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  1. i love animal crossing and have new leaf for 3ds, but have no plan on getting a switch or the game ever in the future on account of it costs a damn fortune and i cant afford the console or to upkeep it, because the controllers also cost a ridiculous amount and thats something you need to replace over time with use. its just not worth it anymore, all the animal crossing games are the same anyway. ive been waiting for a game to come out on switch to give me enough reason to save up for it, but w/ pokemon they've removed everything i ever loved about the games, all the gens are gone, you need to pay for a membership to even have online connections from what ive heard, and playing with other players is what made pokemon so iconic, and i wouldnt waste that much money on a switch just to be able to play one animal crossing game when i already have new leaf. like, im sure its cute, i just dont have the money to waste on it and have better things to do with it.
  2. @Nyxnine happy birthday!!!
  3. cowboy


    oh, ive seen this meme going around on tumblr! i kind of want to do this too. im not a serious artist though, so maybe ill do it jokey some day in ms paint. as for characters, ummm, what about yukine? i bet hed be really fun to draw in his corrupted form, when he has wings and stuff. lots of cool angles to work with
  4. i cant think of many off the top of my head, but i look younger than i am and i have a sharp but babyish face i guess? i think the cosplay id be best for out of my favorite characters are probably yukine, near, or ciel, the one being closest to what i look like irl probably being near. i dont have a "dream cosplay" per se, but id like to cosplay characters that i could pull off!
  5. im currently watching megalo box! im on the third episode rn, and the animation is awesome.
  6. hi, welcome to the forum!
  7. welcome back! although im not sure i remember seeing you im newer than that, i think? maybe
  8. @Nyxnine @Illusion of Terra i hadn't really thought of that, im sure they'd be happy to do that. there is shipping though. if im ever feeling bored and have the extra, what is it, 12 bucks? for the med-sized flat-rate shipping box? i forget. i know the small ones 7 but im not sure they'd all fit. but i should just pack them all in there and mail them over to purdue. as long as i can get them back! that sounds like a lot of fun, even with all the snakes, scorpions, and cougars. @efaardvark you found that in a drainage ditch? woah, you mustve lived in a fossil hotspot. i usually have to go out and find limestone deposits to look for them, that's why i was completely surprised to find a random one in my own backyard, it's not really a place you'd expect to find something like this. it mustve been deep in the soil, brought to surface by years and years of cultivating the soil.
  9. @ruthisiancodex oh i do, but i figured that wouldn't have counted since not everyone has the space for one like budget meal, no problem! just toss in something from the garden! oh wait- thats just what i do when were out of canned stuff or the gardens out of season, beans, eggs, grains, and canned veggies

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