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  1. yall should think about usin baking soda as mouthwash, for oral hygiene its cheaper and it works amazing. its basic so it neutralizes acids, whitens your teeth, its anti-fungal, and kills bacteria im using it to combat an infection thats spread to my throat that ive actually had for months now also, dont forget to brush your tongue really well with the toothpaste while you brush your teeth, its important to brush your tongue to prevent getting infections like that
  2. m

    my hand hurts 😶

  3. I DID IT





  4. you guys wont believe what just happened

    i was so close to getting the S score on megalovania but we were just hit by a giant rotating supercell and i lost power and my computer almost died on me

    i had to get rid of the extra electricity in there by holding down the power while it was unplugged and it turned on while it was unplugged

    it was the craziest thing i ever saw

    and i had to unplug all of the USB devices because they were all messed up and preventing my pc from turning on because it was getting all these USB errors on startup

    but its ok she pulled through my computer took a power surge from a lightning strike like a champ

    its all good now its COOL

  5. sans im going to get you if its the last thing i do... ✊🏼


  6. im going to try to do megalovania advanced in osu! again, wish me luck 😔

  7. i don't know if anyone else here listens to the adventure zone, but i redid a cover of the tab i made a few months ago for Crystal Minuet from the crystal kingdom arc

    im a dungeons and dragons nerd 😶

    also sorry for the static in the background, its just a cheap amp i picked up for $20 at a garage sale

    the cheap smaller ones tend to be staticy and i dont really see the point in taking the time to save up the kind of money it would take to dish out on one of the $200+ ones when i just like it as a hobby and im not even very good at it 🤷🏼‍♂️



    1. Seshi


      Sounds really good. I’m impressed with your ability to keep the rhythm in time as You did the solo keys. Sounds like you have a fun time over there. D&d nerds unite! 🤣 @Musuko you guys outta hang out

    2. cowboy


      oh my god i love dungeons and dragons

      unfortunately to my players though i only organize a game like once every several months because im bad at planning things 😶

  8. @Seshi hahaha! ive had the money several times but something always comes up every time i try to go buy it. a bill payment goes through so the order gets canceled after ive already ordered it, or i gotta use the money for gas and food. been trying to order it for myself for my birthday the past two years its so frustrating
  9. @Seshi yall think a hundred bucks isn't "terribly priced?" no offense but ive just been struggling to get one of those $25 off-brand ones. im poor

    i drew a raccoonspacer.png

    1. Ohiotaku


      Definitely more artistic than me

    2. cowboy


      hahahaha 😂

  11. omg theres a little bird sitting on one of the rods for the tomato plants

    1. Seshi


      I set out a cat tower on the back porch, and finches decided to build a nest in there. I have been watching them for a couple of weeks, last week they started bouncing around on the porch out of the nest ^ ^ so cute

    2. cowboy


      birds living in a cat tower??? whats the world coming to

      a little flock of sparrows come into my garden every morning, i even got to pick one up to help it back over the fence back when they still had fledglings learning to fly. our fence is pretty tall and he couldn't quite make it. i love birds theyre so cute 😔

  12. last thing i doodled was a cat in a cowboy hat
  13. tbh im not really a fan of the typical "popular" anime. they were ok but none of them are in my favorites either. except for maybe one punch man, it was really funny my favorites to watch were Detective Conan, Gankutsuou (big fan of the count of monte cristo,) xxxHOLiC, Noragami, Boku dake ga Inai Machi, Osomatsu-san, Kiznaiver, Kimi no Na wa, Hyouka, Koe no Katachi, and Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

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