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  1. Fruit's Basket, My Hero, and Konosuba don't really surprise me that they're on the list. The amount of advertising and pushing that went into those three was staggering, far more than I remember most other animes outside of the Toonami group.
  2. I have just learned that Right Stuff Anime is HQ'd in Iowa. I do not know what to do with this information other than really itching to buy stuff now - mainly because they'll beat amazon shipping at that range. They're about 2 hours away. Small world - literally. Anyone have experience with them? Also - hopefully I'll get a chance to watch more stuff in 2020. I think I finished a whole four anime in 2019.
  3. Don't even get me started on these two, outside of Nero they're the most incorrectly depicted characters in the damn series. *rabble rabble rabble*
  4. I give you all, the entire series of Fate/Apocrypha - now in GIF format! This post is definitive and can not be disputed. If you dispute it, you are wrong and will always be wrong. Catdred has spoken.
  5. This may be true in all other instances separate from social media. There are plenty of times I've caught people arguing in loops, for example, about "how greedy EA is." Interestingly enough, when Square Enix is brought up, they seem to have no problems with that train wreck. Again, I'm not saying it's every person - and some of them do have valid points, but by and large most of these people are just being hypocritical. Consistency doesn't necessarily make them not.
  6. That map doesn't make any practical sense and ignores ethnic division, geopolitical practice, and general standardization of how boundaries function. It ignores the fact that over half off the Nazi party were Christians, that LGB (which I assume is LGBT) is made up of a multitude of religions, that Japan, India, and Russia are nations, not a race nor a religion. Since it's devoid of any discernable characteristic that's housed in reality - not sure how you would even pose it as a question. I'm gonna be that guy, because misplaced facts do trigger me a bit. Had the Japanese not bombed Pearl Harbor, in all likelihood the U.S. would have entered the war by 1943 due to the German's inability to keep their U-boat's under wraps. The United States was already under constant German assault and that only amplified when they entered the war in 1942. They were bombing off the coast of American cities in 1943. The probability of the U.S. not entering the war simply due to the Battle of the Atlantic was essentially zero for this reason. The only change in nature of the war would be a delayed tactic by the Americans which may have pushed World War II into the early 1950s. As for Hitler "not getting angry" about the air raids on Berlin - he would have been seen as a weak ruler. That's political suicide. Your capital is bombed, your citizenry killed, and you don't swear retaliation? That's not rooted in logic. Hitler's fault in World War II didn't occur in Germany, but rather in his war tactics in Russia and Britain. How he handled the attacks at home is arguable inconsequential. ...yes. We bombed them...1...2..3.....4....5 times during World War II. It was a staple target during the Combined Bomber Offensive and one of the primary mission objectives for the Allies. The best way to draw the Luftwaffe up to be destroyed was by attacking large populated areas, of which Berlin happens to be. It also marked a wakeup call saying "hey, your capital is in striking distance of us." He did. The Nazi's had occupied all of France prior to the Normandy landings in June of 1943, and the Dragoon landings in August. That was kind of what the whole Cuban Missile Crisis was about. Not to mention there were several times where both the U.S. and the Soviets had misread standard rocket and missile launches as nuclear launches. Generally, it was only because some poor officer in a hole somewhere knew better and decided to wait rather than hit the panic button. Except it wasn't, it was a peacekeeping organization that was established by the UNSC as a directive to ensure the Soviets and any other foreseeable imposing power could not overrun smaller regional nations and states. Not to mention it included a number of smaller organizations such as SEATO which were not "western." By regulation, NATO does not have an army. They are not allowed to have a standing army. NATO policy dictates peacekeeping forces must be drawn from the UNSC with a Security Resolution which didn't happen for the first time until the Yugoslavic wars in the 1990s. UNPROFOR was the first time there was any "NATO Army" and it only existed from 1994-1997. The Americans were present constantly in Western Germany and the Fulda Gap due to concern of Soviet invasion which was constantly a risk. Stalin had already established this as a potential, that's why we had the Berlin Airlift. This never happened. It doesn't exist anywhere in any military history. The Soviets were up in arms over what was going on in Turkey much more than the German front. They only thing they got uppity over was the deployment of SRBM's in Turkey that could strike Russian soil. Their retaliation was to deploy SRBM's and MRBM's in Cuba, thus the Cuban Missile Crisis. M.A.D. is a defense policy, not an offense policy. It doesn't get "put in play." I did, but at least it got you thinking, right?
