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  1. 2 hours ago, Nebulous said:

    Hey all!  Hope you're all doing well. 

    Tomorrow is New Years Eve! Anyone have any plans to celebrate?



    I was planning on seeing the new years celebrations in the new city I live in which would be awesome cause it's a new culture and plus I've never properly lived in a city before but I heard it's quiet rowdy and alot of the locals tend to leave the city so I might just chill at the dorms, see if my local church is doing anything oooor watch the celebration from across the river!


    How about you?

  2. 21 hours ago, Nebulous said:

    Hi all!  Almost Friday, any plans for the weekend? :)

    Heyo, I've been dying for the weekend, so so tired. But finally time to rest, I decided to skip on a trip with some friends just to have some self time, bit of a gym, basketball, uni work and loads of emails to send. Sunday I have a hockey game to attend which will be great! 

    How about you? 

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  3. I have a load of hobbies tbh to name a few

    Sports like Basketball and Bouldering are my main two


    Geology and any form of physical geography (I love rocks and anything to do with landscapes)

    Music (from listening to playing) 


    And probably so much more that I don't even realise are hobbies since they've just morphed into my personality 😂

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