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    My absolute fav is xxxHolic, but I also love Hell Girl, Arslan, Black Butler, Black Blood Brothers, Death Parade, Baccano, Chrno Crusade, Barakamon, Demon City Shinjuku, Black Cat, Eden of the East, Gravitation, Hal, Hamatora, Iria, Ergo Proxy, All of Studio Ghibli, Garden of Words, Free!, Fruits Basket, Noir, Noragami, No 6, Paradise Kiss, Shonen Maid, Saiyuki, Shonen Onmyouji, Ouron High School Host Club, Vampire Hunter D, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Trigun, Trinity Blood, Tsubasa, Witch Hunter Robin, Wolf Children, Yuri on Ice!!, Terror in Resonance, The Boy and The Beast, and tons and tons more!
  • Favourite Genres
    Reverse Harem
    Space Opera
  • Favourite Characters
    Shigure, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Mars, Darian, Spike Spiegel, Maleficent, Vincent Valentine, Koko Hekmatyr, Sebastian Michaelis, and most importantly: Yuuko Ichihara!!!!
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    Genki - Set 2

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    Final Fantasy VI
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    Vincent Valentine, Locke Cole, Terra Branford, Kuja, Celeste Chere

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  1. Hello! I'm stressed out. I have to finish this paper I'm working on before the end of the month when my in-laws come for a visit. I'm excited for them to visit but the timing isn't great. Ah well! How are you both?
  2. OMG! So cute! Now I want them to sing and dance!
  3. @Nova I missed you too! @The History Kid Good job!!! Also, did I miss the results of 'the acquisition'? Did you get 'the stuff'? As for me, I am working on an addenda to my fieldwork proposal. So much wooorrrk! But at least I get to do what I want so I shouldn't be such a whiner.
  4. Sorry to have been on radio silence this week (military jargon in honor of The Jacket); my interwebs have been on the fritz. But I have returned!!!!!!!!
  5. Lol. Sorry. Happy Belated Bday Dad. Also: Lol. Knife Hands
  6. Did someone say pudding? @Nova Happy Belated Birthday! @The History Kid This sounds exciting! I can't wait. Also, totally sounds like a drug deal.
  7. Done. Sorry about the delay. I warned you I was a newb on Discord. Which historical dead people?
  8. It's not 'broke' per se, it is just perpetually problematic. It seems to decide to go on vacation whenever it wants, like congress or parliament.
  9. Hello all! I hear stories of war, cell phones, and darkness embracing. I love it when I am away for a minute. As for me, I am also at war... with the internet. It keeps coming in and out. It is really interfering with my online social life.
  10. Sorry, My internet went out over the weekend. You're not alone. *lurkz* How is everyone?
  11. I am here! Lurk with me! *lurkz* Also, I am definitely joining the RP, but I have been crazzzy busy this week. I think I will make my intro on friday. Is that still ok?
  12. The follow is the add friend

  13. I can't see this link yet, but Seshi is going to up my post count so I can see it. I can't wait to play!

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