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  1. What makes an anime an anime and no longer a cartoon? Like Avatar the last air bender isn’t considered an actual anime, but I think it has the qualities to be one
  2. Tensei how have you been?

    1. Tensei


      Good haven’t had a lot of spare time I just turned 18 and I’m working a lot of hours now aswell as finishing up school tried to stay as active as I can on here! Thanks for asking how have you been?

    2. Nova


      Aww i miss your bday belated bday to you and im ok as well

  3. I think it’s more up to interpretation, but in my opinion I think his powers were causing self delusion him being able to control the island like he was with his Logia lee to him seeing himself as a god but in my opinion he was not a god
  4. That’s a good list I’ve heard a lot of positive things about claymore but have yet to watch it due to the sunmary didn’t really sound enticing to me is it worth watching?
  5. I was scrolling through the forums bored in class and happened to stumble upon this post and Buso Renkin is a good anime and I cannot understand where the hate comes from myself, maybe the fact that it is a bit older than most of the well known anime’s and the plot can be considered cliche to a certain extent that’s the only reason I can see but as an anime I thoroughly enjoyed it oddly enough though I enjoyed Tokikos presence more than Kuzuki’s not gonna ramble to much but glad another person enjoys Buso Renkin Chinese anime is severely underrated it’s starting to gain rise with the popularity of Quan Zhi Gao Shou but I really enjoyed quite a few Chinese animes An anime that I love that not many people like is Kenichi, despite being a relatively known anime not many people that I’ve tried to discuss it with have heard of it and those who have didn’t enjoy (which I don’t understand) Granted it’s not a heavily plot oriented
  6. The only one on that list that I hadn’t seen was peacemaker Kurogane, been watching it for a while and it’s right up my alley thank you so much for the recommendation
  7. Never been good at math buts it’s somewhere in between 1-1000 earth years
  8. I’m just curious feel free to refrain from answering! How old is everyone?
  9. Fair enough It’s so so ig wbu
  10. Because I’m being waved at by a ghostly potato
  11. I do it sometimes to fill the void, once you’ve seen a finite amount of anime usually around 500 a lot of the animes that are interesting to you you have already seen so your only choice is rewatching animes or watching more obscure ones
  12. 👻haunts you😂😛

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