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  1. I've got messy hair, pure curly hair, when I had it long it was crazy to think Howard Stern level hair.  Nowadays I keep it short since I get really bad scalp when I'm stressed which tends to be a lot nowadays so it's just easier to mantain shorter. 

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  2. I haven't had a job since June but I'll go off my last job which was English teaching at a camp in Spain

    The pros: 

    1. lived next to the beach, got to be outside all the time. 

    2. Free accommodation and food for 5 days out of the week.

    3. Pretty good hours in a fun environment. 

    4. The ability to travel around a new country and experience a different culture. (was an hour train ride from Barca and the train station was a 5 minute walk) 


    The cons: 

    1: Not a lot of free time during weekdays (we worked from 8 am until 1 pm then 3 pm until 8 pm and then often had to work through lunch and then had disco duty from 9 pm to 11 pm at night) 

    2: Pay was horrific, 400 a month which was equal to around 60c an hour (Yes we had food and accommodation but only for weekdays, considering this company was making what we estimated was over 100,000 euros a week) 

  3. I feel like I write about whatever story is floating around in my head, they're never novel-length but short story length, hundreds of stories just float around in my head and I write which one stands out the most. 

    Haven't written in years though since it was mostly a way for me to pass my creative English papers but hey, if I had the motivation I'd love to write more. 

    And oh how I wish I could write song lyrics. 

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  4. I always admire vegan lifestyles and really healthy diets but one thing that stops me from really going vegetarian or vegan is my love for chicken so 

    1. Chicken 

    other than that I adore fruits, oat milk, and cereals 

    A nice sweet chili mix with chicken and rice is always my post-workout with a nice fruit smoothie, usually some frozen raspberries, banana, chai seeds anything like that

    If I had to only have that routine for the rest of my life I'd be happy. 



  5. AF did actually have a chatroom a long time ago and it did have some activity but I do believe it was removed because it was taking away from the actual activity of people posting on the forum and moderating a live chat would have been difficult for the mods of the time. 


    And yes AF did have an "officially" supported Discord for a while which did have an active community but once again it took away from the activity of the forum so it became unsupported but was still allowed to run as an unofficial AF discord server but after pressure from an ex-staff member, it had to be completely detached from AF altogether and it died of that way. 

  6. So I was thinking about how much of a big part music is to my life, constantly playing songs in my head on repeat and thinking about playing music and seeing music. 

    I've been to more concerts than I can ever keep count of, going back to when I was 3 years old seeing U2, in a sense it was my families form of a holiday, we never went anywhere other back to Scotland but we spent a lot of the year traveling to see concerts. 

    This has shaped me more than I can ever imagine and my music taste is so diverse I would happily listen to pretty much anything. 

    But I'm thinking of bands or music that shaped you as a person or that you can relate to. 

    Obviously, for me, a lot of my music was passed down from my dad but a band that was a big part of my life was Imagine Dragons, constantly looking up to Dan Reynolds as a person and artist. 


     And another band that was a huge part of my teenage years and the first band I begged my parents to go see live was The 1975, their music was an obsession for me. And how happy I was at the concert, knowing it was my concert and a band that I discovered myself made me really open up with my parents. 

    This is only skimming the surface of music for me but It's all I can really think about, kind of more of a ramble post! 


    Anyway! Share your music stories with me! 

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