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  1. Fellas - real talk for a minute. Have you ever seen a girl so pretty it just makes you mad? Not at them, just mad at like... yourself or just in general? It totally just happened to me...and I am conflicted.
  2. There's only one appropriate response to the presence of a taco truck.  If you do not know what that response is, you should be banished to Antarctica for your insolence.

    1. Vitis


      They're called the throne room because wives stopped letting their husbands refer to their home as a castle where they're the king because they're not really the ones in charge and well what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom so it escaped the metaphor's destruction for that reason.

    2. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      ...sigh.  Got it, here sir - this is for you.


    3. Seshi


      Anyway... Nice new Waifu HK


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  3. That's part of the reason two-form authentication has become such a big thing. It's also why you always want to check headers from any promotional email. I know that anything that has billing info attached to it anymore has multi-form authentication. But, if it's work related? Good luck getting that, junior.
  4. I got my Berserker Oda, I'm satisfied. lol
  5. If the 5*'s were actually that much stronger, I probably would, but I've seen some 1*'s that are insane.
  6. I just want a five star unit. Just to say I have a five star unit. The stars apparently don't mean all that much in this game outside of the rarity.
  7. @Musuko - did you managed to get your Rider Ishtar permanently recruited yet? They made it somewhat easy.
  8. Don't be so discouraged about drawing. I know that in the niche it's common to associate drawing with passion, but that is simply not true. Writing in of itself is a much more meticulous endeavor. If you are good at writing, you are more than halfway there. In related news: welcome aboard to the both of you.
  9. Cav, is that you? Okay...so no one here would get that joke. Anyway, I would refuse the package. If you didn't make the order, then that of itself is suspicious. I would refuse it, and contact eBay to tell them what happened. Make sure you document the package and all the paperwork included (what actually says you used a code). Also - did you check the email headers in that email? The overt header looks right, but those are fudged pretty easily. Also - source: INFOSEC/OPSEC is literally part of my job. lol
  10. If Bob was in an anime, I'd be a Bob. Since there is no Bob, I guess I'll be a *checks notes* Akira. Generic name, Akira.
  11. Recently, I got approval from my security advisors to begin writing on a 1960s era weapons platform. It will comprise of a single component of what will eventually be my dissertation. It isn't so much that the platform is sensitive material, rather than I'm just getting in the habit of working with my security guys. After all, my career is young, and there may be times down the road when I need a more rapid response to an inquiry than "in a few weeks." This past weekend, I wrote up a short writeup on the project for my other blog. It's pretty standard for me to want to put out as much information as I can on any subject, and this other blog entry was to be an exercise in the examination of research material that was already out there at large. However, with any kind of research comes the classic problem: narrowing your search. Lo and behold, two and a half minutes into this exercise, I have several other search queries with several other search terms input in the fields. "We can't talk about X, without talking about Y, and talking about Y doesn't make sense if you don't know about C, and C is part of project D that was designed to replace platform A which predates project M." But it gets worse: "Project M has three sister projects that were referenced in X, which didn't make it to production and were instead used in project Z which then went on to be O." We all like to joke about how this is a meme. However, in the world of research it is an absolute fact of life. A coherent thought is what begins here, though you wouldn't notice it if you aren't accustomed to the process. Why? Well, it looks like this. Which is fine and all to a researcher, but the real world isn't interested in X, Y, C, D, A, M, Z, or O. They want to know A, B, C and/or X, Y, Z. How they get there is inconsequential to them and the responsibility of the author or presenter. So what is a rabbit hole exactly? A rabbit hole is the terminology we use to define the path that leads to a "hairball." A hairball is essentially what that well known meme is depicting - a bunch of lines connecting topics, thoughts, books, papers, research, theses, and commentaries. You could think of a rabbit hole as a first-draft, or an early stage annotated bibliography, where the hairball is the collection of the topics assembled into a muddled up mess on paper. What is the real world practice of this? The project that I am working on is on a key-note weapons platform that eventually did go on and get used in the first stage of a modern-day system. None of those systems are used anymore, which is why the topic was approved. However, within that line of thought there are over 35,000 independent systems that went into the project, 14,000 contracts, and over 60 different projects that grew from it encompassing over 150,000 systems and contracts combined. And no, a security review wasn't done over the rest of those. Sadly that means that while I have the approval for the one, I still don't have the freedom to move around like I should be able to in order to conduct the research as necessary. So goes the plight of a researcher. So too goes the definition of a rabbit hole. Lucky you, you just read a blog entry on research (of an ambiguous weapons system) on an anime forum. Sorry tinfoil hatters, there's nothing groundbreaking that will be in here.
  12. I keep thinking that the dude in your avatar is wearing a Tennessee Vol's hat, and that you require trash talking...acknowledge my concern plz.

    1. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      Very much.  I relate to Hawaiian-ish looking shirt-guy. <3

    2. Ohiotaku


      For what it’s worth I doubt Daru’s into athletics. Always wondered if he wore a ball cap for the same reason I do.

    3. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      My hair is a bit too long for most hats, I end up looking stupid.

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  13. The soundtrack this morning is Thomas Datt's "Picking Up the Pieces" album. It's a shame they don't make them like this anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLuWrXtcxXvLbwTOCLyaASwyBsQst76Juy
  14. Damn dog woke me up this morning. Think he wants to get put on the grill.
  15. It's an office bonding exercise. Too bad we aren't drafting in the 90s and early 00s when I paid closer attention. lol
  16. Reminds me the fantasy drafts are coming up and I have no idea what I'm friggin' doing. Good thing I don't have any money riding on it.
  17. See the Latest Acquisitions thread. Yes, they are here. I will be spending three months in a desert (SW U.S.) for most of my research phase of my dissertation so...there's that.
  18. In all sincerity, I can't really complain too much. This whole thing today got dumped on me kind of last minute, so I was complaining about it a bit - but that's all. Half way done with the month, things will settle into the new version of normal next month.
  19. One congressional staff meeting at a time. You are absolutely right, yes.
  20. Speaking of - one of the things I was bummed about when selecting the dark theme is that it still has some design elements (the gif header) in it. I'd rather have one that's just plain without the graphic header that's dark, and I know IPS has one of these readily deployable. Shouldn't be a major project to add either, if someone could add that to the list.
  21. You know the day is going to be real when "the jacket" appears...
  22. If it's any consolation or hope for you - there's supposed to be a major winter storm in NW Canada this weekend. First sign of fall...

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