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  1. how are they supposed to see??

    contacts are two to three times as expensive as glasses...im not sure about the cost or coverage in japan because idk how healthcare works there, but since the eye vision industry is a worldwide monopoly, id assume costs would be pretty similar there, like glasses being in the $50-$200 depending on frames, they can be pretty affordable. and contacts being $200+ depending on astigmatism ect, plus you have to get new ones every few months and you can keep glasses for several years before having to replace them.. this is just elitist, misogynistic, and unnecessary

  2. yall should think about usin baking soda as mouthwash, for oral hygiene

    its cheaper and it works amazing. its basic so it neutralizes acids, whitens your teeth, its anti-fungal, and kills bacteria

    im using it to combat an infection thats spread to my throat that ive actually had for months now

    also, dont forget to brush your tongue really well with the toothpaste while you brush your teeth, its important to brush your tongue to prevent getting infections like that 😥

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  3. @Seshi hahaha! 😂

    ive had the money several times but something always comes up every time i try to go buy it. a bill payment goes through so the order gets canceled after ive already ordered it, or i gotta use the money for gas and food. been trying to order it for myself for my birthday the past two years

    its so frustrating 😤

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  4. tbh im not really a fan of the typical "popular" anime. they were ok but none of them are in my favorites either. except for maybe one punch man, it was really funny

    my favorites to watch were Detective Conan, Gankutsuou (big fan of the count of monte cristo,) xxxHOLiC, Noragami, Boku dake ga Inai Machi, Osomatsu-san, Kiznaiver, Kimi no Na wa, Hyouka, Koe no Katachi, and Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

  5. i played as a first chair trombone for four years throughout school, but two years ago i bought an electric guitar i haggled down in price from a creepy old guy at a festival.

    recently replaced its strings with power slinkys

    im getting kind of good at it, but i wish i could afford some effect pedals. you just dont get that professional oomf in a guitar without them 😥

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  6. i first heard this song about a week ago and have been playing it on repeat since

    -edit- wait am i even allowed to post this here because of the static youtube image

    i cant really help that i just wanted to share the song kjslhgdkl i forgot what it even was until the embed loaded

    the pvs kind of dark

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  7. youtube can be pretty intimidating now that it seems like everybodies famous on there these days... but then i remember how it used to be. i think it just seems that way because youtube only advertises the people with millions of subscribers, theres tons of smaller users that are out there just enjoying doing their own thing. once you remember that you can post your own stuff unfazed

    i like to post myself poorly playing video games and videos of my birds and garden loll

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  8. welcome to the forum!

    out of the Shounen tag on my anime lest, id recommend Detective Conan, Noragami, & Koe no Katachi. all wildly different from eachother but, also some of my favorite

    i like Detective Conan as a comfort anime cuz u can just.. sit and binge hundreds upon hundreds of episodes of crime drama (theres over 800 of them!)

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