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  1. I remember at a panel once where a bunch of the VA's for Ghost Stories were asked about the series they replied "a lot was adlibbed. It was literally just us sitting around in the studio drinking beers, eating chips, and taking shots at each other."
  2. I keep social media at arms length as it is. The emphasis on OPSEC and INFOSEC is strong enough that I'd really just rather not mess with it. Couple that with things like the Hatch Act, and you get a really stagnant or idle Facebook/Twitter social media combo. I will say, most of my twitter stuff is just BS, so...
  3. This week can piss off already. It wouldn't have been nearly as bad if my weekend wasn't totally messed up and pushing everything back.
  4. The History Kid


    Introduction The Type-Moon ensemble of anime is admittedly a puzzling one to me. It seems to demand a certain amount of insider knowledge that I just simply do not have. However, that does not stop me from enjoying some of the series that are contained within it. I have given the Fate series a lot of slack and a lot of flack both due to it's nature on modifying history. I know what people would say "but it's based on a shady visual novel." Yes, but that doesn't change bad history. Here, we call spades "spades." With that
  5. Welcome aboard. Regarding the changing your username, it requires 2,500 points. You get points based upon your activity on the site to use in the shop. Points that accumulate vary - it isn't the most robust system, but you eventually will get enough. Forum navigation is more or less straight forward, it's the other nooks and cranny's that take a bit of getting used to. I think we have like six or eight different extensions plugged in here. You can always holler at a mod/admin if you need anything too.
  6. Me: I did the thing! Work: Good job! Me: ^^; Work: Here's 15 more things. Me: Noooooooooo…..!!!
  7. Well if I needed more reasons not to purchase Persona 5 Royale, I got them...we're apparently cutting out more content because it might make some people angry. https://www.vg247.com/2020/02/17/persona-5/ "Video game violence isn't the problem, but video game words are problems." I swear...
  8. You aren't wrong, but you certainly aren't correct either. Seafood is nasty.
  9. I want the biggest carb that you have, please. Carb, not crab - I'm not a heathen.
  10. Pretty soon we'll hear about cellular transmitted coronavirus. lol
  11. I have to have physical copies of things, simply because they're most reliable. My thing is that most of the DVD's I have I don't think aged well, or at least don't interest me anymore, so I'm axing them while I can still get some of my residual value back. Of course, the benefit there is that most of these were bought when I was young enough to have my parents buy them...ha.
  12. I've been selling all of mine lately.
  13. I had this delivered to me by one of my volunteers I manage on Monday. I'm not much of a revolver guy, but I figure I'd mess with this one a bit. The price was right. Came with 16 rounds too, we'll see how well she handles this weekend probably. Ruger .30 Carbine Blackhawk
  14. You should be good to go now. You hadn't met your post requirement yet. Welcome aboard.
  15. Ruh roh Raggy! Chinese Spies! Google Pixel 2 XL. This phone will have to be totally broken before I'll give it up. Love this phone.
  16. Same. This winter hasn't been brutal, but I'm always ready for winter to be over. The short, cloudy days, cold, and snow are killers for me. At least we didn't have a visit from the poles this year.
  17. I'm not a social or economic historian, so I wouldn't have read it, no. A cursory examination of the author points out major issues in his writing. A bias is fine, but he exhibits elements of topic luring. I'm not a proponent of that stuff, simply because the reader should be allowed to come to their own conclusions based on presented information. That being said, a Professor of English and the chair of the DSA isn't exactly someone who I'd care to get lectured to about "poverty" and advancement of technology.
  18. I'd need more descriptive comments than that, but off the top of my head you could go with the anime I've always said SAO (poorly) ripped off: .hack. There's SIGN, and G.U. that are the big two, I'd avoid LOTB though, it's really annoying. What elements of the show are you wanting similarities to though?
  19. Sony has been working on discs called "prism" for a few years now. They're supposed to hold up to 5 PB of data each by utilizing multiple physical layers. I haven't read much more into it but that would likely require some form of hardware change. @efaardvark - that was kind of my point. For our general practice and discussion here, a spade is a spade.
  20. A disc drive is a disc drive for the most part. I have a BDP and a CDP in my rack. Both use lasers, both have optical lenses, both have DAC's, and both have preset output modules. The only difference is one has fewer components in it outside of the disc drive (the CDP) and doesn't have a video section (the CDP again). You can have better quality components, sure. But a laser is a laser. It will read whatever you put in front of it. It's up to the software or firmware to translate it. I remember once upon a time GameStop employees were telling people "CD's damage the BD laser" - whi
  21. I just wish they were more open about the fact that this is a sofrware issue. When I worked for the game store, a whole bunch of our guys were saying it was due to hardware limitations, and so were the customers - and that's just simply not true. It's irritating.
  22. What people are going to start encountering more and more is the limit and finite-ness of streaming. It's very hard and difficult to beat the capabilities of physical solid-form media. The cost of infrastructure upgrades notwithstanding, the cost to maintain a constant and steady flow of bandwidth across the board is already difficult in lower tier markets. Have you looked at what a BD's transfer rate is lately? It's over 12 GBPs. A few go upwards of 18. Couple that with data caps, and no one can convince me we are anywhere close to having a sustainable stream-only platform in a mainstre
  23. Solid pass. Until they make me get a new console to get a new game I want - I won't be moving on them. Not a single ounce of technology in there that I can't already get elsewhere with better quality.
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