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    My absolute fav is xxxHolic, but I also love Hell Girl, Arslan, Black Butler, Black Blood Brothers, Death Parade, Baccano, Chrno Crusade, Barakamon, Demon City Shinjuku, Black Cat, Eden of the East, Gravitation, Hal, Hamatora, Iria, Ergo Proxy, All of Studio Ghibli, Garden of Words, Free!, Fruits Basket, Noir, Noragami, No 6, Paradise Kiss, Shonen Maid, Saiyuki, Shonen Onmyouji, Ouron High School Host Club, Vampire Hunter D, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Trigun, Trinity Blood, Tsubasa, Witch Hunter Robin, Wolf Children, Yuri on Ice!!, Terror in Resonance, The Boy and The Beast, and tons and tons more!
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    Reverse Harem
    Space Opera
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    Shigure, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Mars, Darian, Spike Spiegel, Maleficent, Vincent Valentine, Koko Hekmatyr, Sebastian Michaelis, and most importantly: Yuuko Ichihara!!!!
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    Genki - Set 2

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    Final Fantasy VI
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    Vincent Valentine, Locke Cole, Terra Branford, Kuja, Celeste Chere

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  1. I'm sure they're fine! They'll just work for a different contractor and transfer to Dubai or Bahrain or somewhere. You'd think they'd have to evacuate the building in order to do this:
  2. Thank you @Sam_harris_43 and @Faeding That was very helpful @The History Kid That is exciting. We had a bomb scare once when I worked at Patch Barracks, I didn't know what it was and (stupidly but with no consequences) yelled at an armed MP because I couldn't get to work. *palm slaps forehead* Sometimes I just don't know what I am thinking.
  3. I am desperately trying to find the motivation I need to carry on with this day and it has just started. humph
  4. Lol. That is unspeakably terrifying!
  5. That's good. I think I may need to be active on more places than just this little corner of AF, it's slowing down.
  6. Endynyp

    coffee or tea

    Nicely put!!! There is a wide variety of tastes that accompany tea. It's like wine, it comes in different varietals, and production factors like terrior, leaf selection, and processing can have an enormous influence on taste. Simply put, there is such an enormous variety that I can assure you that there is a tea for nearly everyone.
  7. Hi @Faeding ! @efaardvark Yes, the misuse of pants has led to some very embarrassing and confusing moments. @The History Kid I believe it! @Lelouch Welcome back! I haven't seen you in a while.
  8. Endynyp

    coffee or tea

    People say that coffee is dehydrating because of the caffeine (as a diuretic) which would apply equally to both coffee and tea. However, neither tea nor coffee are dehydrating. Caffeine is a mild diuretic (which makes you pee) and it is a stimulant (which drives you to poop) but it does not dehydrate you. A diuretic causes your kidneys to flush excess water and sodium out of your body, but your body will obtain more water from tea and coffee than it expels. If you are counting your daily 8 glasses of water (which you shouldn't, but that is another story) tea and coffee should absolutely count towards your total.
  9. Ooooohhhh!!! You're so fancy!
  10. Endynyp

    coffee or tea

    Lol. @Illusion of Terra Not as stressed out as I'd be with caffeine withdrawals and it keeps other people from stressing out too. No one should have to experience me without caffeine. @Faeding Welcome to the cult! Muahahaha. Though I feel honor-bound to tell you, herbal teas generally don't have any caffeine in them.
  11. Lol. So what do you want to research that is "in review"? Of course you can always say "top secret" if its a secret
  12. I'm with @Blue Dragon Mamoru/Darien was/is a babe. Definitely my first anime crush. I do not own this image
  13. I got Masculine Very High/ Feminine High = Casually Masculine I've got to say that no one has ever described me as masculine before this. I'm calling my Dad, he'll be so proud. What I'm really getting out of this is that I am a lot.
  14. Endynyp

    coffee or tea

    I like it all!!!! If it has caffeine I will drink it, eat it, suck on it, freebase it, whatever it takes. Whatever. It. Takes.

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