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  1. What people are going to start encountering more and more is the limit and finite-ness of streaming. It's very hard and difficult to beat the capabilities of physical solid-form media. The cost of infrastructure upgrades notwithstanding, the cost to maintain a constant and steady flow of bandwidth across the board is already difficult in lower tier markets. Have you looked at what a BD's transfer rate is lately? It's over 12 GBPs. A few go upwards of 18. Couple that with data caps, and no one can convince me we are anywhere close to having a sustainable stream-only platform in a mainstream service.
  2. Solid pass. Until they make me get a new console to get a new game I want - I won't be moving on them. Not a single ounce of technology in there that I can't already get elsewhere with better quality.
  3. Of course, but it's a legitimate strategy. It happens quite a bit, actually. While I get that for most people - they could see a sport as theatrics, a sport is a sport - and many players do take the game seriously. It is much better in some cases to sacrifice a walk to first rather than a scoring point.
  4. You see it happen a lot. It's perfectly legal to "throw" a hitter. Sometimes it's best to let the go-ahead runner get to first with a chance of throwing him out at second or third, rather than to risk him going deep.
  5. That depends on what the question is. Spill it.
  6. The correct side. Vanilla is the only answer.
  7. Go away. Vanilla is the only correct cake.
  8. How dare you insult the chicken in such a way? I'm telling on you.
  9. Give it to me. Of course. No, it's obviously chicken.
  10. This is your card, from Fate/Stay. https://typemoon.fandom.com/wiki/Shirou_Emiya If any person could find pipes and scrap metal exciting, well....it's definitely Emiya.
  11. Demand that @Endynyp provide you with pasta salad.
  12. You now owe everyone in here a quart of pasta salad.
  13. I wanted to come back to this, because it's actually a very important statement. Many people hang up on the Holocaust - probably for all the right reasons. However, it presents something that we see often in history, and even more-so in military history: the dampening problem. The Dampening Problem works in two different capacities: 1, It establishes a peak of which all other events can seem insignificant if not relative in comparison, and; 2, a repetitive nature of minute events can become more significant than a peak. It's a really fancy way of saying "people have warped perspectives on subject matter." In this specific case, one thinks of the Holocaust as the most significant genocide in human history. True, it is likely the most deadly - and it certainly was one of the worst. But the problem is that by and large, all many subsequent genocides have been ignored. I'm not a big fan of Wikipedia, but their lists sometimes are good starting points: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_genocides_by_death_toll A few interesting notes about the first five. Three of those are carried out by the Nazi's. Six million approximately were Jewish executions. But there were far more than that - yet they are generally not discussed, overshadowed by the Jewish Holocaust. That includes the systemic execution of Poles, the execution of Soviet POW's (due to resource shortage), and the execution of civilian "sympathizers." The sixth references Pol Pot's extermination of anyone who opposed Leninism - which included all Vietnam residents within Cambodia (that sounds familiar...wait...that's just like the extermination of the Poles...my bad). And if that isn't bad enough for you, you can just take a look at the ongoing genocide being carried out presently by IS. The worst anything in my recent memory was probably the Yugoslavic War crisis in the 90s, and that was bad enough - the last time we staged coalition intervention for humanitarian and human rights violations (you know, when NATO had a backbone). Here's another good article that excludes the Holocaust: https://www.theclever.com/the-15-worst-genocides-aside-from-the-holocaust/ Again, atrocities are everywhere in the world around us. Many of us sadly have just grown deaf or blind to them. It really is a shame that more people are more worried about small police actions here and there rather than bloody and inhumane escalations that are happening elsewhere.
  14. Well...we can't have a turnout for everything I spose. Ha! We'll try some of these more elaborate contests another time. Meanwhile, since we did have one entry, that means we did hold and maintain the part two of the contest. Congrats @Rini Akemi. This is where I make a "your check is in the mail" joke - but since it's a gift card, and it's instant and electronic - yeah. There's a dad joke here, but I seriously can't even. Till next...well, later this year folks!
  15. I have five things that I'm currently reading - none of them are probably exactly what you had in mind. Gaddis, John Lewis. The Cold War: A New History. Gilpin, Alec R. The War of 1812 in the Old Northwest. Gingeras, Ryan. Fall of the Sultanate: The Great War and the End of the Ottoman Empire, 1908-1922. Tuchman, Barbara W. The Zimmerman Telegram: America Enters the War 1917-18. West, Bing; Mattis, James. Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead. Amongst a few other TM/TR's and journals I've been thumbing through lately - anyway.
  16. I am disappointed. First post on this page was from November. It's like you all have lives or something...
  17. CMP has approved my app for purchasing an M1 Garand.  I might die of happiness...

