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Status Updates posted by cowboy

  1. ughhh god i cant breathee. covid-chan fuck off. im trying to just chill but its hard

    1. RuthisianCodex


      I hope you get to feeling better very soon! 

  2. i read that covid-19 seems to come back after you've thought youve gotten better and was like gee glad that wasnt me! but psychei think i might be sick again

    im really not feelin great my bros. really not doin peachy keen

    ughh its cool thouhg im cool its cool

    1. XII360


      haven't read the news on how it could resurface, but maybe it just goes asymptomatic? 

      well just practice social distancing and observe yourself for now? best thing i can say is just practice the new norm >.>

      which is handwashing, facemask, distancing from others, and coughin etiquette

    2. cowboy


      yeah its a good thing i haven't gone out since i started feeling a lot better, fortunately ive just, happened to have been staying at home. when i do go out its just in my backyard to garden.

      ive also been really good abt washing my hands, my hands are actually super dry i watch them so much. ive been going through abt as much lotion as i have hand soap.

      i did stop wearing my face mask around family because i wasnt coughing anymore so i hope that wont be a problem... so im kind of worried abt that, but i haven't really been near any of them either because of the 6-foot rule so maybe it wont hurt

  3. ive decided not to sleep

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    2. Ohiotaku


      I’ve decided to sleep MORE 😴

    3. Ohiotaku
    4. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      man @Ohiotaku, your posts really lighten my mood consistently 😂 

  4. man i havent felt this calm in years

  5. We’re under a tornado watch and I’m streaming sundered on twitch LOL

    1. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      Tornado Watches mean that you need to be driving around and looking for the 'nader.  Preferably with a video camera, and a vat of ranch dressing.

    2. Ohiotaku


      We had heavy thunderstorms last night, but no damage (that I’ve found yet anyway)

    3. cowboy


      @The History Kid ah, someone else who speaks midwest! a man of culture i see


  6. woah have you guys seen the moon today? its HUGE


    my phone doesn't do it justice, just go look outside

  7. my dad went to get gas cuz its really cheap right now, but he accidentally hit the high grade gas instead, so now his ol junker is filled with top-quality gasoline like a polished turd hahaha

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    2. cowboy


      you can..cancel it..?



    3. Nyxnine


      I know right? Lol you just press 'receipt' or go in and tell the cashier. And they will cancel for you. Ive also accidentally hit diesel while in a rush xD

    4. Nyxnine


      I'm from Canada, however, I go on a lot of car rally's to the states and have experienced this there too 😛

      I'm just a natural klutz bwaha

  8. no offense...but how long is ichigo going to be rescuing rukia in bleach? lmao. i'm like, in the middle of the third season and somehow they've managed to stretch absolutely nothing plotwise happening for like 30 episodes. im starting to get bored.

  9. idk what it is abt SAO II but it really freaked me out compared to the first one.

    1. cowboy


      its been a long time since ive seen the first one so dont quote me on this, but i feel like they focused more on the horror aspect this time. also i guess the fact that real life murderers working together to kill people outside of the game is more lifelike,

      and that Sinon's friend was in on it, i should've seen that one coming.

    2. cowboy


      and now that that story arcs over ive lost all interest just like that. 😅

  10. 1b698f4088d7bf2a2ba971fd6dab92b07c2111f1

    my mabinogi character looks so cool.

  11. helpful tip: do not take nyquil and drink a whole cup of dark roast coffee to make them fight and see which one wins. it's not as fun as it sounds

  12. im liking SAO II so far.

    1. cowboy


      the thing that really irks me though is the "converting character to an entirely different game with different mechanisms" thing, that makes 0 sense and was just an excuse to not make him start over again lmao

  13. rango is such an underrated movie. i forgot how funny this was

  14. why do other people bother worrying about someone they don't even know? like what do you care? leave me alone. it bugs me.

  15. what should i make guitar tabs of, any requests? (not something too hard pls im not that good LOL like, dont expect a full-blown metal cover of an anime theme song or something, maybe more ost)

  16. my dads been really depressed because a bunch of people around us and his coworkers have been committing suicide and crap, and everythings bleak you know, hes overworked and theres not really much a point to it anymore. but its his birthday, and i rarely ever hug anyone, but i wished him a happy birthday and gave him a big hug today. i hope its the little things that count. (we're also teaming up to get him the new farming simulator for his xbox hahaha, thats his favorite game)

    1. RuthisianCodex


      My goodness, cowboy, that's really awful! I do hope that your dad has a good birthday. I'm also very sorry to hear about all the people losing hope around you. ❤️

  17. movie directors nowadays be like "lets put billions of dollars into the visuals of this movie and then darken it so nobody can see it even if you turn the brightness up to 100" what is this the early 1900s? this isn't radio we have a screen for a reason, use it

  18. ugh my stupid cough is back. time to knock myself out with severe cough medicine with nyquil in it

  19. what if i made a gardening club on here.ive seen a couple other people who seem to like gardening :? but i dont know much abt opening or managing a club.

    1. RuthisianCodex


      Especially with everything that's going on in the world right now, I think that'd be a great club.

    2. The History Kid

      The History Kid

      I'm only...what...3 or 4 hours late, and I'm sure you've seen already, but - approved.

  20. 48bd7814d1dd3ea6146c13a0bcdd0c1695d78cca

    a screenshot of a little wip sci fi game ill probably never finish

    1. Musuko


      Looks great! I can definitely see the effort you put in. 

  21. a1341793845ac6b24c6c55feb4dd8cf2f84642ec

    me and the boys

  22. aa, just got my butt kicked by Hades in kingdom hearts chain of memories

  23. 7a1dabe51d214d063a13c4564209dc928b90a68e

    get his ass, luffy

  24. my stupid bot is telling me to exercise today 


    i hate you why did i make you

    1. cowboy


      i changed my mind. i am strong now and can beat anyone up

    2. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      now you know how people in the future will think when robots enslave humanity 😂 

  25. just curious, but whats the "my anime" tab on your page for? how do you mess with that?

    1. cowboy


      OH. nevermind i figured it out!

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