  7. I don't know that I'd call any of these "controversies." A controversy implies malicious intent or questionable means and methodology. I think this is more of a preference thing. The biggest problems that divide the anime community is self-division, superiority complexes, and double standards. Self-division, basically because you have different thoughts and opinions on a different series or franchise, even down to characters. Which leads to the superiority complex (which ties into what serge was saying) with people insisting that their opinion is superior to another. Likewise, that can be taken into various other series. I don't believe that any one franchise has a more toxic fandom than another. They all seem to suck or rock about the same. Most of the people who practice this superiority trait then also impose double standards, but in anime - especially North America - there are two folds of double standards there. The first comes in the form of the fans that point out technical flaw in a series they don't find as "entertaining" to them as their own preference. Yet, they ignore the technical flaws of their own and make excuses for it. The second comes from the industry, and it's honestly my biggest pet peeve. I believe almost every single voice actor and actress I've seen on Twitter touting about various social justice of some form and totally omit that stance when dealing with characters in their own line of work. These people are nothing short of hypocrites. At any rate, those are my big three things that are damaging the industry.
  8. Huge mood. I felt that more than anything else I've seen on this site. Also, fixed.
  9. Can't say that I've had anything noteworthy of late. Or much of anything that I can really recall. Maybe that's because my sleep pattern has been so screwed up lately that I can't seem to recount much of anything (ignoring for the fact that dreams generally get forgotten). Now daydreaming...that I could whip you up some interesting tales with...
  10. The only game I think I played on console this year was Ace Combat 7. I know I tried to play Horizon again (I haven't finished it - and can't) but discovered I can't take the screen motion - makes me sick. I'm hoping they have something still planned for AC7 - otherwise we really got shafted.
  11. I don't use GIMP anymore. I use either Publisher or Photoshop, depending on what my purpose is and what the audience is. A lot of times anymore I can do what I need in Publisher just by processing a bunch of images together - but that only works if everything else was already built. I think what is going to influence the most of what plugins to recommend is what application you're wanting to use. Animated gifs, photo editing, drawing, etc. There are plenty of different plugins out there, but it really all just depends on what you want to do with the program itself.
  12. Well, we're certainly glad to see you back around. Hopefully things are looking up for you. Rock on.
  13. I got a matching-not-matching twin today. This one is black and near mint - even though its older than the one I already had. Think the smaller 9mm S&W will be getting sold soon.
  14. Sure. Though I will tell you, that you should wash whatever clothes you wore to your knighting. We usually just let @Seshi have her choice of using uncooked or rubber chickens. Neither is really all that good, but we're working on a budget here.
  15. So, we apparently need to talk about cake in here again...
  16. Another whippersnapper! (Welcome, btw) I'm thinking of the Rugrats vs. Real Monsters crossover a lot right now. They were kicking around a reboot recently.
  17. I successfully got my boss to watch Helluva Boss yesterday while we were killing time ahead of the office Christmas Party. The Immediate Murder Professionals song was stuck in our heads the rest of the day. We may have been somewhat inappropriate at the Christmas Party actually. I'm an Erica Lindbeck fan, so pretty much anything she does work on I tend to go for. That's my story anyway.
  18. But seriously, as I'm sure we've freaked @Rini Akemi out enough with our banter - welcome aboard, and make yourself at home. We really are only about 2/3's as crazy as it looks on the surface.
  19. I dunno, a plum could be beautiful. They ARE a fruit...
  20. It's rainy and mild for now. Going down to the teens tonight though...
  21. I'm constantly editing your posts too. And by constantly I mean this one time. Ahem: anyway...mighty kind of you sir. I don't find myself using the points much either. Then again, I'm old, frail, and technology is so scary to me.
  22. Changing the username is possible after you gain points in the member shop. I believe 2500 points. As for the profile pic, make sure it's under 1.25 MB. I'd also probably make sure it's 250x250 or something thereabout.
  23. Well, we hope you enjoy it too. Feel free to holler if you have any questions. Welcome aboard.
  24. I don't know for sure if I'd entirely count Hetalia as "military" anime. I think, honestly, it was more of Japan's early version of something akin to Drunk History. (Drunk History was just more accurate.) The series that seems to conform best to military characteristic still remains (to me) Fullmetal Alchemist. Tanya the Evil was great and all, and I appreciated the (horrendously depicted) weapons and uniforms they had, but hot-stop promotions, even in the German Army was so...odd. You'd think you were watching a Civil War documentary. I enjoy these for the entertainment value though, and by all means they are definitely that. Though, I won't lie, Hetalia hurts my soul.

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