that there's a glory factor that for some reason has been attached to it for something that has little perceived value. It has no tangible impact outside of entertainment. To most people. To others they actually relate to these people, it becomes an inspiring thing. Honestly though, I think part of the grand stigma is a lot of people are getting sick and tired of entertainment industry individuals making bank while the average Joe that actually makes society function gets punked. Youtuber's are seen as some kind of extension of that. I agree with that sentiment to an extent - there is an outlet and a use, and with that comes purpose. That being said, there are at least a few YouTube people that feel that "this is all I can do" - which by and large is a product of their own failures, not anyone else's as they would have you claim. The perception is "I have followers, I am immortal." That is simply not true, and I think many people on all forms of social media would do well to remember that. All that being said - Youtuber being one of the most aspired professions...well, depends on what you call a profession. It also depends on who you poll. I do not consider being an "influencer" or "youtuber" a profession anymore than I consider someone writing poorly/none edited 160 word commentaries on complex subjects in a text box on a website to be called a "professional writer."
  12. I have a fish cannon, and I am not afraid to use it.

    1. Vitis


      You should be afraid to use it, the second you launch your first fish PETA will be all over that and PETA be cray cray.

    2. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      Bring it on. I ain't afraid of their carrots.

  13. Reality is a fickle thing. I'm not sure how other generations have reflected on their younger years (namely the Generation X crew). I'm sure they probably have and did, but perhaps the reason it seems like the younger crew is more nostalgic is because we have platforms that we reminisce on. We're more comfortable using them. I'd hate to think that something happened to make us actually be so forlorn about our younger (tweens/teens) than other generations. The shocking thing about that is none of us who are in positions to make the changes to go back actually do so. All they do is drive forward ignoring the "no bridge ahead" signs.
  14. I second @Vitis's suggestion: audit a class. The courses are usually much cheaper, and you aren't graded on it - so it's not a big issue if you miss anything. Then look at certifications down the road. Auditing is an incredibly useful tool that too many people don't take advantage of. Be careful with your online courses though, they have a bad knack of not holding up to the standard of face-to-face classes. My job will pass over online universities every time over face-to-face universities.
  15. In that case, clearly I am an example. Explodey class.
  16. In 3rd grade I played the trombone. In 4th grade I played the cello. In 5th grade I started on the trumpet. I can also play guitar and the piano, but horns are my thing. This is a kind of old photo now (2014 or 15 - I think): The three horns there from back to front are a King 300 series, which was my first trumpet. It's also the one that I played when marching, just because it's not exactly "worth" anything. The middle one is my pride and joy, it's a Silver Bach. That one is my performing horn, whenever that is (LOL!). The one in front is the one that was new to me at the time I took the photo, it's a 1943 Korot horn. It's a relic. The horn still has etching and colors on the bell which mean it was a performing horn. Now, the thing about that is - and while I can't prove it - Korots were only in Germany up until well after 1950. This horn has a 1943 S/N. Of all the places that "designer" horns were used, most of them were within the Third Reich. Yes...I'd love to do a more in depth dive on it sometime, but I don't exactly have access to music history archives here. Oh, and since that photo has been taken I've added a U.S. Army issued 1898 bugel, and a King 500 series cornet to the collection. The King's are both lent to students in the local community who don't have the financial ability to afford their own horn during the school year. (And yes, the horns were named. Lindsey is the brass King trumpet. Kimi is the silver Bach. Riel is the Korot. The bugel isn't named - if I named it, it would be Liberty for obvious reasons. The King cornet is Fiora.)
  17. Excellent. I love blowing stuff up. @Ohiotaku - clearly Luficer from The Devil is a Part Timer
  18. I would just like to put out there that the games depiction of Gaius Julius Caesar makes me think that he's about to fight me for accidentally touching his giant vat of chocolate pudding.
  19. Ummmmmm…. *casually skims back through all the anime he's watched* Uhhh….Sailor Moon!... ...What prize do I win?
  20. One does not simply know how to use the knife hand. It takes discipline. And gusto. Lots of gusto. With gusts. And toes.
  21. Knife hands are no laughing matter.

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