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  1. Going through a bit of a mental barrier with life, leaving for Spain in a few days, and hoping it will be a nice detox both physically and mentally, 

    I feel like I've thrown away so much of my teenage years with bad relationships and destroying friendships and it's just bothering me now if I'm actually on the right track or the track I want to be, if the road not taken is the better option. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Otaku Gamer said:

    Wait, what did J.K. Rowling say on Twitter about Trans? I don't have the Twitter platform and don't use it, but you've got me curious.

    She went on a tangent about how Trans women aren't real women and that they are "men in dresses", she's been demanding that there should be women only areas excluding trans women and also retweeted and agreed with politicians who have been pushing laws that make it harder for people to tranisition, she's also basically announced that she's a terf and she's trying to push her views onto her following. 

    It's been going down since about 2019 and she's only getting worse. Hense why there was a big push to boycott Legacy even though she had no involvement and (not a major story spolier but still about the game) 


    there's a trans character in the game

    but she still gets money from the game being set in the HP universe. 

    Same goes with all the fantastic beast movies. 

  3. Been playing Hogwarts Legacy early access and it brings alot of mixed feelings for me. Both seeing flaws in the game and with the controversial side of the wizarding world, I feel absolutely guilty for enjoying it and even purchasing the game. It was a long and difficult process mentally. 

    But for the game itself, it's fun, it brings the magic of the Wizarding World that so many people having been dreaming off. As a kid I always dreamed of recieving my Hogwarts acceptance letter and dreaming of being on that Qudditch field and having to run back to the castle in time for my defence against the dark arts classes, and now as a 20 year old, Hogwarts Legacy manages to at least satisfy a small part of my childhood to a certain level. 

    Though I purchased the game I want to make it clear, I do not agree with J.K Rowling or any of her views. I completely support the trans community in every way possible. I completely understand how so many people feel betrayed but her and feel that the wizarding world is no longer a safe space for many people in the LGBTQ+ Community. For me personally I'm on the side of seperating the art from the artist which I know a lot of people will disagree with but personally just because Rowling first created the world, I believe that the world belongs to the fans and millions of people who brought it to life. What J.K Rowling rants about behind a keyboard on twitter shouldn't have any power on people, and destroy their love for a huge part of their childhood. 

  4. On 11/17/2022 at 8:41 PM, KaiyaSaysHaiya said:

    no, not really

    but who knows? I may just start listening to it



    for Barry B. Benson, of course~

    I saw this thread and instantly went to post this but it seems that I've been beaten 😆

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  5. On 11/25/2022 at 6:47 AM, KaiyaSaysHaiya said:

    I've been watching the new Wednesday series on Netflix. It's nice to see Wednesday Addams getting her own series!

    I've honestly been debating avoiding the series, I'm unsure on how well they could portray Wednesday plus the trailers seemed to make it a little to riverdale/sabrina vibe and though they were good the later series just went eek. 


    As for myself, I've been watching a load of Friends, I need to finally finish The Walking Dead and also the beautiful show of Outlander!  

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