    1. Seshi


      Very nice. Where will you get it to be sure its authentic?

    2. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      ...from CMP.

    3. Seshi



  18. If we understand how the rest of the world was acting at the time of Hitler's rise to power, then it's easy to see that the Holocaust may have been inevitable. Whether that would be in the form of how it manifested in history is a question - but it was likely to have occurred. The most significant reason for this is simply because the world was looking for people to blame, reason behind turmoil, and a light to look to. They were also looking at things like eugenics. The best example of this is when World War II actually started in 1931, it wasn't by the Germans, but rather the Japanese that had already been trying to exile western and Slavic influence from Asia. They also insisted that the Japanese race of Asians were superior to all other Asians, similar to how the Germans believed the Aryans were the superior race of Europeans. With that in mind, it is easy to see that it was highly likely that the Holocaust would have manifested in some form with eventuality. I just can't attest to what it might look like - it wouldn't be good either way.
  19. That's a good question, and you'd be surprised how little I've heard the topic discussed outside of Art History channels. I think you're on the right track in your assessment of the economic and political climate of Interwar Europe. The Entente really shot itself in the foot during the Versailles meetings. They essentially guaranteed a disgruntled Germany, and the U.S. Congress' lack of foresight with the League of Nations just added more tinder to the fire pit. I really think it was just a matter of WHO, not IF with World War II. Let us not forget that contemporary to Hitler was Mussolini in Italy and Stalin in the Soviet Union. Then there was also Hirohito in Japan. With the whole world struggling for economic stability and resources, I think the notion of a war starting was inevitable. As for Hitler being the centerpiece had he been accepted into the art school in Vienna and not being the Germanic dictator - maybe, but maybe not. I've been of the camp that Hitler's anti-Semitism was a character trait, not something that was progressively developed. If that is the case, he'd have been of the opinion of exile (which he wanted first) then extermination. That being said, Hitler wasn't alone in his thought process. What made him Chancellor wasn't his ideas, which were a common theme among some really deranged individuals, but his charismatic behaviors. I think if any of those people who shared those thoughts could have developed the charisma, the result in Europe would have been the same. There's a great book by David Clay Large called Between Two Fires that examines Europe during the Interwar. When you hear stories of German marks all over the streets because they were worthless - it's really quite sad. You don't sympathize with the Germans, but you do understand why they might think SOMETHING needed to change. A great history to read and think about, especially considering current world affairs.
  20. I'm of the school of thought that suggest claiming expertise can lead to the stalling of knowledge. Thus, I claim expertise in nothing. I have knowledge in many things, but I would never claim to know everything about something - the implication of being an expert. I have many passions, not sure I could narrow them all down to just one key thing, though.
  21. Who are you again? What have you done with my pasta salad?!
  22. 2020 could go a lot of different ways for me. The only things on my radar that I'm hopeful for are the receiving of my Masters, and the paydown of student loans. I'm trying to figure out if I'm at a point in life where I want to slow the pace down a bit, not sure yet. I'm still very undecided there. I know I have two regional symposiums to attend, and I'm sure I'm going to get more boots out of CONUS than just Korea this year too. (Come onnnnn Germany!) The only other things that I know I'll have this year, is that my whole office is doing a diet. Each directorate in the building goes up against each other, and the ones to lose the most weight by April gets giftcards and stuff. We're doomed, none of us have that much weight we can lose. lol

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