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  1. On 10/5/2022 at 6:10 PM, PogFrog said:

    Finally Installed OW 2! I had OW 1 since 2017, so it installed right away! Sadly the servers were so BOMBARDED with people - that nobody could get into the game except pro players and beta testers. 

    But, hoping that today I can play. 
    Anyone else play Overwatch?

    I used to play a good bit of OW back in the day and I come back to it now and again, last time I gave it a go was when the OW 2 beta was on the go. And congrats on your engagement! 

    Personally I've recently picked up NBA 2K23, It was on sale and I had been craving some basketball. I've been dying to play a bit of phasmo as well but my usual group haven't been around, and with seeing all this minecraft content I've been considering going back and playing minecraft! 

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  2. Honestly the "sales" worldwide just made things as cheap as they were when people could barely afford them in the first place. Ireland quickly became one of Europe's most expensive country and nobody can afford anything. 

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  3. I had plans to get my family & friends presents this year but due to a huge opportunity to not only have an experience of a lifetime but also raise a lot of money for charity, me and my partner have decided to do a no spend year and focus all our time and effort (and money) on this and all I could ever hope for is donations to the charity and help reach the goal of 5k I need to have reached by Summer 2023! 

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  4. As someone who's probably been here one of the longest and was here during all my teenage years it truly shocks me how little I knew of the drama and issues of AF, I always knew there was problems but never to levels of content being stolen or transphobic discussion in the mod forums, I've always tried to stick around as much as possible and even went for a position of mod a few times but just got ignored every time it was mentioned (most authority I had here was back when we used to have to manually update the anime logs, good old "anime team" and admin on the old Discord server before staff members here axed it) But it's honestly crazy. It makes it a lot more clearer why so many of the old staff just randomly left or many of the people who were here from the start just abandoned the place. I think it's just a hopeless dream that one day this place will be as active and well moderated but Idk, it really did start going downhill fast with the selection of certain staff members that I wont get into here. I really do respect you all though that have tried so hard to keep this place alive.   

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